Skating rink in Krylatskoe and mass skating on weekends and holidays

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Skating rink in Krylatskoe and mass skating on weekends and holidays
Skating rink in Krylatskoe and mass skating on weekends and holidays

With the onset of frost in the cities and villages of our country, mass filling of ice rinks begins. In the winter months, couples with children, friends, acquaintances, colleagues get on skates together and indulge in ice joys. By the way, this type of movement has been known since the Bronze Age. The first skates, which were skillfully carved from the phalanges of the fingers of large animals, were found by archaeologists recently and date back to the first millennium BC. e. And how much water has flown under the bridge since then! As soon as people learned how to make iron household items, metal skates appeared. At first they were used for speed of movement, but over time, riding began to bring considerable pleasure. People began to compete who is faster. This is how speed skating was born.

From the frozen lake to the skating rink in Krylatskoye

Our modern skates are, of course, different from their ancient cousins. They no longer need to be made by yourself, they are sold in specializedstores. But skating brings a lot of pleasure. Modern ice rinks are complex engineering structures.

skating rink in Krylatsky

Unlike a naturally frozen river or lake, ice is mostly artificial. The process of laying it on ice rinks is complex and requires special skills. Sports rinks are used for training, and the quality of ice for them is the most important indicator. One of these is located in Krylatskoe.

Mass skating at the skating rink in Krylatsky

The ice arena itself was built to meet all international standards and specifications. In addition to training and competitions, ice shows, festive performances, and presentations are held here. On the ice arena of the complex, mass skating is also allowed for all fans of ice skating. On weekends and holidays, the skating rink in Krylatskoye invites everyone to get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

skating rink Krylatskoye mass skating

The ice rink is under a roof, which means you can skate here at any time of the year and in any weather. But it is important to take into account the fact that the complex was built for sporting events. Therefore, before visiting the skating rink in Krylatsky, the schedule of mass skating must be clarified in advance. The session lasts two hours.

Skate rental and equipment for beginners

If you don't have skates or a helmet, don't worry. At the indoor skating rink in Krylatskoye, it is possible to rent the necessary items. To little children who are just taking their first, timid steps onice, it is recommended to choose an assistant simulator.

indoor skating rink in Krylatsky

This is a figure of a penguin or a bear cub on special skis, which is made of environmentally friendly materials. They become indispensable when teaching kids and beginners to skate. Mass skating is popular not only among children. Adults are also not averse to improving their physical shape, tightening the muscles of the back and legs, and learning balance.

Free workshops and dance competitions

The area of ​​the ice arena is more than 10,000 square meters. m., there is enough space for everyone. It is divided into sectors. Experienced amateurs and beginners, as well as children, ride each in his own. In addition, at the rink you can attend free master classes or do face painting. At the last sessions, late in the evening, dance parties with impressive programs often take place on the ice arena. Dance competitions, relay races or a dance flash mob will charge you with positive energy for the whole next week. At dance parties, hosts and animators create a truly festive mood.

For those who come by car, there is convenient parking, but even without a car, the complex is not difficult to find. It is located near the metro station "Molodezhnaya" or "Krylatskoe". Among his longtime fans, the ice is said to be the "coolest" here.

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