Komarovsky market in Minsk: how to get there, opening hours

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Komarovsky market in Minsk: how to get there, opening hours
Komarovsky market in Minsk: how to get there, opening hours

Komarovka is not only a shopping place for Minskers. Here they rest, arrange dates. Children and guests of the capital are brought here to admire the sculptural compositions and the fountain. In front of the market building there is a large area where New Year, City Day and other holidays are celebrated.

Komarovsky market

Komarovsky market is loved for its cleanliness, beauty, comfort and low prices. A variety of products are offered by food industry enterprises of the republic: dairies, bakeries, meat processing plants, confectionery factories, greenhouse farms. In company stores, goods are sold at manufacturer's prices.

Seasonal rows also work year-round, where they buy sour cream, cottage cheese, berries, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. Farmers come here with homemade cottage cheese, butter, sour cream, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and other products with personal households.

Once you get to the Komarovsky market, it is impossible to go home without a purchase. But it wasn't always like this.


In the century before last, the village of Komarovka was located on this land. It belonged to the princes Radziwills. After the war of 1812, the village became the property of a Minsk landowner.Stanislav Vankovich, and even later became part of the city.

Until 1925, Komarovka was a swampy area. In the area where the urban poor lived, unsanitary conditions prevailed, infectious diseases spread. Where trade is brisk today, there was an open field on which S. Utochkin made demonstration flights.

After draining the swamps, the area was built up with new houses and various buildings. An institute of physical culture appeared, the square of the Belarusian poet Yakub Kolas, a giant furniture store. Trolleybuses and trams plied the streets. Near the House of Furniture there is a collective farm market, named after the former village of Komarovsky.

Building architecture

Although the Komarovskiy market in Minsk was designed on the basis of the building of the Chelyabinsk shopping center, the architectural features of Komarovka are unique. The roof was assembled from lightweight dashboards held together with thirty-seven ropes.

Komarovsky market in Minsk

Each rope consists of one hundred and twenty-four heavy-duty steel wires. Breaking force - about three hundred tons. The ropes are tightened along the perimeter of the edge of the roof, which gives the structure lightness. The highest point of the dome is raised to the height of a ten-story building - 26 meters from the ground.

Exterior facades are finished with colored rubber coating, golden glass and polished granite.

Komarovsky market in Minsk was designed by architects V. Aladov, A. Zheldakov, V. Krivosheev, M. Tkachuk.


Near the market there is a multi-stage fountain and a citysculpture. The authors of the compositions are V. Zhbanov, A. Tukhto, O. Kupriyanov, E. Kolchev.

The idea to decorate Komarovka with sculptures appeared at the beginning of the 2000s. Various objects were offered to the attention of the management of the trade enterprise, but the famous Belarusian sculptor Vladimir Zhbanov became the winner of the competition. He presented the sculptures "Lady with a Dog" and "Photographer". The objects were positioned as if the bronze lady was posing in front of an antique camera.

Komarovsky market opening hours

No less interesting is the sculpture "Horse", made by V. Zhbanov in collaboration with Alexander Tukhto. It seems that the animal came to the watering place. A small bronze sparrow was attached to the back of the horse, which unscrupulous citizens unscrew from time to time, and the city authorities have to restore the composition. Bronze geese found their place on the steps of the fountain. This is a joint work of Vladimir Zhbanov and Evgeny Kolchev. Important, proud birds, like a horse, seek to quench their thirst.

Sculptor Oleg Kupriyanov immortalized the seed sellers in the form of grandmother Komarikha. A portly elderly woman not only offers goods to customers, but also feeds birds. A bronze sign flaunts above the grandmother: “Komarovsky market. Opening hours from 9.00 to 19.00. The day off is Monday.”

Komarovsky market address

The sculptural compositions of Komarovka have become another attraction of the city. Here children play and tourists take pictures.


Komarovsky market (address: Vera Khoruzhey street, 8)located in the Soviet district of the capital. A two-story House of Furniture was built nearby, where people come from all over the city. Belarusian and foreign manufacturers offer beds, chairs, kitchen sets, stools and other goods.

The realm of sofas and wardrobes is an independent trade facility, but due to the close proximity, the association “Komarovsky market – furniture” is firmly rooted in the minds of Minsk residents.

A little further is Yakub Kolas Square, in the center of which there are monuments to the classics of Belarusian literature and the heroes of his works. Behind the monument, the architects provided twin towers. The Minsk Printing Plant is located in one building, and the plant for the production of computer equipment is located in the other.

Opposite the monument and the towers, the building of the Belarusian State Philharmonic flaunts. Symphony orchestras, choirs, dance groups and soloists perform in the concert hall. Students and graduates of art schools, specialized gymnasiums and lyceums, students of the Belarusian Academy of Music also give academic concerts here. The building of the Institute of Physical Education was given to the National Olympic Committee.

Mostly food products are sold at the Komarovsky market.

Komarovsky market furniture

Those who want to buy something from clothes, shoes, cosmetics or accessories are recommended to visit the nearby shopping centers "Impulse", "Zerkalo", "Manege" and others. Cars are left in a multi-level parking.

On the other side of Komarovka there is a residential area. Multi-storey buildings built according to the originalprojects. The most famous are "corn" - sixteen-story frame structures of a non-trivial design. Other buildings are covered with glazed tiles, decorated with mosaics, decorated with lattice roofs.


In 1997, the Komarovsky market received the status of a communal trading unitary enterprise. Since then, Komarovka has changed. Beautiful pavilions, the aforementioned sculptures, a playground, a fountain, outlets from enterprises appeared.

For achievements in the field of trade and providing jobs, the labor collective was awarded the "Bronze Mercury" - an award of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus. The enterprise was also brought to the Republican Board of Honor.

How to get to the market

Komarovsky market is located near the Yakub Kolas Square metro station. This mode of transport is the most convenient and fastest. Also, trams No. 1, 5, 6, 8, 11 run through the famous square.

From the side of V. Khoruzhey and Kulman streets, not far from the market, buses No. 19, 25, 44, 59, 91, 136, trolleybuses No. 22, 29, 40 stop.

Welcome to shopping!

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