Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4(Tunisia / Hammamet): photos and reviews of tourists

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Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4(Tunisia / Hammamet): photos and reviews of tourists
Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4(Tunisia / Hammamet): photos and reviews of tourists

Choosing the direction of the upcoming trip, tourists are guided by different factors: someone prefers to lie on the beach, drinking a cocktail, someone likes sightseeing trips, and someone wants to diversify their time with a lot of entertainment. Such a symbiosis is successfully combined in the resort town of Hammamet. Favorable climatic conditions, lack of sultry heat, clean air and clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea attract a large number of tourists every year to these parts. The four-star Palm Beach Club Hammamet hotel in Tunisia offers European standards of service and comfortable living conditions for every guest. As the guests note, a warm welcome and polite staff are the main features that characterize this institution. Here everyone will find something to their liking, forever remembering a trip to the colorful country of Tunisia.

Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4hotel rating is quite high. His average score is 8.5. Reviews about Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4(Tunisia) are predominantly positive. About minor flawsremembered only by the most sophisticated tourists. Why did the hotel deserve such close attention to itself? This is what we will discuss in the article.

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General characteristics of the hotel

Over the years of its existence, the Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4hotel, the photo of which you have the opportunity to see in the article, has been subjected to a number of transformations and upgrades. It should be noted that the last of them was carried out in 2012. Not only the interior of the rooms has undergone changes, but the name of the hotel itself has also been changed. On the territory, the total area of ​​​​which is just over 20,000 square meters, is the main snow-white building, made in the style of local architecture. It is represented by four floors and is surrounded by an incomparable garden with numerous fragrant flowers, green lawns and majestic palm trees. Walks on its territory, as vacationers note in numerous positive reviews, bring pleasure to everyone. Well-groomed alleys, cleanliness and grace are its main advantages.

No less remarkable is the location of this establishment. Proximity to the city center and a slight distance from the airport of international importance led to a constant influx of travelers to these lands. Overcoming a distance of 65 km after a long flight is not at all tiring. Acquaintance with local attractions, nature and beautiful landscapes begins with a transfer to the hotel.

It will not be possible to accommodate pets in the chambers. This is against hotel policy. Smoking is prohibited throughoutterritory. Payment by bank cards is possible. The staff speaks the basics of the Russian language. This is noted in the positive reviews of the Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4hotel, as the possibility of a language barrier is minimized.


The number of rooms at the Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4hotel includes 210 comfortable apartments, which are divided into 4 categories: Standard, Suites, Senior Suite and Junior Suites. They differ in size and views from the windows. The boundless expanses of the Mediterranean Sea, a divinely green garden or pool appear before the eyes of the guests.

The interior of the rooms is classic with modern decor elements. From every detail breathes a sea mood and peace. The color scheme is different. Some of the rooms are made in white and blue colors, others - white and terracotta. The free walls of the room are decorated with paintings, subtly matched to the decor of the rooms. The floors are covered with high quality ceramic tiles. Numerous lamps, sconces and floor lamps fill the room with light at night. French glazing visually enlarges the space.

There is access to a balcony or terrace equipped with plastic furniture. Spending time here watching the rising stars or the first rays of the sun is incredibly romantic.

Cleaning and change of towels is carried out daily. Change of bed linen - three times a week. You can order a wake-up call service, according to which the responsible staff will wake up the guest at the appointed time.

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Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4hotel: room descriptions

The furniture set is presented as a set made of high quality materials: soft beds, a spacious wardrobe, a table, bedside tables, a coffee table and a place for luggage. A large mirror is located above the tabletop. An individual split system maintains the required microclimate in the rooms. You can watch local news or your favorite program on Russian-language channels on the LCD TV screen. The presence of a safe allows you to forget about worries and not worry about important documents.

Mini-bar empty upon check-in. Wi-Fi is free throughout. The internal phone provides unhindered communication with the reception and helps in the implementation of the Room Service. Questions arising from guests are resolved promptly by the hotel administration.

