Jade Buddha Temple where is it? A photo

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Jade Buddha Temple where is it? A photo
Jade Buddha Temple where is it? A photo

One of the most interesting cities for tourists is famous for its luxurious skyscrapers, colorful shopping centers, fantastically beautiful temples and ancient historical buildings. The metropolis, which has come into contact with European culture, resembles a real city of the future, which never forgets its past.

Shanghai's top attraction

If we talk about the most visited sights of Shanghai, we can not fail to mention the Temple of the Jade Buddha, founded in 1882. The huge complex is a place of pilgrimage for all believers.

His story began after a Chinese monk who ended up in Burma received several Buddha statues as a gift. But he was able to deliver to his homeland only two, carved from white jade of excellent quality. The temple, built with funds from voluntary donations from local residents, has become a place to store amazing sculptures and worship them.

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Unfortunately, in 1911, the majestic Temple of the Jade Buddha (Shanghai) was destroyed during an armed uprising in the city, and a new religious complex was built anew in another place for almost ten years.

The current temple where the institute is located

Designed in the classic style of iconic architecture, this religious building is an oasis of peace and tranquility. Visible from afar with bright yellow walls, the Temple of the Jade Buddha is famous for its unusual architecture with inverted peaks of the walls. The facade is decorated with sculptures of Chinese deities and mythical animals.

Thirty-three years ago, the building housed the Institute of Buddhism, in which lectures are given for those who wish, telling about the basic postulates, and mass meditations are held.

Pilgrimage site

Tourist Mecca does not exceed all other temples in size, but is distinguished by its inner grandeur. All unique halls containing religious shrines are open to visitors.

In China, the existing Buddhist complexes are divided into several types: in one of them they preach, in the other they observe the commandments, in the third they are engaged in contemplation. The Jade Buddha Temple belongs to the latter type. Colorful and monumental, it receives tourists every day, except for the Chinese New Year holiday, which gathers only praying believers within its walls.

Statue of Buddha in Nirvana

Masterly executed two multi-ton jade Buddha statues kept in the temple and given to himname, arouse keen interest of all tourists. Two-meter sculptures are inlaid with gold and precious stones.

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The sculpture of a meditating Buddha with closed eyes, in nirvana, is the main decoration of the temple, for the sake of which travelers come from all over the world to view. A two-meter image of an enlightened person, made of polished milk jade, is a real delight.

Sculpture of reclining Buddha

The much smaller reclining Buddha statue is located in a separate building. In the silent hall, inquisitive tourists look at four paintings that tell about the life of the founder of a world religion, starting from the moment he left his family and wandered the earth for seven years, and ending with the creator of the original philosophy who plunged forever into nirvana.

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The two main jade values ​​are considered the largest among their kind. Tourists are forbidden to photograph unique relics, but they are invited to tie a red ribbon on a tree located in the courtyard of a picturesque garden so that Buddha hears a secret desire coming from the heart and fulfills it.

Many shrines

Temple of the Jade Buddha Yufosa (the second name of the sanctuary) is also famous for other sculptures of Siddhartha Gautama. The main hall, where tourists enter at the very beginning of their visit, is famous for four revered gilded statues, which, according to legend, take care ofabout the cardinal points.

Sculptures of eighteen enlightened people who have reached nirvana, whom the Chinese call arhats, surprise and make you stop to think about the meaning of life. The image of Guanin, the female embodiment of the compassion of the Buddha, is of great interest, and the brilliant statues of heavenly kings and teachers delight with special grandeur. The mysterious hall, called the Chamber of the Four Heavenly Kings, houses a unique sculpture of the Buddha of the future.

A corner with a special atmosphere

It is very difficult for a European visitor to understand the diversity of characters of the main Chinese religion. The Jade Buddha Temple, the photo of the interior decoration of which conveys a special atmosphere, will give peace of mind, freeing you from painful thoughts. This special place has a beneficial effect on every person, making you think about the fate of the great teacher of all mankind.

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As the Chinese warn, don't confuse deities with Buddha. This is the main misconception of foreigners who are not familiar with religion. All the characters presented are images of people who have reached nirvana and help all beings on earth to get rid of suffering. Buddhists treat them with great reverence and ask for help in various endeavors.

Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai: how to get there?

The fact is that there is no Chinese subway station near the temple. And from the nearest Changshou Road, you will have to walk more than 800 meters, armed with a map, because the path is not close.

Changde Street must go in the direction fromthe first crossroads, and at the second turn turn left. If you do not turn anywhere, then the Temple of the Jade Buddha will meet in 15 minutes. Its saffron walls cannot be confused with anything.

For those who are poorly oriented in a foreign city on the map, it is recommended to take a taxi. From the metro station, the trip takes no more than five kilometers, and now enthusiastic tourists are met by the original Temple of the Jade Buddha (Shanghai). The address of the religious building is Putuo District, Anyuan Road, 170.

Special mood from visiting the temple

Remember that there are not so many active Buddhist temples in Shanghai, and to see all the sights, you will have to arrive at the very opening - 8 in the morning, when there are still not so many people. An amazing place will leave a mark on the soul of even the most non-religious person.

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Unusual architecture, beautiful interior decoration, unique jade sculptures will give a special mood, thanks to which a trip to Shanghai will be remembered forever.

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