"Lapa Park" in Kostroma: features of the petting zoo and visitor reviews

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"Lapa Park" in Kostroma: features of the petting zoo and visitor reviews
"Lapa Park" in Kostroma: features of the petting zoo and visitor reviews

Many of us have been to zoos and never had the chance to touch the animals. More recently, petting zoos have begun to appear, where anyone can touch a rabbit, chicken and other representatives of the fauna. It is worth noting that it is forbidden to approach those animals that pose a serious danger to humans, despite the fact that this is a petting zoo. This article will talk about one of these institutions - Lapa Park in Kostroma.

Raccoon Lapa Park

Who lives in the little house?

When you go to this petting zoo, be prepared for vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. Lapa Park in Kostroma has become a home for raccoons, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, canaries, hedgehogs, sheep and many other animals. All members of the fauna are examined by a veterinarian and, if properly cared for and handled, pose no danger.

Visitor reviews

On sites created to receive feedback on various organizations, there are very few comments regarding the Lapa Park petting zoo in Kostroma. Pleasant atmosphere, polite staff, careful care of animals and interesting competitions - this is how they describe their impressions of a visit to Lapa Park.

Guinea pig Lapa Park

But, unfortunately, there are also negative reviews from visitors. Some write that animals are in terrible conditions, which deprives them of pleasure and causes pity for pets and anger for their negligent attitude towards them. This article was not created for the purpose of advertising or anti-advertising, but is aimed at familiarizing the public with this contact zoo. It is not possible to check the validity of reviews left on the Web, so it is better to verify the information received by visiting this place.

How to get to Lapa Park in Kostroma?

This petting zoo opened its doors to everyone at the address: Kostroma, Galichskaya street, house 80. Opening hours - 10:00 - 19:00, except Monday.

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