The bathroom is decorated with designer tiles and equipped with modern items of daily use: sink, shower or bathtub, mirror and hair dryer. There is a set of personal care products and cosmetic items, updated daily: soap, shower gel and shampoo.

Power system

In accordance with the current All Inclusive system, the hotel complex offers its guests five meals a day, which is sold according to a predetermined schedule. The form of serving dishes is a buffet, which implies complete self-service. Each guest independently forms his portion, putting the necessary food on a plate. As notedexperienced, the abundance of proposed meal options is incredibly diverse, tasty and nutritious. Local chefs, creating masterpieces, invest a piece of their soul. This is noted in the numerous positive reviews of tourists about the hotel Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4.

The interior of the main restaurant has modern decor. Acid-coloured furniture, snow-white ceilings and French glazing fill the room with light, making it spacious and cozy. Individual serving and the presence of an open terrace allows you to fully enjoy your meal, satisfying the feeling of hunger and thirst.

In addition, there are restaurants specializing in Turkish, Italian and Tunisian cuisine. Visiting requires advance table reservation and appropriate appearance. Beach slippers and swimwear are not suitable for visiting these establishments.

A children's menu has been developed for the children, for which parents are very grateful to the administration of the Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4 hotel.

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The main purpose of staying in this resort area is swimming in the purest waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Palm Beach Club Hammamet is located on the first coastline. You can get to the beach in minutes. A distinctive feature of this coast is a rather narrow coastline. The sandy floor is equipped with sun loungers with wicker umbrellas. Sun lovers and those who prefer shady areas will find a cozy corner on the coast. Enjoy the sea breeze and noisebreaking waves can be while sipping a cocktail. Beach towels are provided free of charge.

In their reviews, guests note that the sea in these parts is quite deep. Babies bathe only with their parents or under their close supervision. On a raised platform on a grassy surface there are also sunbeds with soft bedding. Here you can retire in a comfortable gazebo or spend time with friends.

You can diversify beach leisure by riding water scooters, canoes or windsurfing. Wave riding is extreme and exciting. No less popular, according to vacationers, are trips on boats and yachts. Diving is one of the main activities that is of interest to all age groups. Diving to the underwater depths in search of unique inhabitants and rich flora is something that will forever remain in the memory of divers.

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Having admired the endless expanses of the Mediterranean, hotel guests can spend an unlimited period of time in the aqua zone of the establishment. It is represented by an outdoor pool, which is not equipped with a heating system. Fresh water is warmed up only by hot sunlight. Along its perimeter there are sun loungers with comfortable soft mattresses. Those who wish to hide from the scorching sun can sit under umbrellas or at the foot of spreading palm trees. Towels are provided free of charge. At night, amazing illumination pleases the eye of guests walking in the night. In their opinion, a warm evening, fragrant flowers and beautiful lighting are whatnecessary for peace and unity of soul and body.

During the daytime, professional instructors regularly conduct water aerobics classes. Light physical activity, according to guests, has a positive effect on the well-being and he alth of guests. You can also enjoy playing water polo here.

For little kids, there is a shallow swimming pool nearby. Swimming and diving in the fresh air under the supervision of parents gives them a lot of positive and good mood.

Children's time

For most parents, it is important that their child is in a great mood during the long-awaited vacation. That is why Turkey is an ideal place for the realization of their intentions, because the organization of leisure for kids is one of the important tasks of the administration of most hotels in these regions. Children's mini club, open during the day, welcomes guests aged 4 to 12 years old. Kids can not only play with numerous toys, but also draw, do interesting crafts or just watch cartoons in the company of their peers. Workshops, games for the manifestation of ingenuity and much more await the kids in the children's room.

An open-air playground has been built, because fresh air and outdoor games are the key to good immunity and recovery. Slides, swings and playgrounds will bring children to an unprecedented delight. A professional team of animators is ready to organize well-coordinated games and funny contests, which tirelessly gives positive emotions, joy andsmiles.

