Rest in Tenerife: reviews of tourists from Russia

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Rest in Tenerife: reviews of tourists from Russia
Rest in Tenerife: reviews of tourists from Russia

The Canary Islands is one of the few places on our planet where you can relax all the time, without adjusting to the season. Here you will not be overtaken by the season of tropical downpours, monsoons or harsh cold. Of the seven islands of the Spanish archipelago, Russian travelers often stop at Tenerife. The island attracts guests not only with its mild climate, but also with its rich history, excellent infrastructure, and a wide range of entertainment.


The legacy of the Guanches, the first people who inhabited the island from the beginning of time, has survived to this day. For two thousand years, this nation lived autonomously, occasionally receiving guests from the Mediterranean.

Already in the middle of the XIV century, the Portuguese and Spaniards got into the habit of making trips to Tenerife to capture slaves. The Catholic kings issued official permission to conquer the island in 1493 to the Spanish conquistador Alonso de Lugo. From 1494 to 1496, the invading troops waged war on the natives, as a result, the latter were forced to stop resisting. For the next century, the Spanish Empire actively colonized the island, reducing the populationGuanches who became slaves or died from imported diseases.

Guanche tribe
Guanche tribe

Today the population of Tenerife is approaching one million people.

Experienced travelers know that the key to a good holiday is the correct information about the country of visit. Therefore, the resources on which tourists exchange experiences are becoming more and more popular. What places do Tenerife reviews suggest paying more attention to?

Loro Park

Puerto de la Cruz Zoo has a unique collection of parrots. It is to these birds that he owes his name (“loro” from Spanish - parrot). Also here you can see fish, birds, monkeys and reptiles. Forty million people have visited the park since its founding in 1972.

Guests of Tenerife, according to reviews, are impressed by the grandiose shows of killer whales, dolphins and sea lions. Eagle park, penguin pavilion and jellyfish factory are also celebrated.

The Porcelain Museum presents a collection of porcelain parrots with unique specimens from the 18th century.

An unexpected discovery for tourists was the animal embassy located in the park. This place was created to preserve species of animals that are on the verge of extinction. Through huge windows, guests watch the life of animals, the work of scientists in clinics and laboratories equipped to the highest standard: operations are performed here, chicks are raised in an incubator.

It is recommended to come early, to the opening, in order to have time to see the maximum of interesting things.

Loro park Tenerife
Loro park Tenerife

Siam Park

This is a water parklocated in the town of Adeje. On eighteen hectares of the area there are attractions, premises and restaurants, decorated in Thai style. For four years in a row, Siam Park has been named the best water park in Europe by the famous American travel site.

Reviews guarantee fun for the whole family: slides for every taste and color, play areas for children, artificial wave lake, sandy beach, surfing. Responsive and friendly staff continuously ensures safety.

Experienced Tip: Free parking is 200 meters towards Siam Mall. If you buy tickets in combination with a visit to Loro Park, you will save money.

Siam Park Tenerife
Siam Park Tenerife


The famous volcano with the mountain of the same name, without which it is impossible to imagine Tenerife. This is the highest point in Spain (3718 m). The last time it erupted was in 1909. According to Guanche myths, a demon named Guayota lives inside the volcano, who, in the form of a black dog, guards the gates to another world.

Teide is very popular with tourists. The cable car allows you to reach a height of 3555 m, from where breathtaking views of the Canary Islands open, on the slopes of the mountain there is a national park.

In reviews of Tenerife, tourists note the diversity of nature: desert Martian landscapes contrast with tropical plants and coniferous forests with magical phoenix pines. Fantastic shots are obtained in dazzling white clouds. For romantics - night excursions with observation of stars through a telescope.

Visitorsvolcano recommend: warm clothes and comfortable shoes are vital, sunglasses and cream are desirable. It is better to buy a ticket for the funicular in advance on the official website. Climbing the crater requires a special permit, which must be issued at least a month before the visit.

Teide Volcano
Teide Volcano

Wind Cave

Underground landscapes are no less impressive than those above. An excursion to the cave of Cueva del Viento near the town of Icod de los Vinos will help to make sure of this. This is the longest lava tunnel in Europe, judging by the length of all the arms.

What attracts visitors to this place: walk two hundred meters to feel the power of nature, which formed thousands of years ago amazingly shaped lava passages. The ability to hear absolute silence in total darkness.

Before the descent, they offer to take warm clothes and shoes with durable soles, and be sure to book a place in a group of tourists in advance.

Pyramid of Arona

Who said ballet is boring? A colorful and temperamental dance show, created by a female choreographer Carmen Mota, will convince you of the opposite. You can see the performance in the concert hall "Pyramid of Arona" in the resort of Las Americas. The Congress Center looks like an ancient Greek temple and has the shape of a truncated pyramid, it looks especially impressive in the evening illumination.

