Children's camp in Odessa "Victoria"

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Children's camp in Odessa "Victoria"
Children's camp in Odessa "Victoria"

Vacation is always a joyful event for children. But often the onset of the holidays does not coincide with the vacation of the parents, and then the only right decision is to send the child to rest on their own, for example, to a children's camp. After all, independent rest in the camp allows you not only to have a great rest, make many friends, but also significantly improve your he alth, as well as become independent. However, the choice of camp must be approached with all responsibility in order to avoid possible negative consequences.

Information about the camp "Victoria" in Odessa

The he alth-improving complex "Victoria" is located in the city of Odessa, at Dacha Kovalevsky-93. The length of the shift is 21 days. The camp can accommodate about 420 children per shift. The he alth complex operates throughout the year, helping children not only significantly improve their he alth, but also spend time with benefit.

Camp Victoria

The cost of a ticket in 2017 was about UAH 2000-2500. and thisIt is quite justified, since in addition to five meals a day, the cost includes visiting circles and excursions.

Camp infrastructure

The infrastructure of the Victoria camp in Odessa is very developed and includes everything you need to spend your vacation in comfort. The camp has its own private beach, sports and playgrounds, sports club, medical center, canteen, laundry and summer stage. He alth-improving complex "Victoria" was built from environmentally friendly materials, namely with the use of wood. The camp has both quadruple rooms and suites. And the photo of the camp in Odessa "Victoria" is a confirmation of this.

The camp's bathrooms are equipped with new showers, toilets and sinks. The number of bathrooms allows you to avoid queues, which is an important component when organizing recreation for children.

Cultural and entertainment program of the camp

Camp "Victoria" in Odessa has a very rich cultural program. Here, in addition to the usual outdoor games and swimming on the beach, summer holiday organizers offer children a large number of competitions, concerts and excursions, thanks to which children will not only have fun, but also enrich themselves culturally. In addition to an extensive cultural and entertainment program, the Victoria camp in Odessa offers vacationers modern entertainment, such as watching satellite TV and the Internet.

room in the camp

Now it is clear that the Victoria camp is chosen not only because of the modernroom decorations. The area is just immersed in greenery. Experienced staff does everything to make the rest for children useful and exciting. So, the instructors of the camp will teach the child to swim or introduce them to any kind of sport. Leading clubs will teach needlework and other useful skills, and experienced guides will conduct exciting excursions.

But, unfortunately, due to tragic circumstances, all this is in the past, and the once noisy camp filled with children's laughter has become empty.

Fire in the children's camp in Odessa "Victoria"

On the night of September 15-16, 2017, a fire broke out in one of its buildings in this beloved and familiar camp for many vacationers. As a result of which at least 5 people were injured, three of whom died, and two were hospitalized with burns and carbon monoxide poisoning. As a result of this egregious accident, the he alth camp in Odessa "Victoria" was closed until all circumstances were clarified.

Fire at Camp Victoria

According to preliminary data, information was leaked to the press that the cause of the fire was the improper operation of one of the electrical appliances. However, investigators note that the tragedy could have been avoided if the fire alarm had functioned in the camp, which at that time was out of order.

Despite the fire that occurred in the Victoria camp, many vacationers still hope that the camp will be opened, because for many it was really loved and dear.

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