Seychelles: Victoria Airport

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Seychelles: Victoria Airport
Seychelles: Victoria Airport

The Seychelles are considered the gateway to the Garden of Eden. This is not surprising, because the pristine beauty of a small state is able to win the heart of a traveler from the first moment.

Seychelles: heaven on earth

Seychelles is a fairly remote power, which in recent years has become one of the most popular romantic destinations for Russian tourism. The state consists of one hundred and fifteen islands scattered in the Indian Ocean. Only thirty of them are currently inhabited. The rest are still home to animals and birds, many of which live only in this area.

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Tourists go to the Seychelles to see huge long-lived turtles and get a diving certificate. The organization of wedding celebrations on the islands is also in great demand. Travel companies have been actively offering such services for several years.

Seychelles: Victoria Airport

Most of the islands are not even one kilometer in diameter. The capital of the state is the cityVictoria, located on the island of Mahe. Seychelles has the only international airport built ten kilometers from the capital of the state. In addition to it, each large island has its own air gates that provide domestic air transportation. But most of the locals prefer to travel by water. Everyone has at their disposal a boat or boat.

Victoria Airport has a huge passenger turnover. Over the past year, about five million people have passed through it. Since this is the only international airport, it connects the Seychelles with Europe, Asia and America. Every tourist begins his acquaintance with a tropical paradise from this place.

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In the sixties of the last century, the popularity of the Seychelles was not great. And in order to stir up interest in the archipelago, the authorities decided to allocate funds for the construction of an international airport. All work was completed ten years later. But the passenger turnover at that time was about seven hundred thousand people. It seemed like an unprecedented number.

By the early nineties everything had changed. The islands were covered by a wave of unprecedented popularity, for which the Seychelles were not ready. The airport has ceased to cope with passenger traffic. And it took an urgent reconstruction of the building, as well as the runway. In the shortest period, work was carried out to reconstruct the international airport.


Tourists note that from the moment they arrive in the country, the Seychelles amaze. Victoria Airport was built in a distinctive style. At the same time he haseverything necessary for the comfort of arriving travelers. At the moment, the airport consists of two terminals separated by a small passage. You can get from one part of the terminal to another in just ten minutes. It is quite spacious inside, there are cafes, restaurants, waiting rooms and currency exchange offices. If desired, a tourist can spend time in a room of increased comfort.

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Travelers wishing to get to the city of Victoria can use public transport or taxi services. At the airport (Mahe, Seychelles) there are points providing services of carriers of local companies. In general, ordering will take no more than ten minutes.

The center of the capital and the airport are connected by one bus route. Transport runs at intervals of one hour. All flights are provided by the only local airline, which is also the largest in the country. It operates with all international airports in the world with air links to the Seychelles.

Flight to Seychelles

All tourists planning to visit the Seychelles must buy air tickets in advance. Their prices are very high. For example, an air flight from Moscow will cost at least thirty-five thousand rubles. To save on tickets, you need to make a reservation two to three months before the flight. In this case, you can find several options with discounts.

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If you are worried about how long it takes to fly to the Seychelles, then we can upset you - this is one of the longest flights.Of course, it all depends on the location of the starting point. But even the shortest flight from Moscow will take about twelve hours with one change. There are no direct flights to Mahe.

If you dream of knowing what heaven on earth is like, then be sure to visit the Seychelles. Victoria Airport, for its part, will help you immediately feel like the happiest person who flew to rest in the most unique place on the planet.

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