Rest in Tenerife, according to reviews, will be incomplete if you do not visit the show, where the director's talent manifested itself in the ability to combine elements of folk dance, classics, flamenco. The skill of the actors, beautiful costumes, staginglight - all this fascinates at first sight, two hours fly by unnoticed.

Tip: visibility is excellent from all points of the hall, it makes no sense to overpay for choosing a seat.

The Carmen Mota Show
The Carmen Mota Show

Gorge Mask

Fans of walks in picturesque places will appreciate the route along the gorge with a depth of 1300 meters, which starts from the village of Maska. The settlement is located in the west of the island, here, at an altitude of 600 meters, about a hundred people live permanently. Access to Maska was opened in the sixties of the XX century, until that time it was possible to get only by mountain paths.

In reviews of Tenerife, the route along the Masca Gorge is on the list of must-see places. Nine kilometers are overcome in three to four hours of walking. On the way, mountain goats and lizards will not let you get bored, nature will please you with waterfalls, tropical thickets and, at the end, will reward you with a stunning view of the ocean. The way back can be overcome both on foot and by boat from the bay (the end point of the route) to Los Gigantos. The last water transport leaves at 17.00, tickets for it must be purchased in the village.

Recommended - comfortable clothes, shoes and gloves, a supply of drinking water, a light snack.

Mask Gorge
Mask Gorge

Royal Basilica of Candelaria

This is a Catholic church consecrated in honor of the Virgin Mary - Our Lady of Candelaria. According to legend, the history of the Black Madonna begins in 1930, when two Guanches in search of domestic goats at the mouth of a ravine saw the image of a saint on a rock. She became the main patroness of the Canary Islands, whomworshiped by the Guanches. The Catalan conquerors who came after declared the discovered face to be the image of the Virgin Mary.

Tourists in reviews of Tenerife recommend visiting this attraction and going to the Basilica with the image of the Black Madonna, as it is commonly called, wander around Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias and the black sand promenade, which is guarded huge bronze statues of the leaders of the island. Nearby there is a ceramics center with interesting little things.

Candelaria Tenerife
Candelaria Tenerife

Also on the list of places worth seeing when in Tenerife: Auditorium de Tenerife in Santa Cruz, recognized as a landmark building of modern architecture (pictured), the mysterious pyramids of Guimar, the infernal gorge of Infierno, the botanical garden with exotic plants from the Mediterranean, Africa, Latin America. Diving and kayaking - for outdoor enthusiasts.

Auditorio Tenerife
Auditorio Tenerife

Tenerife weather

What time to choose to visit the island? The weather in Tenerife, according to reviews and reports of meteorologists, pleases all year round. "Island of Eternal Spring" is the most commonly heard definition. Despite being close to Africa, it is moderately hot in summer and not cold in winter.

The difficult relief divides the island into climatic zones. Winds constantly blow from the north, forming waves and rain clouds that are unable to overcome the mountain range, so two-thirds of the precipitation goes to the northern part.

The mountain-sheltered south is warm and sunny, calm ocean, less rain.

Temperature in Tenerife in February, according to reviewstourists, the lowest and the air warms up to 21-23 degrees. Given the proximity to the equator, on a sunny day, you can safely add five or six degrees to this indicator to get a real feeling.

Spring in Tenerife attracts with the absence of a large influx of tourists and low hotel prices. To take advantage of these benefits, travelers who visited Tenerife in March are advised in their reviews to consider the Easter holiday and plan their visit before or after it. March is the best time for walks in the mountains and meadows. The sun warms, but does not burn, alpine herbs and wild flowers saturate the air with aroma. Air temperature during the day +24 degrees. Swimming in the ocean, which warms up to about 18 degrees, is still too early, so it's better to rent a house with a pool.

April already provides the opportunity to swim in the bays on the south coast, as the water temperature reaches 20 degrees. The air temperature does not fall below 13 degrees at night, and during the day it is 25 degrees. According to reviews, Tenerife is very picturesque in April, this is the period of flowering trees, almonds and poppies. Comfortable weather with little rain will allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Spring in Tenerife
Spring in Tenerife

May is considered the opening of the high season, the flow of tourists is increasing, the island is waking up and becoming more active.

From June to September the weather pleases with stability, the peak temperature usually reaches in August - 32-34 degrees. Summer brings with it Kalima - sandstorms from the Sahara. For a few days the air becomes a mixture of dust and sand,windless and hot.

Autumn is traditionally famous for the velvet season, the ocean is still warm to 23-25 degrees, but it gets cool in the morning and evening.

Winter is the time of the holidays, carnivals and street performances are held non-stop, and the weather favors this. The south coast is warm with little rainfall, the north is cooler with seasonal winds.

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