Skating rink in Gorky Park: photos and reviews

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Skating rink in Gorky Park: photos and reviews
Skating rink in Gorky Park: photos and reviews

The central skating rink in Gorky Park is one of the largest structures of this type with artificial ice in all of Europe. Its area reaches 18 thousand square meters. Over the past year, over 4 months of operation, it was visited by about half a million people.

Ice skating rink in Gorky Park

There are 4 rental points on the territory itself. There you can additionally rent protective equipment for children and give your skates for sharpening. The skating rink in Gorky Park invites visitors on all days except Mondays. Its opening hours are from 10 am to 11 pm. There is one big technical break for renewal and ice clearing - from 3 to 5 p.m.

Gorky park skating rink photo

This year the main design of the ice rink has become pop art style. These are bright images with a share of irony that adorned the entire space. They were everywhere, from tickets to facades. The space of pop art paintings was diluted with images of Russian national culture. This is a whole direction in art, the task of which is to arouse interest in popular culture.

Disco on ice

Dancing on the ice even a huge sculpture in the center. This is a gigantic cube with over 30,000 LEDs. installationinstalled in the middle of Fountain Square, this is the very heart of the ice rink. The best 3D artists and animators brought their ideas to life and created LED snowfalls, simulated fireworks and small particle explosions. Visitors to the rink can see these and other abstractions.

Pleasant innovations at the rink

Gorky Park (Moscow) has once again been transformed: the skating rink has acquired a new space. There was also an area for events. A figure skating school was opened here to conduct classes among ice fans. This year, the park presented a sea of ​​surprises, including lessons for pair skating. The training was conducted by Anastasia and Pavel Ivanov, who were among the winners of competitions at the international level and participants in the ice shows of the city.

There are tasty snacks

A specially equipped area with 4 restaurant houses is allocated on the rink. There you can warm yourself by the fire. Also on the ice, a snack was provided much cheaper. To do this, vending machines with various snacks, drinks, hot coffee and chocolate were placed around the perimeter. Prices within 50 rubles.

Souvenir shop

Last winter, a new store opened in Gorky Park. Everyone's favorite mittens with elastic bands, leg warmers, highlights for skates, hoodies and various souvenirs were sold there. It was possible to get to the store directly from the ice rink or from the side of the park.

Offer for children and adults

Also, a separate ice rink was opened for children last year. An additional entrance and a skate rental point were organized for him. Ticket price was 150rubles per pass to the skating rink (Gorky Park). Benefits were provided for adults who came with a child - they had to pay 200-300 rubles.

opening of the skating rink in Gorky Park

Still very young skaters, who went out on the ice for the first time, could use the help of the Penguin on duty. He was always in the park and taught the kids how to skate properly.

From this year, the “First Time on Ice” service began to work, through which beginners could learn to skate in one lesson. The cost of such assistance is 1000 rubles per hour of classes.

The indoor skating rink in Gorky Park is open to all ages. An elderly person can also go out on the ice. Seniors could ride for free on Tuesdays.

For hockey players

A special playground was prepared for hockey fans. It can be additionally booked by phone. The cost of the service was from 5 to 8 thousand rubles.

What not to do at the skating rink

A number of rules for visitors have been thought out in Gorky Park. The most important ones are listed below:

  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.
  • No pets allowed.
  • You can not take bags to the rink and leave them on the sides (as well as other items).
  • The rink will not be allowed with sleds and clubs. Skating is allowed only.
  • It is forbidden to gain high speed while skiing and interfere with other visitors.
  • You can't eat or drink alcohol right on the ice.
  • To the skating rink designed forchildren, offspring are allowed at the age of 3-12 years, which are not less than a meter tall and not higher than 1.5 m. Children under 3 years old are not allowed on the ice. Young ice lovers aged 3-6 must only ride with an adult.


The skating rink in Gorky Park has already managed to become popular and gain a large number of reviews. Those who have been on its ice are very happy. Even experienced skaters respond well and talk about the benefits, including:

  • The ability to ride even at positive temperatures thanks to artificial turf.
  • Good quality ice.
  • Great area for skiing.
  • Good, inviting design.
  • The presence of a pleasant musical accompaniment.
gorky park moscow skating rink

People are happy with the cafes located on the territory of the ice rink and the opportunity to drink free tea for the promotion.

Pleases fans of ice walks and social skate rental, and an idea with the help of beginners. For many, the skating rink left only favorable impressions. All fans of ice skating are invited to Gorky Park by the skating rink, the photo of which is presented in this article.

Of the shortcomings noted:

  • Long queues for tickets. Many stood for half a day and never got to the skating rink.
  • Tickets purchased on the site also had to be received at the box office.
  • Paid parking.
  • The same ticket offices worked for the purchase of tickets and the return of deposits for skates, which extended the wait.
skating rink park bitter benefits

Useful information about the ice rink

  • Tickets can be ordered online by visiting the official website. Over time, the organizers promise to increase the number of cash desks to ensure a comfortable purchase.
  • Skates prepared for all sizes. From the smallest to the largest.
  • A whole performance was organized at the opening of the rink. Clowns worked and entertained everyone.
  • Compared to the previous year, the ice rink opened 14 days earlier. In the new season, a dance zone, Fountain Square and a large bridge were presented to the guests on the ice.
  • Visitors could treat themselves to free tangerines, which were spread out in boxes that were everywhere.
  • The skating rink was prepared under the guidance of representatives from Australia. For him, the soil was specially leveled and covered with thermal insulation. And already they put pipes with a refrigerant on it, which constantly maintained the temperature and did not allow the ice to melt even at a temperature of +15 degrees.
  • The skating rink has a special one-way area for children and seniors.
  • Maintained free Wi-Fi on site.
  • A free cross-country track is planned to open next season. Guests who prefer skiing can enjoy themselves too.
  • All holidays are held at the rink, from the New Year to Maslenitsa. Those who do not know how to spend their time can safely go to Gorky Park.
indoor skating rink in Gorky Park

The opening of the ice rink in Gorky Park is planned for the new season in November. Those who like to spend their free time on the ice will be happy again this winter. guestsas always, there will be a performance and the opportunity to spend time at the largest skating rink in Europe. A cafe, a figure skating school, a hockey zone, etc. will be open again. The new design will delight visitors throughout the season. Here everyone will find an outlet and have a great time. Visitors are welcome any day of the week.

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