Jumeirah Mosque - a temple for Muslims and Gentiles

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Jumeirah Mosque - a temple for Muslims and Gentiles
Jumeirah Mosque - a temple for Muslims and Gentiles

One of the most striking masterpieces of Islamic architecture is located in Dubai. Illustrating the perfect combination of modern trends and ancient traditions, the iconic building is one of the main attractions of the United Arab Emirates. Despite the fact that a striking work of architectural art has been erected in our days, its architectural value is very high.

A shrine open to the public

Jumeirah Mosque is considered one of the most beautiful. Its appearance is regarded as a call for the development of cultural ties, the search for mutual understanding and the disclosure of the essence of Islam, since this is the only prayer house open to non-Muslims. And the admission of non-believers to the shrine is a big step towards strengthening relations between different countries.

Jumeirah Mosque

Muslim leaders say that this way you can attract many supporters, revealing the essence of the religious movement. It is no coincidence that numerous guides are happy to meet tourists, escort them through all the halls, introduce them to the maincommandments of Islam, tell how to pray correctly.

A bit of history

The first stone of the future attraction was laid in 1975, and in November 1979 it was opened. Built in the style of the medieval temples of the Fatimids (an Arab state that existed during the Middle Ages), the Jumeirah Mosque is made of pink sandstone. The luxurious complex, which modern technology allows to look festive, consists of two seventy-meter minarets and a huge dome, shining golden in the sun.

Luxurious furnishings

According to the laws of the Koran, it is forbidden to decorate mosques with images of living beings, and no paintings can be found inside the luxurious architectural masterpiece. A bizarre floral ornament and ornate Arabic letters were used as decoration. On the floor is a huge hand-woven carpet with floral patterns.

luxurious decoration of the mosque

Religious and cultural monument

Now the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai is not only a religious institution, but also a cultural one. Tourists are explained the meaning of prayers, told about the principles of communication with Allah, and Europeans who converted to Islam will gladly tell about life and life in the United Arab Emirates. An exciting excursion program lasts about an hour.

In addition, anyone who wants to touch the local culture can enroll in courses where they teach Arabic and introduce the ancient customs of the country.

Important travel tips

A functioning mosqueJumeirah is a sacred place, and tourists must adhere to certain rules. To visit it, it is recommended to choose a closed form of clothing; it is forbidden to bare knees and shoulders. Women must cover their heads with a headscarf, and prayer house ministers may offer to wear an abaya - a traditional Arab dress with long sleeves. Before entering, you must take off your shoes and put them in a special locker.

All visitors, regardless of faith, undergo a ritual of cleansing with water, which begins with washing the mouth and ends with the washing of the feet.

Tourists are allowed to take pictures of the luxurious decoration of the building, but it is not recommended to point the lens at the worshipers. It is forbidden to touch the sacred books that are on the shelves.

In the evening, the mosque is especially beautiful: the special lighting installed on the snow-white walls makes the building very attractive, emphasizing all the architectural elements.

sacred place

Small children are best left at home so as not to disturb the peace of those praying.

The Jumeirah Mosque, which can accommodate more than 1,300 worshipers, is open to Gentiles on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as on weekends. However, visitors are restricted during major Muslim holidays.

Participants of the future tour meet outside the house of prayer, and no advance booking is required. You can get inside only with a guide who speaks English, but guides who know Russian are extremely rare. Indeed, it is easy to deal withpilgrims from Russia, who are well acquainted not only with the theory and history of Islam, but are also well versed in the architecture of the building.

Gathering of sightseers is made near the main entrance at 9.45. The ticket price is approximately $3.

Jumeirah Mosque: how to get there?

It is very easy to get to the religious monument located at: Dubai, Jumeira 1, 11 Street. It is located at the very beginning of Jumeirah Beach Road, next to the Dubai Zoo.

How to get to Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai? You can do this by metro, reaching the Emirates towers station ("Emirate Towers"), or by buses numbered 8, 88, C10, X28, going to the desired stop.

mosque ceiling

Be sure to get acquainted with the unique landmark of Dubai, a visit to which will help you understand the mysterious world of Islam, its traditions and get to know the exotic country where the past, present and future are harmoniously combined.

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