Lake Turquoise: fishing and recreation at any time of the year

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Lake Turquoise: fishing and recreation at any time of the year
Lake Turquoise: fishing and recreation at any time of the year

In the Southern Urals, including the Chelyabinsk region, there are many quarry-type reservoirs. And they do not always appear due to the extraction of any minerals. But most often, after the end of development, a quarry appears, which is later used as a recreational area. Such reservoirs are usually characterized by steep banks and clear, pure water.

General characteristics

There is Lake Biryuzovoye in the Etkulsky district of the Chelyabinsk region. This reservoir has clean water, its transparency reaches 7 meters, while the bottom is muddy. The average depth of the lake is 8-30 meters, but in the deepest places it reaches 96 meters. The width of the lake is about 600 meters.

But the most attractive thing about this place is fishing. In some reviews, the quarry is described as a huge aquarium with many types of fish.

The water in the lake is mineralized. At a depth of 6 meters and below, a stable temperature is maintained at any time of the year, which is kept at 4-5 degrees. There are no additional "sources" of food in the reservoir, recharge occurs solely due to precipitation.

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History of Appearance

It is believed that earlier there was an underground cave on the site of Turquoise Lake. After its collapse, water filled the gap, which caused the formation of a reservoir. It now has the shape of a petal, elongated to the north by 2.5 kilometers. Coal was mined here for a while.

Earlier (in the 17th-18th centuries) the lake was called "Bottomless", as no one could measure its depth.

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Resort area

To date, Turquoise Lake has been transferred to "private hands". The main direction is fishing. However, you can come here to relax with your family. Near the lake there is a hotel, a cafe, a bath complex and barbecue facilities.

The lake has perfectly clean shores, sun loungers and mini playgrounds for children. For this climatic zone, clean and clear water is a rarity. After all, most of the reservoirs in the area are shallow, so swimming in them is almost impossible.

Besides the equipped places for sunbathing, people can relax by renting a catamaran or a boat. If the sun is “tired”, then you can walk around the area, because there are pines and birches here.

On the shore there are special bridges with water pavilions, where you can just sit and think about the essentials. On the shore you can rent a quad bike or jet ski.

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First of all, recreation on Turquoise Lake is fishing. The reservoir is a fish nursery. Therefore, fishing here is possible only in the allotted place. And the created infrastructure is completely for thisdisposes. Near the shore there are many bridges, gazebos on the water, pontoons and simply equipped places for fishermen. Commercial fishing in this quarry is prohibited.

The main distinguishing feature is not only the turquoise water, but also the trout living here. The largest grain individuals can reach a weight of 3 kg.

Fishing in this place is paid. For trout, you will have to pay 350 rubles per 1 kilogram, and for pike or carp - 150 rubles. All other types of fish are free. In addition, fishermen will have to purchase a voucher, which is valid for 12 hours, from 8 am to 8 pm.

From other types of fish on Lake Biryuzovoye, Chelyabinsk region, you can catch:

  • whitefish;
  • carp;
  • burbot;
  • ripusa.

You can fish on the pond in any season, summer and winter. If the fishing was unsuccessful, then here you can buy fresh fish on the spot.

For those who hope for lack of control, video surveillance works on the territory of the fish farm, so any poaching attempts are stopped instantly. Fishing is allowed only in designated areas.

You can use any lure for trout fishing, as the fish is grown artificially. It can be corn, meat and fish waste, shrimp. Do not forget about the weather conditions, although the fish is actually "home". However, in unfavorable weather, the catch is usually not very large. If you do not have food with you, you can buy it on the spot. A glass of compound feed costs about 50 rubles.

Fisheries are notworks on Monday - this is a day off.

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Location and contact information

Contacts of Lake Biryuzovoe - Chelyabinsk region, the territory of about three villages:

  • Checkpoint;
  • Sarah;
  • Emanzhelinka.

The Turquoise enterprise is engaged in servicing the reservoir and keeping fish.

The distance from the city of Chelyabinsk to Turquoise Lake is only 45 kilometers. It is necessary to move to the south, in the direction of Yemanzhelinsk. After the village of Sary, at the fork, you should turn east, towards the village of Etkul. Already after 4 kilometers there will be a sign that indicates that it is necessary to turn north. After turning after 500 meters there will be a guard booth who sells tickets and tells about the rules of rest here.

If you go from Yekaterinburg, you will have to drive about 260 kilometers. You should move along the M-5 highway. It is recommended not to reach the city of Chelyabinsk, turn right and drive along the Troitsky tract. Then you need to get to the village of Sary, and then move along the path described above.

In any case, fishing on Lake Turquoise cannot be unsuccessful. There is no need to sit for hours and wait for a bite. In addition, you can take your whole family to the lake, bring both adults and children to find entertainment on the coastline.

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