Vacation in M alta: reviews of tourists

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Vacation in M alta: reviews of tourists
Vacation in M alta: reviews of tourists

Mediterranean countries traditionally attract thousands of tourists from all over the world due to their mild climate, warm sea, excellent cuisine and rich history. The small island nation of M alta is also well-deservedly popular, where everything is there to make your holiday experience stay with you for a long time: beautiful nature, azure clear sea, excellent service, ancient history, stunning architecture, plenty of entertainment and the friendliness of the M altese.

M alta: a bit of history

The history of M alta is rooted in antiquity. The first traces of civilization found on the island date back to the Stone Age. The mysterious stone monoliths of the megalithic culture, as scientists have found out, turned out to be older than the Egyptian pyramids. This advanced ancient civilization mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind many secrets and questions.

The history of M alta is unique. The island passed from one conqueror to another so many times that no other European state can be noted. M alta at various times belonged to the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians,Romans, Byzantines. All of them left a mark in the history of M alta. But the new culture, which became significant for M alta, was brought to the island by the knights of the Order of St. John. They later became known as the Knights of the Order of M alta. With the advent of the Johnites, life began to boil in a small state. New fortresses and cities were built, active trade resumed, and culture flourished. For centuries, knights have owned the island and protected it from invasion. Napoleon put an end to the power of the order, capturing M alta without a fight. Then the British ruled for a long time on the island. But in the middle of the twentieth century, M alta declared independence and became a republic in 1974.

Geographic location and climate

M alta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and Tunisia. The republic consists of three main islands: M alta, Gozo and Comino, as well as many small islands. This is the only European state where there are no rivers and other freshwater reservoirs. Water is brought to M alta from Sicily. The area of ​​the island state is only three hundred and sixteen square kilometers. There is little vegetation and land animals here, which cannot be said about the rich underwater diversity of flora and fauna.

M alta with children reviews

According to reviews, M alta is one of the most comfortable holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. The climate here is subtropical. It is dry and hot in summer, and it often rains and strong winds blow in winter. But M alta is warm all year round.

High season

Winter months in M alta are not cold, but not comfortable for passive recreation. Air temperaturekeeps at a mark not higher than +16 degrees, water in the sea - not higher than +15 °С. But this time of the year is very suitable for active tourists who prefer to get acquainted with the sights of beach serenity. For example, in M alta in February, according to tourists, due to the low population, you can calmly, without haste, see many architectural monuments and visit interesting places.

In the first months of spring, the weather still differs little from winter, it rains and the wind blows, but it is already getting warmer. The temperature rises to +20…+26 degrees, but the sea is still cool. Although, according to tourist reviews, the most daring vacationers in M alta already go to the beach in April.

M alta in April reviews

The high season on the islands begins in May and lasts until the end of October. The hottest months are July, August and September. At this time, the sun is constantly shining, the sky is cloudless, the sea is warm, and the beach holiday is in full swing.

The rainiest month of the year is November, although the air temperature remains high, +25 degrees.


Tourist reviews of M alta contain rave reviews about a large number of historical, natural attractions and architectural monuments that are found here literally at every step.

Of the natural beauties of M alta, beautiful cliffs, sea views, lagoons and bays are noteworthy. For example, the Azure Window on the island of Gozo is a natural arch in the rocks, surprisingly harmonious and majestic. This arch can most often be found in the photo in reviews of M alta. Or Spinola Bay withwonderful view of the sea and snow-white yachts.

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Judging by the reviews of tourists about M alta, historical artifacts from the Stone Age are always of great interest. This is the Ghar-Dalam cave, where traces of the presence of ancient people were found, or the megalithic temple of Mnajdra, which has been preserved almost in its original form.

And, of course, a worthy place in the list of beauties of the island is occupied by architectural monuments. There are many of them. This is the fabulous medieval city-museum of Mdina and the airy and bright Basilica of the Virgin Mary Ta-Pinu, where the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary is kept. These are the Casa Rossa Piccolo Palace and the Palace of the Grand Master, which has preserved its historical appearance, which is currently the residence of the President and the Parliament of M alta.

Best Resorts

According to reviews, M alta is one solid resort where you can relax everywhere. Nevertheless, here you can choose a place to your liking and wallet. The capital of the Republic of Valletta and ancient Sliema are popular respectable resorts with developed infrastructure, crowded and noisy. The quieter Aura and Bugibba are very beautiful and more affordable. For lovers of active and incendiary recreation, the Paceville area will be of interest.

M alta reviews of tourists

Special attention, according to reviews of holidays in M alta, worthy of the islands of Gozo and Comino. Gozo is famous for its picturesque nature, excellent Mediterranean cuisine and beautiful architecture. On a small Comino, nature has been preserved almost in its original form. Lovers have a great time herescuba diving, windsurfing, diving. The island is famous for the Blue Lagoon with clear water - the most beautiful place in the M altese archipelago.


Most of the hotels are located on the island of M alta, there are fewer in Gozo, and the prices are lower here. There is only one hotel on little Comino. The hotel infrastructure is diverse: from luxury five-star hotels to hostels and boarding houses. You can choose your hotel in M alta for both a noisy youth company and a family with children for a relaxing holiday. Below is an overview of several hotels that are often highly rated in M alta holiday reviews.

