Shumak springs: location, how and how to get there, healing properties, photos and reviews

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Shumak springs: location, how and how to get there, healing properties, photos and reviews
Shumak springs: location, how and how to get there, healing properties, photos and reviews

Shumak is one of the most mysterious corners of Siberia. It is useless to look for information about the mountain resort in medical reference books, but people from all over the world want to get here. People are impressed by the special energy of these revenges and the fact that any person on Shumak can literally be transformed. Not only the body, but also the soul is healed here.

There are legends about the healing properties of the waters of the Shumak springs. Thanks to them, those who come on crutches begin to walk, and the blind begin to see. It should be noted right away that one can faint from the cost of a tour to these mineral springs - it is prohibitive for people with an average income.

From the article you can learn more detailed information about this unique natural phenomenon - the Shumak mineral springs.

Shumak mineral springs


This region, hidden among magnificent blue waterfalls and gorges at an altitude of 1558 meters, is located in the depths of the Eastern Sayan Mountains. The territory belongs to the Republic of Buryatia (Okinsky district). This unique place is called "Little Tibet". Shumak is also famous as one of the most inaccessible places on Earth with sources of this kind. The springs of Shumak have been known since ancient times. According to the legends, even during the time of Genghis Khan, their water was delivered to his troops.

The Shumakskoye deposit was formed at the beginning of the Quaternary period as a result of the tectonic fault of the Tunkinsky goltsy. However, the springs of Shumakh are among the youngest mineral waters on earth. The approximate time of formation of the springs is 1.6 million years ago. And for Eastern Siberia, this is a completely unique phenomenon.

The Shumak River is the right tributary of the Kitoy River. The climatic conditions here are sharply continental. Even in summer, the heat can suddenly change into rain and snowfall.

Mysterious valley of Shumak springs

Alpine valley of the river. Shumak, fed by dozens of mineral springs, different in mineralization, temperature and dissolved elements, is magnificent. There are many rare plants, almost not destroyed by civilization. There are especially many berries: blueberries, blueberries, wild strawberries… The valley is mysterious and covered with many legends.

Valley of healing springs

Spring water heals absolutely everything, but the path to these keys is difficult. We have to overcome the pass with a length of up to2700 meters and mountain rivers ford. One of the tourists who visited these places once joked: “A patient who wishes to be cured at the Shumak springs must have remarkable he alth and the skill of a cavalryman and mountaineer.”

The power of springs

In 1999, an international scientific expedition was organized to these places, which confirmed the healing properties of water. A total of about 100 mineral and radon springs spring from underground. An amazing fact is that hot water can break through in one spring, and icy water is only 10 centimeters from it.

This mysterious place is lost far away in the mountains. Some of the most difficult and young sources on the planet are located at high altitudes in the mountains. Fresh and clean mountain air, alpine landscapes and the peculiar energy of this earthly corner contribute to the restoration of he alth.

Mineral Shumak springs and radon baths have miraculous healing properties that have a beneficial effect on the human body. All sources are signed and among them everyone can find a suitable one for themselves. The names of the sources: "Pressure", "Nerves", "Headaches", "Stomach", "Tuberculosis", "Kidneys", "Heart", etc. In combination with mud and radon baths, the sources can work real miracles.

It is believed that the water from the sources helps even in the treatment of cancer.

One of the mineral springs

Composition of water

In addition to mineral substances, the waters of the Shumak springs (photo in the article) are saturated with gases. In themoxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and rare gases are present.

Springs emerge from the depths in three groups: 70-meter (42 springs with a water temperature of 10-35°С), 175-meter (50 springs with a temperature of 10-35°С) and 120-meter (16 springs 28 - 34°C). The springs contain the best properties of the waters of Kislovodsk, Tskh altubo and Pyatigorsk. Healing springs treat the most complex diseases.

In addition, the long-awaited babies were born to the childless couples who visited here.

Radon baths


The valley of the Shumak springs in Buryatia has many legends, including this one. Once a hunter from the Soyot tribe was looking for prey in the mountains of the Eastern Sayan. He shot at a deer he met. But the arrow wounded the animal only in the hoof. Trying to escape from the hunter, the deer went into the depths of the mountains. The hunter followed his prey and eventually overtook the wounded animal. He lay in a puddle of mud.

