Is it possible to carry alcohol in the luggage of the aircraft: rules and regulations, pre-flight screening and punishment for violating the charter of the airline

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Is it possible to carry alcohol in the luggage of the aircraft: rules and regulations, pre-flight screening and punishment for violating the charter of the airline
Is it possible to carry alcohol in the luggage of the aircraft: rules and regulations, pre-flight screening and punishment for violating the charter of the airline

One of the most pressing questions from travelers is how much alcohol can be carried on an airplane in luggage. There are tourists who are sure that it can turn any flight into a small romantic adventure (special thanks to Hollywood films that promote this vision of the situation). Although, in fact, everything is more prosaic: the airport control service has the right to seize the transported alcohol, demand payment of a fine, or simply not let a negligent passenger on board the aircraft.

Hot drinks are usually taken on board for personal needs, as a souvenir or a gift. Their use during the flight, after landing and before departure is a topical issue for many tourists. To make the process as pleasant as possible, and to reduce the negative consequences to a minimum, standards have been developed that regulate the rules for transporting alcoholic beverages in the air.By adhering to these criteria, passengers save time, effort, money and can safely carry alcohol on the plane.

Within the Russian Federation

a bottle of vodka

Those people who are tormented by the question of whether it is possible to carry alcohol in luggage on an airplane if you fly with domestic airlines, do not have to worry. This method of transporting alcoholic beverages is the most affordable and simple. At the moment, the following transportation norms are relevant, explaining how much alcohol you can carry in your baggage on an airplane:

  1. If you fly with Aeroflot, then you will have to forget about transporting drinks with a strength above 70 ° - this is prohibited.
  2. If one adult passenger travels, he can carry no more than 5 liters of alcoholic beverages, the strength of which is 24-70 °.
  3. Adult passengers (over 21 years of age) have the right to carry an unlimited number of alcoholic beverages, but on condition that the strength of these drinks is less than 24°.

Summarizing the above information, we can conclude that the transport of alcoholic beverages in Russia is limited only by the fortress and the total size of luggage.

Shipping in Russia

However, do not forget that in most cases, the issuance and transportation of luggage is not very careful, so bottles of alcohol can often break. And if there are no obvious signs of damage on the bag or suitcase, then it is better to forget about compensation for losses.

On flights within the country, passengers are limitedin their desires only the rules of the airline itself, which may change. Therefore, we advise you to clarify the information by phone or on the website. At this point, the question of whether it is possible to carry alcohol in the luggage of an aircraft on domestic flights will be considered resolved.

International flights

screening at the airport

If we are talking about international flights, then everything is a little more complicated here, since in this case customs rules for the export and import of goods begin to operate. That is why the fact of whether you can carry alcohol in the luggage of the aircraft depends on the country of destination.

Customs rules that control the transportation of alcoholic beverages to foreign countries are different everywhere. As mentioned earlier, it all depends on the country where the tourist flies. The rules can be consulted directly with the airline staff or with the operator who organizes the trip.

Unified EU requirements

Can I bring alcohol in my luggage if I'm flying to the EU? Uniform requirements for the carriage of alcoholic beverages were established by countries that are members of the European Union. Transportation of alcohol in aircraft baggage is limited to one item from the list below:

  • 16 liters of beer;
  • 4 liters of wine;
  • 2 liters of drinks, the strength of which is 22°;
  • one bottle of any alcohol (strength is not important).

If alcohol-containing products were purchased outside the European Union, and transplantation will be carried out in one of the EU countries, then alcohol products will be confiscated.

However, it is necessaryto reassure Russian travelers: most European countries are famous for the highest quality and exquisite beer and wine drinks, so anyone who wants to will have the opportunity to enjoy their taste during the trip.

From abroad to Russia

wine bottles

If we talk about how much alcohol can be carried in the luggage of the plane (in the event that you return to Russia), then after our state entered the customs union, the following rules began to apply:

  • Up to 3 liters of alcohol-containing products a passenger can carry for free.
  • For an additional 2 liters of alcoholic beverages, you will need to pay a customs fee.
  • All other alcoholic products exceeding this maximum 5 liters are subject to immediate withdrawal.
  • One liter of alcohol (its strength may be above 22°) and an additional two liters of alcohol with a strength below 22° are allowed to be transported from the Russian Federation in the luggage of an aircraft.

Alcohol in hand luggage

alcohol on the plane

Absolutely all states are trying to ensure the highest level of safety during flights. That is why there are certain rules governing the carriage of any liquids in hand luggage. Naturally, alcoholic beverages fall into this category, and their transportation is subject to these rules.

Passengers are only allowed to take 100 ml of liquid on board, in unopened original containers. Plastic transparent bagszip locks are required for packaging containers. There is no doubt that the integrity of the package will be carefully checked upon landing.

Bottles bought from Duty Free are an exception, although they must be packed in a special bag with labels and corks intact. However, you need to remember that the customs officers of the state where you are going do not care where you purchased the alcohol. The total number of drinks must not exceed the import limit.

duty free

Alcohol on board

Is it safe and legal to carry alcohol on an airplane? How exactly can this be done? It's easy enough if you're aware of the current regulations. If you are planning a trip with the help of a travel agency, we recommend that you check with the operators about the rules for transporting alcoholic beverages. They are knowledgeable on the subject and will be able to quickly help you resolve any doubts.

If you are planning a trip at your own peril and risk, you will need to figure out the topic yourself. Due to the availability and openness of all the necessary information, collecting them will not create great difficulties.


To avoid unpleasant surprises on board the aircraft and at the airport, there are a few key points to highlight:

  1. When carrying luggage, airlines are not responsible for the safety of the packaging, so passengers will have to take care of it themselves.
  2. Alcoholic products must be in unopened original packaging.
  3. Alcohol that is notcomplies with the regulations, is subject to confiscation immediately after the violation is discovered, and the guilty passenger will be forced to pay a fine.

Reason for withdrawal

Most of the misunderstandings are due to the fact that passengers do not understand that sometimes the rules of airlines for the transport of alcoholic beverages do not coincide with the rules of customs control. Figuratively speaking, if you are very lucky to get on board with two liters of vodka, then no one guarantees you that customs officers will not take it away upon landing. Therefore, it is best to find out in advance what restrictions are in the countries of destination and departure. The easiest way to do this is on the websites of embassies.

luggage at the airport

There are usually no problems with the export of alcoholic beverages, since all states are interested in travelers purchasing their products and bringing them home. However, even here there are exceptions. For example, it is forbidden to take out more than two bottles of alcohol from Cuba. From Germany it is allowed to export up to 3 liters, and for everything transported above this, you will need to pay 10 euros for each liter.

The situation is different with the import of alcohol, because most countries are trying to limit it, and no one has established uniform import rules. For example, in the countries of the European zone it is allowed to import a liter of alcohol with a strength above 22 ° and two liters up to 22 °. The same rules apply to Egypt. It is allowed to import up to a liter of alcoholic beverages of any strength to Singapore and Thailand, but in the Maldives, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the import of any alcoholprohibited.


Summarizing how to carry alcohol in the luggage of the plane. The rules are simple and are usually set either by the law of the state in which the aircraft lands, or by the airline that owns the aircraft.

It is advisable to pay attention to the requirements before departure, how much and, most importantly, whether it is possible to carry alcohol in the luggage of the aircraft and on board.

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