Ice Palaces of Moscow - the magic of ice

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Ice Palaces of Moscow - the magic of ice
Ice Palaces of Moscow - the magic of ice

When winter comes, adults feel like children again. I want to go skiing, ice skating, make a snowman and play snowballs. Seasonal outdoor ice skating is, of course, wonderful. But if you want to do winter sports not only in winter, but also in summer? Ice arenas will help you with this.

Ice palaces

Moscow is a metropolis. Almost thirteen million people live here. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are also many ice arenas in Moscow. There are places where you can enjoy a hockey match or a figure skating championship, take your child to a sports school and go skating yourself.

Let's take a short tour of the most famous ice arenas of the Russian capital.

The oldest ice palaces in Moscow

Older doesn't mean old. Most of the ice palaces built in the middle of the 20th century have been reconstructed and delight visitors with quite modern architecture and design:

DS Luzhniki. "Aksakal" in his category. The building is located near the metro station "Sportivnaya".For 62 years now, not only major competitions, but also holidays and concerts have been held here

Ice Palace "Luzhniki" inside
  • DS Sokolniki. It was opened in 1956. At first it was just an open skating rink, surrounded on all sides by stands. And only for the 1973 Universiade, walls and a roof appeared. Ice Palace address: Moscow, Sokolnichesky Val street, 1B.
  • DS “Izmailovo”. This ice palace was built for the 1980 Olympics. Nearby are Izmailovsky ponds and the stadium of the same name. There are arenas not only for mini-football and hockey, but also a hall for sports and artistic dances, a hall for weightlifters.

The newest sports complexes

“CSKA Arena”. He began his work in the spring of 2015. Until August 2018, it was called VTB Ice Palace. Address: Moscow, Avtozavodskaya street, 23. Now it is the largest ice arena in Russia. This sports facility is the home ground of two hockey clubs - CSKA and Spartak. The stadium of the highest category, with 30,000 seats. The Ice Palace gathered under its roof three arenas, a hotel and the Museum of Hockey Glory.

CSKA Ice Arena

DS “Southern Ice”. An excellent modern complex that received its first visitors in 2017. In terms of ice area, this is the largest ice complex in Europe. Three hockey fields, halls for martial arts and choreography, a swimming pool. Location: Moscow, Marshal Savitsky street, 7.

DS "Southern Ice"

DS “Morozovo”. The complex is suitable for both classessports and recreational activities. The infrastructure includes: four ice rinks, a choreography hall, a beauty salon. The skating rinks work around the clock. Ice Palace address: Moscow, Novoostapovskaya street, 5, building 2.

What's in the future?

In Moscow, not only housing is being built, but also sports facilities. The number of inhabitants of the city is constantly growing, therefore, the infrastructure must grow and develop. And the Moscow government understands this very well.

A project for the reconstruction of the ice sports complex "Sokolniki" is currently being developed. This palace served as the home arena for the Spartak hockey club until 2015. The club will return to Sokolniki in 2020.

The construction of the Kristall Sports Palace in Luzhniki is in full swing. The facility will start operating in 2.5-3 years.

A new two-story ice palace will be built on Aviator Street in the Solntsevo district. An ice arena will be located on the first floor, and a hockey school on the second floor.

Another sports facility will be built in the Western District on Mosfilmovskaya Street. Investor - Center for Sports Support LLC. The complex is being built for the residents of the Ramenki district and for the company's intra-corporate competitions.

Until 2022, it is planned to build more than 50 sports facilities in Moscow, which will be able to use both professional athletes and ordinary residents of the capital.

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