When the hunter made an attempt to approach him to make another control shot, the deer suddenly suddenly jumped up and ran away on its four hooves. The healing mud in which he lay healed his wound and saved his life. And so the miraculous Shumak springs were discovered.


  1. Children's mountain (according to other pillars of Huuhain-Hada). It is located 5 kilometers downstream of Shumak. Usually childless families come here, who are not able to help doctors.
  2. Place of worship Dolzhon and Molzhon (spirits of the sisters). These girls are the spirits of this area. The legend says thatOnce a hunter brought his daughters here for medical treatment. However, as a result of the tragedy, they died, and since then their souls have been living here and keeping order. According to local residents, the spirits are very fond of when guests have fun and sing, but get very angry when they destroy the forest, quarrel and litter.
  3. Sacred places. They are marked with ribbons on poles and trees. It is customary to leave thanks and requests here. The knife left on Shumak is a request for the birth of a son, a wooden spoon is a request for good he alth, a doll is a request for the birth of a daughter. As a token of gratitude, crafts, drawings and even entire poems are left here.
Inscriptions on sources

How to get there

Shumak springs are available in two ways: on foot and by helicopter. It is believed that if a person has overcome this difficult path to the springs with his own feet, then Shumak will more generously endow him with miracles.

You can get by helicopter by flight Irkutsk - Shumak springs (MI-8 or eurocopter). This is the easiest and fastest way to get to the mysterious land (32 minutes). The cost of the flight is 18,000 rubles in both directions.

If you estimate the energy spent on the road on foot, food, the cost of horses, a difficult pass, etc., it becomes clear that the flight is not so expensive. And if you compare it with the cost of a weekly tour to a camp site, then it’s not even expensive at all. During the flight, you can see many wonderful waterfalls, mountain lakes and rivers, and you can also feel the proximity of the mountain slopes and the immensity of the impenetrable taiga of Siberia.

natural landscapes

The fastest way to get to the springs on foot is through the pass from the village of Nilova Pustyn. In total, the route takes from 2 to 4 days, depending on free time and level of training. You can get from Irkutsk to Nilovaya Pustyn by bus or fixed-route taxi (254 km, cost about 400 rubles). The road goes through the Kultuk on Baikal. After it, having passed along the main road, you should turn right at the fork and go in the direction of Arshan. The route is called Kultuk-Mondy (156 km to the end point). After 110 km, a pointer to "Arshan" is set, but you should go without turning off. The trail to Shumak originates near the village. Khoito-Gol (road Nilova-Pustyn - Khoito-Gol, in the middle of marks 11 and 12 km).

In the Nile Hermitage, after the Buddhist datsan, at the first turn, you should turn onto a country road leading to the pass and having many branches. Walk along the left bank of the river. Khubuty. Further, a noticeable pack trail appears, which gradually passes into the valley of the river. Ehe-Ger. There are signs everywhere on it.

Before the pass it is better to stop for the night. If you go to the pass in the evening, it is impossible to cross it in time, and there is nowhere to hide from the bad weather. And these places are characterized by a sharp change in weather - here even in summer heavy snowfalls are possible.

In the Nile Desert it is possible to rent horses and take a guide to the pass.

Shumak river valley


Shumak springs are effective in the treatment of diabetes, diathesis, cardiovasculardiseases, diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract, etc. Water should be taken before meals for 30 - 60 minutes. Mud baths can only be taken by adults (no more than 20 minutes). Radon baths are taken once a day (10 minutes) in a sitting position, without immersing the heart area in water. After taking these baths, you should dress warmly, as there is a high risk of getting colds.

It is important to note that the use of drinks containing alcohol is not at all welcome here. It should be remembered that otherwise the spirit of Shumak will definitely remind you of this.

In closing

Making an exciting helicopter flight over the reserved corner of the Baikal region, flying over Lake Baikal, Shumak springs, you are amazed by the amazing beauty of the unique nature of this region, which has retained its original appearance.

These are evergreen dense forests, healing waters of springs, icy streams and waterfalls, as well as infinitely clean air.

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