Castle Nesselbek (Orlovka, Kaliningrad region): hotel, restaurant, museum "Medieval torture and punishment"

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Castle Nesselbek (Orlovka, Kaliningrad region): hotel, restaurant, museum "Medieval torture and punishment"
Castle Nesselbek (Orlovka, Kaliningrad region): hotel, restaurant, museum "Medieval torture and punishment"

Nesselbeck Castle is not a building from the Middle Ages, but a modern building. It's just old fashioned. The castle stands by the road, at the entrance to the village of Orlovka (Kaliningrad region). On the approach, waiting for them to be noticed, two skeletons in chastity belts froze. But we will tell you more about everything later in the article.

The appearance and description of the castle

Nesselbek Castle (Kaliningrad) is a building erected in full accordance with the requirements of medieval architecture. The architects managed to recreate the knight's castle with the help of ancient drawings - an exact copy of the fortress of the Teutonic Order. And, by the way, they were awarded a diploma from the above order - for the preservation of traditions.

As you know, the village of Orlovka (Kaliningrad) used to be a German settlement. In the 19th century, the estate of Nesselbek was located here, which belonged to the noble Schenkendorf family, who were originally from Tilsit. The estate was built at the beginning of the 19th century and included, in addition to the main building, buildings for storing grain andcattle breeding.

Nesselbek Kaliningrad

Nesselbeck Castle got its name from the stream. It means "nettle stream" in German. Indeed, it existed and flowed through the territory of the village, and received its name, in turn, thanks to the nettles densely growing along the banks.

About this stream, by the way, there is a legend about a lion fish. In the distant past, fishermen caught fish from the sea and released them to swim in the stream. Day and night, the fish prayed to the villagers to release it back into the sea. And in return she promised to give a source, but not a simple one, but with the best beer in the world. So it was or not, no one knows, but the castle has its own brewery….

Castle Accommodation

Nesselbeck Castle (Kaliningrad region) is built of warm red bricks, and its interior is unique and exquisite. The rooms have exclusive furniture: chairs and tables with leather upholstery and painted wooden surfaces are designed in a medieval style. Custom-made drapes, wall paintings in the lobby, and colored stained-glass windows complete the Medieval atmosphere.

The four-star Nesselbeck Hotel consists of 3 floors. Guests have the opportunity to choose from 23 rooms: from standard to presidential. Each room is named after one of the Masters of the Teutonic Order.

Standard Number

Double rooms are located on the first, second and third floors. They have one double or 2 separate beds, refrigerator, TV, telephone, air conditioning, mini-bar,individual safe. The bathroom has a shower and hairdryer. Rooms have their own heating system.

Nesselbeck castle

Single level suite

This class room is located in the tower and consists of a bedroom and a bathroom. There is a double bed, TV, refrigerator, individual safe, mini-bar, telephone, air conditioning. The bathroom has a shower or bathtub.

Two-level suite

Consists of a living room and a guest bathroom on the first level, as well as a bedroom in a round tower on the second. In the bedroom - a double bed with a canopy, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, individual safe, mini-bar, telephone. A balcony adjoins the room.

Orlovka Kaliningrad

Romantic number

The honeymoon suite is located on the third floor and consists of two levels. On the first floor there is a living room, in the tower there is a bedroom. The bedroom has a canopy bed. Bathroom, bathroom with shower for two. On the second level, a double jacuzzi with lighting, furniture for relaxation. The room has a balcony.


Three-room suite is located on the third floor. In the living room there is a table for 8 people with the possibility of holding a mini-conference or negotiations, a sofa. There is a separate dining area. The bedroom has a canopy bed. The room has a balcony attached.


Resting place for guests of the castle is equipped in the style of the medieval era and is designed for 300 visitors, who are delighted with European cuisine and beer from their own brewery.

LockNesselbek Kaliningrad

Nesselbek Castle (Kaliningrad) is popular for weddings. The interior decoration of the hall makes the bride and groom feel like a real king and queen.

In the restaurant hall there are comfortable wooden tables with soft sofas. Lovers come here to sit in a romantic setting by a real fireplace under the light of antique lamps.

In the center of the hall there is a bar counter with a beer installation. It serves brewed unfiltered beer of 4 varieties. Not far from it stands a knight in armor, guarding the peace of the castle guests.

Kaliningrad region

If you go into the courtyard (and all the guests of the Nesselbeck Castle (Kaliningrad) do), the glass dome of the brewery opens up. Through it you can see how the magic elixir is brewed in large vats. Here, beer is prepared according to the oldest recipes that were once loved in Europe.

Beer-based soup is served in the restaurant - a signature dish from the chef. Onion bread is offered to the delighted guests with the soup.

Museum of Medieval Torture and Punishment

The size of this scary museum is small - three flights up a narrow staircase.

