Cyprus, Paphos: hotels, beaches, vacation reviews and photos

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Cyprus, Paphos: hotels, beaches, vacation reviews and photos
Cyprus, Paphos: hotels, beaches, vacation reviews and photos

Paphos is a city located on the Mediterranean coast. It occupies the southern tip of the territory of Cyprus and rests at the foot of the Troodos mountain range. According to Russians, this is the most elite and prestigious resort on the island. Chosen by we althy and sophisticated travelers.

First impression

Sunset in Paphos

Holidays in Paphos in Cyprus are not recommended for families with children. Local hotels are not focused on organizing leisure activities for kids and their parents. There are practically no playgrounds in the city, but the village is replete with respectable restaurants, gourmet cafes and secluded sandy coves.

A trip to the past

Ancient Paphos

The visiting card of Paphos in Cyprus is a cultural heritage with a history spanning several millennia. The founding father of the city is Agapenor, a military leader, a direct participant in the battle of Troy. The active development of the settlement began after the construction of a temple in honor of the goddess of love. A huge number of people flocked to these parts. Many remained, contributing to the strengthening of the ancient policy.

After changing the urban plan, Paphos in Cyprus was conditionally divided intotwo large regions. The modern border between these quarters runs along the bustling St. Paul Avenue. The newcomers Romans also contributed to the enrichment of the settlement. They provided him with the capital status, which the city lost during the period of belonging to the Byzantine Empire.

Transport accessibility

Paphos in Cyprus is served by a local airport. Many Russian travelers arrive at its passenger terminals. Some tourists choose the air gates of Larnaca. The flight takes about four hours. Municipal transport runs to the city center from the airport.

Our compatriots who paid for tours to Paphos in Cyprus prefer a taxi or a group transfer. The cost of a bus ticket is 120 rubles. You will have to pay 2000 for a car trip.

Administrative divisions

Beach gazebos

Shopping malls, museums, art galleries and office buildings are located on the hill in the old part of the city. Administrative buildings and a farmer's market were also located here. The beaches of Paphos (Cyprus) stretch along the relatively new areas of the resort. Hotels and bars, cafes, snack bars, discos, taverns are concentrated on them.

Several years ago, the city acquired a new embankment, which today is the epicenter of the entertainment life of the municipality. The promenade takes its beginning in the center, passes by the beaches of Paphos (Cyprus) and ends at the pier. Dozens of snow-white yachts and boats are moored along the pier. They can be rented.

Themselves with mustaches

Moving around the city on foot is easiersimple. The streets are clean and tidy. Bike lanes are provided. Two-wheeler rentals are located near the main attractions. There are taxi services. Municipal buses run every twenty minutes.

For their guests, 4-star hotels in Paphos (Cyprus) organize sightseeing trips. Many travelers prefer to explore the resort on their own. The most popular, according to tourists, routes follow from the seaport to the Coral Bay beach.

The cost of a bus ride is 120 rubles. A day pass will cost 360. It is valid until 23:00. Rates are higher at night. The price of a ticket for seven days is 1200 rubles. For those who have purchased tickets to Paphos (Cyprus) without a tour guide, experienced travelers recommend using special double-decker liners. These buses are painted bright red.

The program of their route includes stops near the main attractions of the resort. There is an audio guide. The narration is in English. There is an abbreviated Russian version. The ticket is valid for 24 hours. Its cost is 1000 rubles. Children receive a discount.


Bay in Paphos

Picturesque beaches attract tens of thousands of tourists to the city. Even in March, Paphos, Cyprus is crowded. Tourists imposingly walk along the sea. In June, the coast gets noisy. Travelers arrive from Great Britain, Germany, France and Russia. The best place for swimming is Central Beach. Otherrecreational areas have a lot of shortcomings in the form of large boulders or a narrow beach strip. The thing is that Europeans prefer to swim in pools, and not in the Mediterranean Sea.

