Sights of Limassol, Cyprus: photo and description, what to see, interesting places and reviews of tourists

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Sights of Limassol, Cyprus: photo and description, what to see, interesting places and reviews of tourists
Sights of Limassol, Cyprus: photo and description, what to see, interesting places and reviews of tourists

Limassol is a popular tourist and resort center. The city is located in the southern part of the island of Cyprus, which is washed by the Mediterranean Sea.

This is a fairly large cultural, historical and economic center of the island. It is the second largest city in Cyprus in terms of size and population.

Description of Limassol attractions, beaches, tourist reviews and much more - in our article.


The population of the city is about 235 thousand inhabitants. Mostly Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots live here. There are also Russians (several thousand people) who have moved to permanent residence in the territory of Cyprus.

The tourist center is located between the cities of Amathus and Kourion - on the coast of Akrotiri Bay.

Limassol is considered one of the most interesting resorts of the island, because in the city, in addition to excellent beaches, well-developedinfrastructure and picturesque nature a lot of entertainment and attractions.

Beaches in Limassol

In this city and its environs, the ruins of ancient remains have been preserved, which are clear evidence of the existence of the ancient Aegean civilization.).

Also, not far from Limassol there is a well-equipped modern water park, the city itself hosts theatrical performances, concerts, there are zoos and just park areas, the embankment.

Also, the city annually (in August) hosts wine festivals, which attract guests from all over the world.

What exactly is worth seeing…

There are a lot of sights of Limassol. Each of them can be seen by going on a specially organized tour. Or on your own (do not worry about the possibility of getting lost, locals are always happy to help tourists in finding an object of interest).

Group tours can be booked directly in hotels - from representatives of your tour operator. At a cost, it will be somewhat more expensive than driving on your own.

So, what can you see and visit in Limassol?

  1. Ancient churches and monasteries (including the Cathedral of Agia-Napa).
  2. Municipal Folk Art Museum.
  3. Museum of Archeology.
  4. Limassol Castle.
  5. Kolossi Castle.
  6. Promenade.
  7. Omodos village and other mountain villages (organized excursions from Limassol).
  8. Sanctuary of Apollo.
  9. Vintage Amanthus.
  10. Ancient Kourion.
  11. Beaches "Dasoudi", "Lady's Mile", Aphrodite.
  12. Zoos.
  13. Waterpark.
  14. Urban gardens.
  15. KEO plant.

About some of them - in more detail.


Cathedral in Limassol

The famous Orthodox church of the city - the Cathedral of Agia Napa, which is definitely worth a visit during a trip to Cyprus - to Limassol.

The building was erected at the very beginning of the 20th century on the territory of the ruined old church.

The author of the project of the temple is the architect Papadakis. The styles in which the building of the Cathedral of Agia Napa was erected are classical Greek and Byzantine.

Outside, the monastery looks quite majestic and modest. And inside it amazes with its richest decoration (including silk embroideries and ornate lace), many decorative elements (forged metal products, stained glass windows, elegant stucco, stone carving), unique religious shrines.

The cathedral keeps the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, about which incredible legends are composed (about miracles of healing), as well as the image of Jesus Christ with the twelve apostles (decorated with silk threads and the finestlace) and the sash of the Virgin.

This temple is a must to visit - on your own or in a tour group, since the historical and religious object is indeed a symbol of the city and the center of Orthodoxy in Limassol.

Limassol Castle

Limassol castle

The historical fortification was built in the XIV century by the Lusignans. According to legend, the remains of the walls of a Byzantine fortress, built in the 10th-11th centuries, were located on this territory.

The story says that it was in the castle - in a small chapel - that the wedding of the English monarch Richard the Lionheart with Princess Berengaria of Navarre took place (this is the name of the street where the landmark of Limassol is located now). And this event glorified the city all over the world.

When an earthquake occurred at the end of the 15th century, the complex of buildings was destroyed, and in the 16th century it was rebuilt by the Turks.

After that, from the beginning of the 19th century until the middle of the last century, a prison was organized in the building. But then the Limassol Castle was closed for reconstruction, after which the Cyprus Museum of the Middle Ages opened here.

Among the various historical values ​​within the walls of this ancient building, ceramics, furniture, clothes, weapons, medieval knightly armor are stored and presented to tourists.

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum in Limassol

The museum was founded in the middle of the 20th century. Currently geographically located near the city gardens. And initiallythe exposition was placed right in the Limassol castle.