The five-star Hilton Hotel is one of the most popular places for luxury holidays. The hotel provides all-inclusive services. The hotel area is small, but there is a pool and access to the beach. "Hilton" is famous for its comfortable rooms with spacious balconies, verandas, which offer a gorgeous view of the sea. It offers a tennis court, all kinds of water activities, a swimming pool and a playground for children. The level of service and staff training corresponds to the class of the hotel

M alta beaches reviews
  • The 4-star San Antonio Hotel belongs to a well-known chain famous for its spas. "San Antonio" is located on the island of Gozo and is surrounded by picturesque nature. The hotel does not have its own beach, but there are two beautiful pools, one of which is located on the roof. "San Antonio" is also famous for its restaurant.
  • In many reviews aboutM alta mentions the hotel "Meridian", located in the bustling St. Julian's. This popular fashionable place in the city center does not have its own large territory, but has a chic rooftop pool.


The coastline of M alta is heavily indented, so there are many wonderful bays, lagoons and inlets with clear azure water and beautiful beaches. The natural beaches of the island are mostly rocky or pebbly. But there is no shortage of sandy beaches, most of them have an artificial bulk coating. Sand is found in a variety of colors: white, red, golden. There are a lot of beaches on the islands of the archipelago, and you can easily choose a place to your liking.

Not far from the city of Mellieha is the largest sandy beach of the island - "Melliha Bay". This is a calm and quiet corner, where it is good to spend time with children in shallow water. On the beach there are all kinds of water activities and the necessary services. Another quiet place to relax is Paradise Bay. A beach with amazingly clear water surrounded by picturesque nature.

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Crowded popular beaches are located in Paceville - the center of the night resort life of the island. For example, the St. George beach with artificial sand cover has all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable and varied outdoor activity. Life here is in full swing around the clock. Many tourists are attracted by the white sand and excellent service of Pretty Bay, one of the best beaches on the island.

But the most popular beachM alta is, of course, "Golden Bay". It is always crowded here, and there is everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Tourists in their reviews of the beaches of M alta note such advantages and features of local recreation at sea: a wide variety of beaches (wild, equipped, small, large, rocky, sandy, noisy, secluded), clean and calm sea, lack of coastal waters of dangerous marine life.


Besides a beach holiday, there is always something to do in M alta. Just to see all the historical sights can take the whole vacation. But you can still take a romantic walk in a britzka along medieval Valleta during the day or hunt ghosts at night. Given that life in the capital comes to a standstill at night, ghost hunting can turn into an exciting adventure.

Be sure to visit the village of Marsaxlokk with its huge fish market and immediately try the freshest lobster or octopus in local cafes. In general, M altese cuisine is a separate pleasure. Here, Mediterranean cuisine has its own unique flavor, which will not be found anywhere else. For example, you can try pasta with octopus ink sauce.

Adventurers of the outdoors will discover amazing diving in M alta, regularly ranked among the best in the world. Numerous thalassotherapy centers are also waiting for those who wish, where you can improve your he alth and relieve stress.

M alta in February reviews

And, of course, the never-sleeping St. Julian's awaits fans of a wild holidayat discos, casinos, nightclubs and shows.

In fact, there is a lot of entertainment in M alta. No wonder the island, despite its geographical location, is never associated exclusively with a beach holiday.

Holidays with children

For holidays with small children, late spring or early autumn is best, when there is no extreme heat and not so crowded. Although M alta in June, according to tourists, is also good for a relaxing family holiday. Many hotels on the island have children's play areas, swimming pools, special menus and entertainment. You can rent an apartment that has its own kitchen, and cook your child's own food. The cozy resort of Mellieha with a sandy beach and warm shallow waters is ideal for such a holiday.

M alta is a great place for teenagers to relax. Firstly, the island is known throughout the world as a center for learning English. In particular, here you can combine relaxation with study in one of the children's summer camps. In reviews of holidays with children in M alta, many parents note the high level and affordable prices of education. Secondly, from a cognitive point of view, the M altese history is priceless. Thirdly, teenagers will enjoy local diving and a variety of active water activities.

Of course, all children, without exception, will enjoy trips to the zoo, water park, and also to the fabulous village of Popeye. Parents with children in reviews of M alta say that this place causes the greatest delight and impressions among young tourists. This village was once built as a set for the filming of the famous film.When the film was made, enterprising M altese turned the settlement into a fabulous attraction.

Reviews and tips

In reviews of M alta, tourists primarily note the friendliness and openness of local residents. But we must remember that, as in any warm Mediterranean country, no one is in a hurry here. Therefore, having arrived in M alta, it is better to enter this relaxed state as soon as possible, obey the special resort rhythm and enjoy your vacation to the maximum.

When going to fabulous M alta, you need to take care of a visa, as the republic is a member of the European Union. The island has rather strict customs control, so it is better to familiarize yourself with the rules in advance. M alta is not included in the list of cheap resorts, but the prices here are still lower than in many European countries. Getting around the island is easier and cheaper by bus or even on foot due to the small size of the republic.

In all hotels, the staff is English-speaking, but in some hotels with guests from our country they will speak Russian. The currency of M alta is the euro.

If you decide to spend your holidays in the Mediterranean, be sure to pay attention to these wonderful ancient islands, which have preserved their history, beauty and secrets, which invariably attract travelers.

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