Market "Temernik" in Rostov-on-Don

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Market "Temernik" in Rostov-on-Don
Market "Temernik" in Rostov-on-Don

A separate place among the sights of Rostov is occupied by markets and bazaars. Market "Temernik" (official name - "Market Vostochny") is located on Lelyushenko Street. It's not in the city center, so getting there is a bit of a problem, but there is a lot of transport going here.

Entrance to Temernik

The largest clothing market in the Rostov region

High attendance of the market due to its wide range. "Temernik" is the largest market in terms of area, it occupies 40 thousand square meters, more than 4 thousand trading places. Huge shopping malls stretch for many meters. The largest clothing market not only in Rostov-on-Don, but in the entire region.

On the "Eastern" market, in addition to retail, there are large areas devoted to wholesale. Entrepreneurs not only from all over the region, but also from neighboring regions come to the Temernik wholesale market. Wholesale purchases are much cheaper than retail ones, so it is constantly crowded here. The market is like a living organism, always in motion.

Features of shopping at Temernik

Tents on Temernik

Most Rostovites prefer to buyclothes, shoes and other goods necessary for everyday life at Temernik. Prices in the market are much lower for clothes and shoes than in boutiques and stores, while you can find things of very good quality.

Clothes and shoes are brought from Turkey and China, there are many Russian-made goods here, the prices are very democratic. Turkish sweaters and shirts, textiles are always in demand, the quality is excellent, the prices are moderate. Cheaper similar items are delivered to the Temernik market from China.

The product on the market is striking in its abundance and variety. Here you can buy a chic fur coat made of natural fur, and the cheapest jackets and down jackets made in China. The pricing policy is very flexible, here you can easily bargain, knowing that the cost of goods can be brought down a little.

The market often hosts fairs selling seasonal clothes, and these days the prices are much lower and the range is wider.

Temernik in Rostov

At the market "Temernik" everyone will find the necessary thing. After all, almost everything is sold here, from children's toys to bags and hats.

The market is open every day from 8:00 to 20:00. Market address "Temernik": st. Lelyushenko, 19/5. The turnover is estimated at several million rubles. This is the largest and cheapest market in the North Caucasus.

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