Russians choose to rest in Coral Bay. Solitude lovers go to the coast of Lara Bay. There is a long beach where wild green turtles live. The sea in Paphos, Cyprus, is covered by dilapidated and partially crumbling rocks from the winds. They hang over the coast, casting long shadows in the afternoon.

Hotel stock

Hotel in Paphos

The number of hotels concentrated in the resort is in the tens. The list of the most popular is headed by "Sentido", which belongs to the international chain "Leonardo Hotels". One night in this hotel will cost 8500 rubles per person. It offers a hearty free breakfast, a private car park, internet connection and a swimming pool.

The territory of "Sentido" is decorated with flower beds. Lush palm trees and other tropical vegetation are everywhere. In second place, according to the Russians, is Koralia Beach Hotel Apartments. This is a relatively inexpensive hotel. He is on the first line. From its veranda, on which the outdoor pool is located, you can see the Mediterranean Sea. The price for a standard room is 3700 rubles per night.

Third place went to Capital Coast Resort SPA. This is a complex consisting of several residential buildings of various heights. Opposite the buildings is a string of pools with amazingly blue water. They are surrounded by sun loungers andcanopies. Bars and restaurants are open. In the evenings, the backlight of the water is turned on, music is played. One night in a regular room will cost 4500 rubles.

Why pay more?

Beach in Paphos

An alternative to large hotel complexes is Crystallo Apartments. This is a small private hotel. It is three stories high, with a compact patio and a modest pool. Free car parking is available on site. They ask for 2,300 rubles per night.

Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort will cost a little more. This is a sought-after facility that has been accommodating tourists for a long time. Its territory compares favorably with an abundance of greenery and tropical vegetation. The hotel has a large rectangular swimming pool. At night, the water in it is illuminated. It is advised to book in advance.

The price of 2500 rubles per night includes the use of high-speed Internet, a visit to the aqua center, a parking space for a car. Russians note high quality service and excellent food in the restaurant. For a day in Aloe Hotel they ask for 4900 rubles. The set of services is the same as everywhere else:

  • cozy lobby;
  • room cleaning;
  • provision of personal care products;
  • guarding the car park;
  • order excursions;
  • call a taxi and medical staff.

The hotel has a masseur's office.

Russians' choice

chain hotel

Recently built hotels cost 2000 more. Favorites of respectable audienceare Amphora Hotel Suites and Luis Ledra Beach.

The first one is distinguished by its original design, which was developed for the object by leading European designers. The building and territory of the hotel are designed in a laconic style. Rooms overlook the Mediterranean Sea.

The second option has a wonderful sandy beach. This recreational area is assigned to the hotel, and therefore is always in perfect condition. It is cleaned regularly. There are enough sun loungers and umbrellas for everyone. Branching palm trees grow on the shore. For a vacation in such a hotel they pay 6,500 rubles.

List of hotels with good reviews:

  • Luis Ledra Beach;
  • "Princess Vera Hotel Apartments";
  • Herius Hotel;
  • King Avelton Beach Hotel &Resort;
  • "Theo Sunset Bay Holiday Village";
  • "Asia Resort and Spa";
  • Kings Hotel;
  • Crown Resorts Horizon;
  • Elysium Wanted;
  • Apollonia Holiday Apartments;
  • "Veronica Wanted";
  • "Anemi Hotel Apartments";
  • Pandrim Hotel Apartments;
  • Kiniras Hotel;
  • "Roman Boutique Hotel";
  • "Papiessa Wanted".


Russian travelers give high marks to their holidays in Cyprus. They remember Paphos for its bright sun, clear and warm sea, an abundance of sights and delicious cuisine. Families with children note the developed infrastructure, the availability of medical care and safety.

The main drawback of the resort is the high cost. Plus, in the high season on the beaches of Paphos it gets too noisy andcrowded. Queues accumulate at popular restaurants during lunch. Traffic jams form on narrow roads leading to neighboring settlements.

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