Open and closed skating rinks in Kazan: opening hours, description, addresses

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Open and closed skating rinks in Kazan: opening hours, description, addresses
Open and closed skating rinks in Kazan: opening hours, description, addresses

Skating has been and remains a favorite pastime for adults and children, and the skating rink itself is one of the nice places for family vacations.

Kazan has changed a lot over the past few years. Today it is a modern city that has become a real sports capital of Russia. A hippodrome, karting grounds, 2 water parks, swimming pools, as well as open and closed skating rinks are open here. Both tourists and locals can come to the city's ice rinks and have a great time.

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"Tatneft-Arena" - an indoor ice rink in Kazan

The sports and concert complex "Tatneft-Arena" is located in the new district of Kazan - one of the largest ice palaces in Russia. It was built in 2005 on the banks of the Kazanka River and is designed for 10,000 seats.


Tatneft-Arena is the main training ground for the Ak Bars hockey club. Large concerts are also held here.shows, and two different events can go on at the same time, since the complex is equipped with two full-fledged ice arenas. For the duration of the concerts, the ice, with the help of a special coating, is converted into stalls for 1,100 visitors.

The main ice field is located on the ground floor of the sports complex. There are locker rooms and training sessions. Everything here is equipped for hockey matches and for mass skating.

The skating rink is open on non-hockey days. The rental offers about 300 pairs of figure and hockey skates for adults and children.

  • Entrance ticket with skate rental services - 150 rubles (hourly payment).
  • The cost of an entrance ticket with your own skates is 120 rubles per hour.

You can also use the services of sharpening skates. The complex has a wardrobe. A children's and youth hockey school operates in the Tatneft-Arena building.

indoor ice rink in kazan

Address of the sports complex: Kazan, st. Chistopolskaya, 42

Indoor skating rink "Vatan"

"Vatan" is a sports and recreation complex, which includes a gym, a swimming pool, children's sports schools and a universal game room. Here is another indoor ice rink in Kazan. Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday (it is desirable to specify the time in advance). This is a relatively small ice arena, it is designed for only 80 people.

  • Skate rental - 80 rubles (about 200 pairs available).
  • Entrance to the skating rink - 90 rubles (children under 7 years old visit the ice for free).

Sharpening service available, shoebox and escort available.


Address of the complex: Kazan, st. Bondarenko, 1

Zilant Ice Palace

In the Privolzhsky district of the city there is an indoor skating rink "Zilant", which can accommodate up to 150 people.

  • Skate rental - 60 rubles.
  • Entry for adults and children over 5 years old - 120 rubles.

In "Zilante" good lighting and incendiary music - everything contributes to a great holiday. Currently, there are sections for figure skating and ice hockey.

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The Palace of Sports is located at the address: Kazan, st. Khusaina Mavlyutova, 17

Ice arena in Ak Bure complex

The most popular ice rink in the Sovetsky district of Kazan is located in the Ak Bure sports complex. Up to 300 visitors can rest here at the same time. The ice works only on weekends (it is better to specify the time in advance). There are about 150 pairs of skates for rent.

  • The cost of visiting with rental services is 50 rubles.
  • For adults entrance - 100 rubles.
  • Children's ticket - 50 rubles.

Ak Bura also offers instructor services. There is an inexpensive cozy cafe on the territory.

Address of the ice arena: Kazan, st. Vagapova, 5

Open rinks in Kazan

With the onset of winter in the parks,open skating rinks will start operating in parks and squares of Kazan, where you can come and have a great time.

Kazan's most popular skating rink operates on Komsomolskaya Embankment in winter. Its length is 1 km. Entrance fee:

  • With skate rental - 130 rubles/hour.
  • With your own skates - 50 rubles/hour.
outdoor skating rink in kazan

There is a changing pavilion and several cafes. Separately, there is a free children's skating rink. It is especially beautiful at the Komsomolskaya embankment skating rink in the evening, when spectacular lighting is turned on and music is playing.

Rink near Kazan-Arena stadium

This ice rink is considered the largest in Russia. For the convenience of visitors, a heated room has been erected on its territory, which has left-luggage offices, skate rental and sharpening services, and a cafe.

Kazan Arena

The rink has a main area for public skating, a playground and a hockey rink. The skating rink is open daily.

Rink on the hippodrome

On New Year's Eve, various fairs are held on the territory of the hippodrome in Kazan, games, horse riding and husky rides are organized, and an open free skating rink is open daily. Skate rental at the hippodrome - 100 rubles.

Besides the above, there are many more outdoor and indoor ice rinks in Kazan that can give incredible impressions at any time of the year, charge you with magical energy and leave a memory of yourselfbeautiful photos and unforgettable emotions.

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