Closed skating rinks in Moscow: list and addresses

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Closed skating rinks in Moscow: list and addresses
Closed skating rinks in Moscow: list and addresses

Every year, a he althy lifestyle is becoming more and more fashionable. Sports activities are becoming relevant for young people. Ice skating is especially popular. New skating rinks are constantly opening, which are a pleasure to spend time on.

closed skating rinks in moscow

Most popular in Russia

The largest of all ice rinks in the country is Moscow's Gorky Park. About 40,000 square meters of ice are poured there along with paths. In winter, this park turns into a winter town. There are other big ice rinks in Moscow.

On the territory of the country there are ice arenas that are less known. In Krasnoyarsk, this is "Central", it occupies an area of ​​over 14 thousand square meters and can accommodate about 2 thousand people. The skating rink is the most popular area for curling in Siberia.

indoor skating rink in moscow

The third largest is the Yunost stadium in Yekaterinburg. Its area is slightly smaller than Krasnoyarsk - 12 thousand square meters. The skating rink is waiting for its visitors in the evening, and during the day athletes train there. The ice is constantly being renewed.

Amongpopular places have indoor skating rinks in Moscow.

The oldest Moscow ice rinks

There are places in the city where the culture of spending time has been created over the course of centuries. There is a tribute to tradition above all else. The oldest skating rink in Moscow is on Petrovka. Here they first stepped onto the ice in the 19th century. In those days, it was a training ground for the Imperial River Yacht Club, the first sports organization in the capital. In those distant times, this skating rink was called French.

According to legend, when Napoleon captured Moscow, he placed his headquarters on this place. In 1889, the first speed skating competitions were held. Today it is a rather cozy place, which was created for those who do not attach importance to the quality of the ice, but enjoy a mysterious place filled with the memory of historical events.

Not far from this ice rink is the Hermitage Garden, which is filled with history no less than the previous one. An ice rink appeared on its territory for the first time in 1878.

addresses of ice rinks in moscow

And another oldest ice rink in Moscow is located on the Patriarch's Ponds. In winter, the great writer Leo Tolstoy spent his time in that place. He visited the pond with his daughters. It was here that the poetess Marina Tsvetaeva met her first husband. One of her poems is dedicated to this place and is called “The ice rink has melted.”

Now these are nice modest places for fans to ride in the open air. There are locker rooms, cafes and skate rentals. These are mostly open areas, but there are also indoor skating rinks in Moscow.

Where to ride inMoscow at night

It's just great when you can also skate at night. The fast pace of Moscow life makes ice arenas in demand in the evening.

The Wings of the Soviets skating rink, which is the most suitable for this, is popular with young people. The specific name does not scare off visitors at all. Often ice parties are held in this place, where competitions are not complete.

One of the popular ice rinks operating at night is Morozovo. This ice arena is designed for the most energetic. There are recreation areas, cafes and comfortable changing rooms.

The ice rink is the pride of the capital

The very first ice arena in Moscow is the skating rink at the Arc de Triomphe. Covered in artificial ice, this amazing place has a plethora of extras for the convenience of visitors.

This place is often rented for celebrations and entertainment. Other addresses of ice rinks in Moscow can be obtained from fans of winter sports.

Indoor ice rinks

Indoor skating rinks work for lovers of comfortable skating. There you can ride in comfortable warm conditions and get a lot of new experiences. In the capital there are a large number of places for cozy skiing. Here are just a few of the most popular indoor ice rinks in Moscow in 2014.

Many venues are equipped with musical accompaniment, cozy seating areas and cafes. On some you can order professional training with an instructor.

Skating rink at Evropeisky shopping center

big skating rinks in moscow

Visitors are welcome here on weekdays until late at night. But the box office closes at 10pm. On weekends, you can ride at least all night, which is very convenient for people who are busy with work, as well as students and schoolchildren who cannot leave their business during the day.

By the end of the week, discos are held at the rink for three days in a row. You can ride with pleasure to the exclusive music program organized by the DJ.

The price of one hour here is 300 rubles on weekends and 240 on weekdays. Night skiing is the most economical option, it is 180 rubles. This is an indoor skating rink in Moscow, the addresses of other sites can also be found if desired.

The ice rink is located near the Kyiv metro station, it will be very convenient to get there. Due to the location in the shopping center, you can combine your favorite shopping activity with skiing and eating in a cozy cafe. The site itself consists of two halls and is located on the seventh floor of the building. From this height, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

Russian Ice

This ice arena is located under an inflatable dome in the TsPKiO im. Gorky. The total area of ​​the rink is 1200 square meters. Open every day from 11 to late evening. There is one hour technical break during which the ice is renewed (at 18:00).

Additionally, while skiing, you can watch videos on plasma panels, which are hung on the territory of the ice field.

This is a sports and entertainment complex, which has its main asset. The ice hall of the rink is equipped with the latesttechnologies. Skating is accompanied by light music and sound effects. In case of renting a skating rink, its sides are removed.

artificial skating rinks in moscow

Those who chose for winter fun can be sure that the time will be spent with maximum convenience and a lot of positive emotions. Comfortable sofas for relaxation are located right on the ice. Anyone who is tired can sit down at any time. For those who are hungry, there is a cafe that can be visited right in the skates. Bright, shimmering lighting and high-quality sound will do the trick.

As with other indoor skating rinks, you will have to pay for all the amenities at this place. Day skiing in it costs 900 rubles, and evening skiing - 1400 rubles. The price includes a dressing room, rental, disposable socks and a protective uniform. Indoor ice rinks in Moscow like this one are usually very famous and popular.

Rink in Sokolniki

You can ride here only in the evening and strictly with an entrance ticket, which has a different cost depending on the day of the week. Sokolniki has prepared a surprise for ice lovers - the Family tariff, with which you can save. There is a condition: a children's ticket with a 50% discount when buying two passes for adults.

When choosing an ice rink, it is important to pay attention to the ice, it must be good. In this regard, the ice arena in Sokolniki is at the highest level. The professional coating here is regularly cleaned and restored. In addition to this place, there are other artificial skating rinks in Moscow.

There's a bar right in the middle of the ice. Visitors are waiting for a greatthe number of amenities in the form of individual lockers, rentals, etc.


There are always a lot of visitors on the rink, it can be inconvenient for those who like to ride on free ice. Often queues form here, as the territory is not too spacious. For prices, this is the most affordable option. Open from 10:00 to 23:00.

When are skating rinks open in Moscow?

Renting at the skating rink is relatively inexpensive - 100 rubles and a deposit of 1000 rubles. If you have your own skates, you still have to pay.


This is a whole ice complex for those who like to skate. Like other indoor skating rinks in Moscow, the arena of this rink has a full range of services: from a locker room and skate sharpening to a cafe-bar.

An entertainment program is running. There are discos with light music.

Ice Park

Organized daytime and evening skiing. Open daily from morning to evening. Figure skating and hockey are taught here.


This ice rink is open to visitors every day. Skating sessions are held with the accompaniment of light music. There are warm locker rooms and skate rentals. You can arrange a professional lesson with an instructor. Ride in this place without time limit.

Some indoor ice arenas are open all year round. No need to worry once again about when skating rinks open in Moscow, you can just look at the schedule on the official website and feel free to go to your favorite place.

indoor ice rinks in moscow 2014

Spendtime skating is possible in summer. For those who prefer this sport instead of a beach holiday, there is an opportunity to hide in the hot weather on the skating rink.

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