Moscow-City: reviews, description, photo, interesting places

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Moscow-City: reviews, description, photo, interesting places
Moscow-City: reviews, description, photo, interesting places

The architectural appearance of the capital is changing at breakneck speed. The Moscow-City complex appeared on the panorama of the city not so long ago, but has already become one of the most popular places. This business and entertainment quarter is a real gem, the embodiment of the fast-paced life of the metropolis. According to reviews of Moscow City, it combines business and leisure, comfort and luxury, coziness and modern infrastructure.

Capital complex

The complex has been under construction for about twenty years. At the design stage, such an architectural solution caused a lot of controversy. Many Muscovites believed that such tall high-tech buildings would look out of place in the historical part of the city. But the decision to build was nevertheless made, and today, according to the employees of Moscow City, it is not only the largest business center, but also a popular attraction of the capital.

Twenty-three buildings planned for completion by 2022. So far, 16 objects have already been built. Geographically, the complex is located on Presnenskaya embankment (the nearestmetro stations - "Vystavochnaya", "Business Center", "Mezhdunarodnaya") and covers an area of ​​more than 60 hectares.

Moscow-City is a zone of high business activity, uniting business structures, residential complexes, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, exhibition halls, leisure centers and much more.

Moscow City Towers

The complex includes various buildings and structures, but due to their architectural features, most of them received the name "Towers".

"Evolution". This is a 54-storey multifunctional center, the appearance of which evokes involuntary associations with the DNA molecule. Tony Kettle (architect) claims to have been inspired by Auguste Rodin's sculpture The Kiss when developing the design. The facades are made using a special technology and in sunny weather they become like a plasma screen, reflecting the clouds and the sky. It houses office and retail space, restaurants.

Tower 2000. This is the earliest building of the complex, which, unlike the others, is located on the right bank of the Moskva River and has a futuristic design. The facade of the building is finished with structured granite, which gives the tower a heavenly hue. It connects with the rest of the center via the Bagration pedestrian bridge.

"OKO" ("Crystal United Foundations"). Includes South (352 meters) and North (245 meters) towers. One of the Moscow-City lookouts is located here. Visitor reviews often refer to other attractions: the highest skating rink in Europe and a restaurant.

"City of Capitals". Unites two buildings, symbolizing the former and the presentRussian capitals. The 70-story Moscow Tower several years ago received the title of one of the most aesthetic skyscrapers in the world. The Saint Petersburg Tower is only 7 stories taller than its neighbor.

"Mercury City". It is distinguished by a special golden-orange color of the facades and an unusual shape. The silhouette of the tower resembles a spaceship. One of the tallest European skyscrapers, characterized by increased reliability.

Northern tower. The outlines of this building are extremely similar to a huge cruise ship. It has the highest atrium in Europe topped with a glass dome. From the outside, the building is finished with natural granite and colored glass.

Center towers

Central Core

According to reviews of Moscow City, this is one of the most complex buildings in the complex. Includes overground and underground parts.

In the underground are: three metro stations; parking lot for almost three thousand places; Technical buildings; large shopping complex and lobbies with pedestrian areas.

The ground part includes three main zones (shopping and entertainment complex, hotel, cinema and concert hall). The shopping and entertainment complex is located in the central part. These are 5 floors, the modular zones of which are decorated in the style of the main seasons. Here are presented: an exhibition hall, trade pavilions, an amusement park, a skating rink, food courts, galleries and much more. The building is topped with a glass dome.

The hotel is at the final stage of construction. It is planned to place apartments on its territory,terraces, winter gardens and restaurants.

The cinema and concert hall is designed for holding large-scale events, mass celebrations, forums, gala concerts. The capacity of the hall is about 6 thousand people.

Business Center

The complex on Presnenskaya Embankment was originally planned as a center of business life and a location for large business structures. According to the reviews of Moscow City employees, skyscraper towers are an ideal place for the business activity of the business elite. Thoughtful engineering solutions and communications, convenient infrastructure, reliable security and safety systems create all the necessary conditions for successful work.

A significant part of the premises of the complex is given over to the offices of various companies. Reviews about work in Moscow City are the most positive. This place is chosen by successful large and medium-sized companies. The complex includes the following business centers: OKO (office and business complex), Naberezhnaya Tower, Empire (business complex), IQ-quarter, Eurasia Tower, North Tower, City of Capitals complex, Evolution "".

Significant areas in the skyscrapers of the complex are occupied by 5 giant corporations:

  • IBM (Waterfront Tower);
  • Norilsk Nickel (Mercury Tower);
  • Uralchem ​​(Empire tower);
  • VTB banking group (Federation and Eurasia towers);
  • Government of Moscow (OKO Center).
Evening Moscow City


Incredible view from the panoramic window, when the night metropolis spreads under your feet. This is not a scene from a movie. A lot of reviews about "Moscow-City" refer specifically to the residential apartments of the complex.

Here you can rent or buy housing for every taste: from cozy studios with an improved layout to luxurious duplex apartments and penthouses. The premises are presented both with the original finish and open plan, and with a complete designer renovation and furniture.

Residential real estate in "Moscow-City" is in stable demand, despite the rather high level of cost. Local apartment benefits include:

  • the most modern communications (autonomous power plants, water treatment, air conditioning);
  • high-quality finishing and building materials;
  • security;
  • transport accessibility and parking;
  • necessary infrastructure (dry cleaning services, laundries, cafes, salons, gyms);
  • beautiful view from the window and the prestige of the area of ​​residence.

Penthouses on the top floors of buildings meet the highest requirements. Designed interiors are equipped with soundproofing, alarm and video surveillance systems.

