Griffith Park in Los Angeles: where is it, what to see

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Griffith Park in Los Angeles: where is it, what to see
Griffith Park in Los Angeles: where is it, what to see

In Los Angeles, everything is somehow connected with the film industry. Griffith Park is no exception. 346 days a year it is a film set for Hollywood projects. But this does not prevent tourists from seeing and getting to know all the sights of the park.

History of Creation

The largest urban park in the United States was created as if according to a classic Hollywood scenario. In the middle of the nineteenth century, an area five times the size of New York's Central Park was owned by Antonio Felice. Located on the east slope of Santa Monica, the ranch was called Los Felise. A villainous neighbor and corrupt lawyer tricked him into signing a will in his favor from a terminally ill landowner. A young blind girl, the niece of the first rancher, was left without a livelihood. The unfortunate woman curses the swindlers and prophesies misfortunes and misfortunes for the future land owners. Family troubles, tragic deaths and financial troubles tormented the rancher until Jay Griffith bought it.

A native of Wales immigrated to California during the Gold Rush. Ability and perseverance allowed himto achieve success. With his business income, he bought the ranch, later converting it into a profitable ostrich farm. Wanting to thank the country and the city that gave him the opportunity to succeed, Jay Griffith donates 1200 hectares of land to his compatriots. It also sponsors the design and improvement of the park. In mid-December 1896, on Christmas Eve, Griffith Park was inaugurated.

Over the past time, the territory of the park has increased by 1.5 times. It turned out to be an amazing symbiosis of preserved wildlife and territory organized for modern recreation.

griffith observatory

What to see

In Los Angeles, you will first of all be advised to go to the observatory. Opened in 1935, it has become the most visited object in the park. Exhibition halls, planetarium and, in fact, the observatory can be seen for free. This was the desire of the founder of the park. The only thing you have to pay for is watching the show "In the Center of the Universe". Tickets are sold at the observatory box office on a first-come, first-served basis. They cannot be booked or ordered in advance.

The building, designed by John Austin, was renovated in 2006. The dome of the planetarium was restored, the number of exhibition halls was increased. At the same time, it was possible to preserve the interior of the rooms in the Art Deco style.

Foucault's pendulum, Tesla coil, interactive stands and expositions allow you to visually get acquainted with the physical laws and phenomena of our world, modern telescopes - to see the secrets of space, and the museumobservatories - find out how it was all created and worked.

wild vacation

Wild vacation

There are over 60 km of trails that can be explored on foot and by bike. Or take a horse ride. The routes are equipped with drinking water, there are places for rest and picnic. There are wild animals in the remote corners of the park. Most often, tourists see coyotes, but some claim that a cougar lives in the park. You need to carefully follow the signs and read the information stands-warnings. Poison oaks grow on the territory and snakes are found. It takes about 3 hours to walk from the park entrance to the Sunset Ranch.

Each of the 10 million who visit the park in a year chooses entertainment to their taste.

travel town museum

Park Museums

On the territory of Griffith Park are located: the Greek Theater, the Wild West Museum (Autrey National Center), the Travel Town Museum.

Greek theater - an open-air concert venue. It was built in 1929 with funds provided by Jay Griffith. Architect Frederick Heath created it in the form of a classic Greek amphitheater, successfully fitting into the natural landscape of the park. Stunning acoustics and modern stage equipment allow for large-scale shows. Opera singers and ballet troupes performed here. Musicals and variety shows were shown. Tina Turner, Deep Purple, Maroon 5, Elton John, Gipsy Kings and Paul McCartney have performed on this stage. The Greek Theater is considered one of the best concert halls in America.

Nation althe Autry center is named after Gene Autry, the "singing cowboy". More than 500 thousand exhibits are constantly presented. Among them are authentic artifacts of Indian culture, as well as scenery and props from numerous films about the Wild West. The structure of the museum includes the Autry and Bryan libraries, which carry out a lot of research and educational work. The ever-changing exhibitions and educational programs introduce visitors to the traditions and history of the Western Territories of the United States.

The City of Los Angeles has been the transportation hub of California from its inception to the present day. This may explain the existence of the Travel Town Museum. Steam locomotives and locomotives, freight and passenger cars are the basis of the collection. Originals and restored copies showcase the history of railroads from 1880 to 1930. Trolleybuses and cars from the beginning of the last century are also presented. All exhibits are allowed to be touched, you can climb into the cabin or sit in the cabin. A trip on a miniature railway near the museum will delight adults and children.

Botanical Garden

Zoo & Botanical Garden

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens are located on the common grounds of Griffith Park. You can see more than a thousand species of animals: Asian elephants, Komodo dragons, reindeer. Reptiles and birds, mammals and amphibians - the zoo's collection includes 29 species listed in the Red Book. Animals are kept in conditions as close to natural as possible. Minimum cells - maximum freedom.

Collection of botanicalThe garden is one with the inhabitants of the zoo. It is she who creates the necessary natural environment for animals. Regional representatives coexist with aliens from the rainforests. Of particular interest are unique specimens such as the bald cypress and the Chilean wine palm. 7,500 plant species give an idea of ​​the diversity of the planet's flora kingdom.

entrance to the park

How to get there

Griffith Park Address: United States, California, Los Angeles Trail North.

It is better to get there by rented car (there are spacious parking lots) or by taxi. Walking from a bus stop or metro station is long and difficult, not everyone can handle the climb on foot. The park is open for visits from 5.00 to 22.00.

Griffith Park in Los Angeles is closed for the night, perhaps to avoid disturbing the ghosts of the original Los Feliz ranchers.

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