Venice is a beautiful city on the water

Venice is a beautiful city on the water
Venice is a beautiful city on the water

Every person is perfectly familiar with the city on the water - that is, the famous beauty of Venice. Over the centuries, it was built on 122 islands, which are located in the gulf of the Adriatic Sea. Gradually, buildings began to appear on these tiny lands, bridges connecting them, temples and luxurious palaces. Venice grew in the truest sense of the word, and today it has become the focus of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Europe. Its uniqueness is also that it is a city on the water, in which there is no place for highways and tram tracks.

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The best way to get to Venice is by train, as a last resort, with a transfer. Buses also go here, but they are considered less comfortable. Many people get to the city on the water in their car, but you should remember that you definitely won’t be able to see this city from the car windows - there are no roads here. You will have to park on the islet of Tronchetto, which is a large tourist stop.

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The city on the water is primarily famous for its non-standard mode of transport - boats.Among them there are both public ones, which go along a specific route, and the so-called pleasure ones, the path of which is determined by the client. Valoretto - "water" buses of the city, which have their own numbers and the exact route. The ticket price on such a boat is 6.5 euros (you can ride it for an hour) or 16 euros (the ticket will be valid for 12 hours). Gondolas are a pure manifestation of the bourgeoisie, and over the centuries there has been a tradition that it is the gondoliers who collect the most money from tourists. A trip on such a boat can last at least a whole day, but for every forty minutes you will have to pay at least 60 euros.

Many canals of Venice are surrounded by ancient monuments that have become symbols of the city. Among them, Piazza San Marco, located on the coast of the Grand Canal, deserves special attention. On it is the Basilica of the same name, in which there is a giant bell, and around this chapel flocks of snow-white and gray doves live, welcoming every tourist of this unique city. In the same place, in the Middle Ages, the most beautiful Doge's Palace was built, which combines the features of both Gothic austerity and a certain lightness and airiness characteristic only of Italy.

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The number of tourists in Venice is increasing every season, which is why the prices for entertainment, food and accommodation are very high. It should be noted that in most restaurants in the city, despite their central location and high pricing, the food is not very tasty. Forso that food here does not become a black spot for you throughout your trip, ask the locals about the best places to go to eat.

Not to be missed is the famous Venice Carnival, which takes place here at the end of every winter. Well, what city on the water of all existing in the world can please a tourist so much? Majestic outfits, mysterious masks, beautiful music and endless fun will help everyone, even the most tired workaholic, relax and enjoy the atmosphere of this amazing country.

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