There is an executioner at the entrance - a man with a bad reputation at that time. People of this profession were feared and despised: executioners, as a rule, traded in body parts of the executed for magical rituals. In bazaars and markets, merchants gave them food for free, for fear of touching their hands. And they took off the clothes from the deadcriminals. The executioner could leave his terrible position after he found a successor.

In the halls you can see the devices used by the torturers of the Middle Ages:

  • "Spanish boot" - worn on the leg, crushed and broke bones.
  • Vise - the head of the convict was placed in them, and then it was squeezed;
  • "Maid of Nuremberg" - an iron cabinet with the outlines of a female body. Long nails were placed on the inner surface of the cabinet doors. The convict went into the closet, the doors closed, and the nails stuck into different parts of the body.
  • Torture table - the body "rolled" on rollers with spikes. And so that the victim did not twitch, the arms and legs were straightened with shackles.
  • Pear - injected into certain parts of the body. I tore them open when I opened them.
  • Knee crusher - crushed knee and elbow joints.
  • "Death Chair" - a terrible device, covered with spikes in the amount of 500 to 1500, with straps that fixed the victim. Sometimes a hearth was set up under a chair for a quick confession of the convict.
  • Collared seat - The victim was placed on a seat with their hands tied. An iron collar with a screw was put on the head. The executioner tightened the screw tightly, and the metal wedge located on the collar slowly penetrated the condemned man's head, causing death.

These devices were used to kill a person or to make him a cripple. For "lighter" punishments, there were other tools:

  • pillory - as a punishment, the convict was ridiculed andhumiliation by the crowd;
  • mask of shame - worn by grumpy wives and women who uttered swear words in public places;
  • mantle of a drunkard - it was worn on chronic alcoholics; it was a barrel turned upside down, which used to store the drunkard's favorite drinks; he was then paraded through the streets of the city to be judged and ridiculed.

And, of course, chastity belts. These devices appeared during the Crusades, so that the knights, leaving the family for a long time, did not worry about the fidelity of their wives. Later came chastity belts for men. Their main task was to prevent masturbation. By the way, today chastity belts are still relevant: as an accessory for BDSM games.

The exhibits of the museum are not originals - they are just models skillfully recreated according to drawings and historical documents. But, as those who have been here admit, when viewed, it becomes creepy.


And in order to feel the joy of life after visiting the museum, the Nesselbeck Hotel offers its guests spa treatments:

  • Jacuzzi or baths with beer - increase the tone of the body, strengthen the immune system, relieve muscle tension and warm up the joints. Brewer's yeast softens and revitalizes the skin, strengthens hair and nails.
  • Cleopatra's baths with honey and milk. During the procedure, the pores are cleansed, blood circulation improves, fat deposits are burned.
  • A bath for lovers filled with champagne instead of water.

In addition, Nesselbeck Castle provides additional services forbody care:

  • wrap of beer grains - eliminates dead skin, heals nails and hair;
  • nourishing body wrap based on honey and milk – increases firmness and elasticity of the skin, tightens the contours of the body. Has a moisturizing and soothing effect;
  • lifting body wrap "Aroma-algae" - prevents skin flabbiness during weight loss, instantly relieves heaviness and swelling of the legs, stimulates metabolism, detoxification and blood microcirculation;
  • wrap with kelp leaf "Live algae" - gets rid of excess fluid in the tissues, restores skin elasticity, helps to relax the body.
Hotel Nesselbeck

The described castle in Orlovka advises its guests to use facial treatments:

  • Spa facial treatment - reduces inflammation in acne. The skin is softened and moisturized.
  • "Water of Life" - the procedure is performed for dehydrated and dry skin. Restores water and cellular balance.
  • "Rejuvenating green apples" - anti-aging care based on plant stem cells of an apple.
  • "A touch of luxury" - care for any skin based on black caviar. Restores metabolic processes and launches natural rejuvenation processes.
  • "Noble Knight" - facial skin care for men. A moisturizing mask or anti-aging gel helps to purify and tone the skin.
  • Paraffin mask - suitable for young and mature skin. wrinkles are smoothed outblush and velvety appear.
  • "Festive face" - the procedure is carried out in 4 stages: cleansing, toning, applying a mask with the effect of Botox and moisturizing with a cream with the effect of black caviar.
Castle in Orlovka


Nesselbeck Castle (Kaliningrad) sets the following rates for its guests: from May to September inclusive, a standard room costs 3,300 rubles, and a suite and a two-level suite cost 3,300 and 3,500 rubles, respectively.

The price for these numbers in the "off season" drops by 300-500 rubles. Rooms "Romantic" and "Presidential" at any time of the year cost 10 thousand rubles per day. In addition to accommodation, the price includes breakfast and swimming in the pool every day, from 8 am to 12 noon.

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