It consists of three halls (quite large in area) and an atrium, interconnected by corridors.

The exposition of the museum consists of ancient collections of coins, jewelry, razors and other ancient finds. You can also see marble tombstones, ancient statues of deities (including Artemis).

All these artifacts were found in the vicinity of the city and belong to the inhabitants of the Neolithic period.


What to see on your own in Limassol? You should definitely visit the zoo and water park with your children. These are amazing places that will give a lot of joyful emotions and impressions to both adults and kids.

Zoo is a territory (small in size) where animals live completely in their natural conditions. There is also a miniature zoo farm where donkeys, ponies, cows, turkeys, goats, ducks are raised.

The entire staff of the zoo in Limassol is very careful about its inhabitants. Even on certain days of the month, special educational lectures and seminars are organized for schoolchildren. Thus, they try to instill in the kids a love for biology, zoology, the environment and its inhabitants.

Limassol Zoo


Of course, the favorite vacation spot for the whole family is the water park. Located just 7 kilometers from the city. Considered the best in Cyprus. Its area is quite impressive - about 100 thousand square meters.

Design waterobject is made in tropical style. There are many exotic plantings here, including olive and orange trees. There are Polynesian buildings with roofs made of palm branches, as well as graceful wooden bridges.

Water park in Limassol

There are about 30 different attractions, the most popular of which are: Kamikaze slide (50 meters long), children's areas with slides and playgrounds, fast-flowing river, artificial wave pool and so on.

There are also 7 places where you can buy food and drink (restaurants, cafes) to cool off with drinks (water) on a hot day and have a snack.

The water park was founded in Limassol in 1999. Every year, Fassouri Watermania undergoes updates, including in terms of the quality of the services provided (for which it won three times as the best on the island).

You can get there by car from the city center. There are also special scheduled buses.


The most interesting object of the city is the sea coast. There are plenty of places to sunbathe and swim. The best beaches in Limassol are Governor's, Dasoudi, Ladies' Mile, Aphrodite and others.

At first (especially noticeable to those who come to the resort town for the first time) it seems that the sand is dirty. The thing is that here it really has a dark tint due to the presence of a high percentage of the chemical element - silicon. Which also affects the color of the Mediterranean Sea (no azure).

In fact, this chemic althe element is very beneficial for the skin. And from the point of view of aesthetics, you either need to get used to it, or choose a hotel where clean light sand and pebbles are specially brought in.

Well-maintained beaches

Dasoudi Beach

City beach, located 3 kilometers from the city. This resort area is distinguished by its convenience in terms of travel (you can get from any hotel), as well as a small number of vacationers.

Cleanest water, fresh sea air, eucalyptus vegetation around make this place especially attractive for vacationers with families or couples (young, middle age).

On the beach there is a cafe, parking for cars, children's and sports grounds, special paths to the water.

Lady's Mile Beach

The coastline, which includes several beaches, has a length of 5 kilometers. The depth of the sea is shallow, which will appeal to families with small children. It is also an open area, and therefore windy. This is a great place for all windsurfers.

There are a lot of tourists on the Lady's Mile beach, especially in the hottest season. The entire infrastructure is equipped at the highest level.

You can get to the beach by bus that runs from the very center of Limassol.

Aphrodite Beach

This mysterious and interesting place for all tourists is located between Limassol and Paphos. The sandy beach is very cozy and romantic, especially in the evening.

As the legends say, it was in this place that the goddess herself once emerged from the foam of the seaAphrodite. Therefore, it is recommended to swim in the sea for unmarried women, couples - this is the key to eternal youth, happy relationships and love in life.

Here you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas, sports equipment.

There are hotels near the beach. You can get from Limassol by bus, car, motorcycle.


About the resort and the sights of Limassol, feedback from vacationers is very positive. Especially from young people, since this tourist site allows you to perfectly combine relaxation, excursions and entertainment.

And he althy sea and eucalyptus air has a beneficial effect on the he alth of children and adults, especially those who have some problems with the respiratory system.

Reviews of tourists about Limassol:

  1. Hot climate in summer, warm in winter.
  2. Pleasant smell of eucalyptus.
  3. Beautiful paved paths.
  4. Scenic views.
  5. Delicious food at the hotel restaurant (all inclusive category).
  6. Fun donkey rides.
  7. Great water park.
  8. Good infrastructure.

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