Moskva-City Observation Deck: Reviews

Perhaps one of the most famous and, at the same time, the tallest building of the complex is the Federation Tower. It consists of two structures of different heights: the East tower (97 floors) and the West tower (63 floors). For three years, until 2017, the first of them was considered the tallest building in Europe. High-strength steel structures are used in the building, giving it special stability. At the base of the building is a hugeconcrete slab (listed in the Book of Records for the amount of material used). The windows of the building reflect the sun's rays, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside.

An anti-cinema is located in the tower (a hall for 10 people overlooking Moscow). And on the 60th floor of the West Tower there is a Nebo fitness club and the highest swimming pool in Europe (with waterfalls, hydromassage and a relaxation area). An "artificial sun" is installed in the pool area, creating the atmosphere of a real beach.

Speaking of the complex, it is impossible to leave aside reviews of the observation deck of the Federation Tower in Moscow City. Its creation was completed in the spring of 2018. The City Panorama360 site is located on the 89th floor (about 360 meters) and includes 9 interactive zones. The facility meets the highest quality and safety standards. Open for visitors from 10 am to 12 am.

A number of reviews about the Moscow-City lookout concerns the Chistaya Liniya ice cream factory operating here.

View from the observation deck

Curious facts

Do you know that the Moscow City center has already acquired its own urban legends? True, most of them are absolutely reliable facts.

According to the reviews of Panorama 360 Moscow City, the Federation Tower will be able to withstand a direct collision with an aircraft. The builders of the building confirm this fact, as the facade is made of heavy-duty armored glass. Inside double-glazed windows is not a vacuum, but an inert gas. The glass has a greenish tint and is slightly rounded to keep the towerform. On the 62nd floor is the Sixty Restaurant, which has some cracked glass. Rumor has it that this happened during a press conference, when chairs and fittings were thrown at the windows. But it's not. The glass was originally mounted in this way.

Moscow City has long attracted the attention of film producers. Images from various locations of the center can be seen in the films "Duhless", "Love-Carrot", the show "Our Russia".

As for records, among other things, here are located: the highest indoor fountain in Europe (36 meters), the highest pool (at a height of 250 meters), the highest installed electronic clock (on the Federation Tower).

Shopping mall atrium

Excursions "Moscow City": reviews

Acquaintance with the quarter of skyscrapers today has become almost an obligatory part of the program of visiting the Russian capital. This can be done both independently and by becoming a member of special excursion programs.

You can start your acquaintance with the complex during a sightseeing walking tour with a mandatory ascent to the observation deck of the Federation. The route includes a visit to the Vystavochnaya metro station, the Bagration trade and pedestrian bridge, Afimall City and the Federation complex. The guides will demonstrate the original model of Moscow City, tell about the features of the buildings and the most interesting events held on the territory of the complex. The tour is designed for groups of 20 people, duration - 2 hours.

A significant part of the reviews about Moscow City refers to excursions directly toviewing platforms. Those who wish can get to the site of the OKO complex, located on the 87th floor, or the Panorama360 opened last year in the Federation Tower. In the second case, during the tour it will be possible not only to admire the views of the capital, take a photo and learn about the history of the complex, but also watch a projection show, as well as try several types of ice cream. On weekdays, tours are held every hour, from 11:00 to 22:00.


Cafes and restaurants

In any conversation about the complex, sooner or later there are reviews about Moscow City restaurants. And they really deserve special attention. An incredible variety of establishments, from a range of dishes to original interior designs. It can be either a chain cafe in the food court of a shopping center or a restaurant with Michelin stars.

If we are talking about a food court in a shopping and entertainment center, then in addition to the traditional fast food cafes that meet, there are also quite original establishments. For example, a kosher restaurant or a Turkish cafe.

On the 62nd floor of the West Tower there is one of the most famous restaurants - Sixty. Its main feature, in addition to good cuisine, is an incredible panoramic view of the capital. Every hour during the warm season, window panes are raised in the restaurant, and opera music sounds. Political meetings are often held here and major deals are concluded. After the adoption of the Declaration on Economic Integration, A. Medvedev, N. Nazarbayev and G.Lukashenka.

Restaurant Sixty

Arrange the most romantic date in Moscow City? Reviews about the Panorama360 restaurant will help make it perfect. A varied menu and an extraordinary atmosphere at an altitude of more than 300 meters. Tables for such events are decorated with candles and rose petals, live music is played for lovers and a professional photo session is organized.

Comfortable stay: hotels, hotels, hostels

"Moscow-City" creates all conditions for business and leisure. Comfortable and hospitable hotel complexes of various levels are at the disposal of guests and visitors.

The five-star Crowe Plaza Hotel is able to satisfy even the most demanding guests. Stylish modern interiors, perfect cleanliness, polite and friendly staff speaking three foreign languages, and a long list of additional services. The hotel has more than 700 rooms of different levels. The institution has been awarded the title of "Leading Conference Hotel", it has everything you need for large-scale events (conferences or exhibitions) of a high level. Guests can use the services of numerous bars and restaurants of the hotel, get acquainted with the author's cuisine, taste the best wines, visit the fitness room, Finnish sauna, spa.

Many positive reviews about Novotel in Moscow City. It is located 5 minutes walk from the Expocentre. The hotel has comfortable soundproofed rooms, including those with facilities for people with disabilities. A distinctive feature of the institution isservice for guests with pets. Here you can dine in a restaurant, visit a bar or order food to your room. The hotel offers a conference room, fitness center, beauty salon, laundry, dry cleaning, children's playroom.

Novotel Hotel

Also on the territory of "Moscow-City" there are several hostels of superior comfort. The highest hostel is located in the Empire Tower (on the 43rd floor).

A visit to Moscow City will definitely become a memorable event during your stay in the capital.

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