Nanny services are paid extra. Restaurants have high chairs. There is no wheelchair rental. Baby cots are available in the apartments upon request.

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Entertainment and Leisure

A rich and varied pastime that allows you to get a lot of impressions is the main task of tourists. The management of the Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4hotel (Tunisia) can easily solve this issue, a description of which is presented to your attention in the article. Attending yoga classes will neutralize pain in the spine, normalize the work of the cardiovascular system and make the body more plastic. Graceful gait and correct posture are the result of such activities.

Playing billiards is a serious competition in which, as a rule, men take part. There is a tennis court on site. Racket rentals and lighting require an additional charge. The football field daily gathers fans to drive the ball. The team spirit and excitement of victory will inspire you to achieve your goals.

Two golf courses, table tennis and darts diversify travelers' free time. You can play board games, sing karaoke in the lobby of the hotel complex.

In the evening, all vacationers of the hotel complex gather for an evening show. A professional team of artists and dancers pleases visitors with their delightful and interesting program. According to vacationers, such a charge of vivacity and involvement allows you to forget about problems andenjoy the evening outdoors. After - a disco, the entrance to which is free.

Walking outdoors in the park area at night brings a lot of pleasure to vacationers. Paved alleys, fragrant herbs, shops and architectural beauties delight the eye of every guest.

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Beauty and he alth

The desire to be beautiful always and everywhere is a life position that is easily implemented within the walls of the Palm Beach Club Hammamet hotel complex. On the territory there is a beauty salon, open to all guests, regardless of age and gender. They offer modern haircuts, incredible hairstyles and manicures from professional masters of their craft. Individual approach and good mood are provided to each visitor.

A visit to the spa will give every traveler a real sense of relaxation, a surge of new strength and good he alth. Relaxing atmosphere, pleasant music, fragrant fragrances and the hands of professionals will allow everyone to not only rejuvenate, but also improve the body as a whole. As guests note in reviews of Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4(Tunisia), everyone should visit this place at least once during the entire vacation.

The steam of saunas, baths and hammam has a positive effect on all body systems. You can disconnect from everyday worries, forgetting the hustle and bustle of city life, right here. The result of such a pastime will be tightened skin, improved blood circulation, and elimination of nervous tension. Peelings, massages and beauty treatmentsgive you a fresh look and feel great.

For those who prefer physical activity and sports exercises, the doors of the fitness center are open. Professional equipment in the form of simulators, treadmills and dumbbells will help keep the body in good shape, and, if necessary, burn a couple of extra pounds. Professional instructors work here to help with scheduling workouts and conduct aerobics classes

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Additional services

In order to make guests want to come back here again, the management of Palm Beach Club Hammamet provides the most diverse list of related services. After all, the main goal is to make a good impression and satisfy all the needs of the guests.

One of the main and most requested services is a transfer. Transportation of passengers to the destination, booked in advance, is carried out by experienced drivers. With safety for he alth and at the appointed time, transport will be served to customers. It is possible to rent a car upon arrival at the hotel complex. Parking spaces do not require prior reservation and are free of charge.

Businessmen can successfully combine a long-awaited vacation with work. The conference hall has an area of ​​80 square meters and is designed for 120 people. There is all the necessary innovative equipment for business negotiations and presentations. If necessary, this room is used for banquets and

Registration of new arrivals is available around the clock. There is a currency exchange office near the reception desk. There is a luggage storage room. Laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services are paid extra. You can use the safe at the reception.

The compliment from the honeymoon hotel is the floral arrangement of the room and the delivery of a fruit basket to the newly-married family.

For many tourists, the purchase of memorable gifts is one of the important components of the trip. There are mini markets and souvenir shops on site. Using the services of a tour desk, the number of positive emotions and new knowledge will expand significantly. Photos taken at the Palm Beach Club Hammamet 4(Tunisia) will help to save memories for a long time, which professional photographers will be happy to create.

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