Sanatorium "Ryabinushka": description, characteristics and reviews

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Sanatorium "Ryabinushka": description, characteristics and reviews
Sanatorium "Ryabinushka": description, characteristics and reviews

Sanatorium "Ryabinushka" is located on a landscaped area, which is his property. This is a landscaped area, decorated with a fountain with gazebos, decorative waterfalls. On the territory of the sanatorium there is an outdoor pool with elements of a water park.

Where is it and how to get there

So, today we will talk about such a place of rest as the sanatorium "Ryabinushka" (Anapa). Reviews about it will be presented below. In 2011, a new building with comfortable euro-rooms was opened, where classes and seminars, conferences and presentations can be held.

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The holiday home is located in the city of Anapa and begins its work from mid-spring to mid-autumn. To get to the Ryabinushka sanatorium, you must first get to Anapa by train or fly by plane, and then get to the bus station by taxi No. 110 (if you move from the railway station) or No. 113 (if you go from the airport). From the bus station, you should transfer to bus or minibus No. 114 or No. 128 and go to the Dynamo stop.

Where to live

Sanatorium"Ryabinushka" offers its guests to stay in one of 160 rooms, located in seven three-story buildings and one six-story, equipped with an elevator. Consider the number of rooms in more detail.

Per person

  • Single rooms that are in the block include a bed, refrigerator, TV, shower, toilet, air conditioning and a balcony.
  • Single standard repeats the furnishings of the previous room, but there is the possibility of installing an euro cot as another place to sleep.

Double apartment

  • Standard room consists of a single bed, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, shower, toilet and balcony.
  • Standard plus duplicates the furnishings of the previous room, but adds the ability to install an extra bed (cot).
sanatorium ryabinushka anapa reviews
  • Double 2-room superior room, has a TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, safe, double bed, telephone, shower, toilet and balcony. You can install an extra bed (sofa).
  • Double 2-room with a kitchen is identical to the superior room, but has a kitchen. There is also the possibility of installing an extra bed (sofa).

For three

This is a standard room with three single beds. It is equipped with TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, shower, toilet and balcony. No extra bed available here.


  • 2-room suite for a family of 4-5 people is equipped with 4 beds (single), air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, toilet, shower, balcony. It is possible to install an extra bed (Euro folding bed).
  • 3-room suite with a small kitchen and the possibility of accommodating 4-6 people is equipped with a TV, safe, refrigerator, telephone, 2 double bed, 2 beds (single). An extra bed is a sofa.

3-storey building

Double euro-standard with central air conditioning, TV, telephone, refrigerator, 2 single beds, toilet, shower and balcony. An extra bed is offered to choose from: euro folding bed or sofa

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  • Double studio with a bed (two single beds or one double bed), toilet, shower or bath, TV, telephone, safe, central air conditioning. Extra bed - sofa.
  • The three-room studio is identical in terms of furnishings to the two-room studio. An extra bed is offered a folding bed.

Junior Suite

Double 2-room junior suite also has studio-like furnishings, only it has a 2-bed. The sofa serves as an additional place.

Rooms are cleaned daily, bed linen is changed every 5 days. Towels are changed at the request of the guests. In deluxe rooms, bed linen is changed every 3 days.

What is fed

In spring and autumn, the Ryabinushka sanatorium, operating on the basis of a set menu, feeds its guests 3 times a day. In the summer, meals also remain three times a day, but are carried out according to the "buffet" system.

sanatorium ryabinushka reviews

Entertainment services

Here you will be offered free chess, table tennis, outdoor and indoor pools, a gym (only for those living in building 7), a library. Billiards, lobby bar, Turkish and Finnish baths can be distinguished from paid services.


Why do people go to the sanatorium "Ryabinushka" (Anapa)? Reviews say that here you can treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, restore the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, get rid of gynecological and urological diseases, reanimate the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system.

Therapy Methods

  • Hydrotherapy is the external application of fresh water in the form of baths, douches, rubdowns and showers.
  • Massage tubs are pressurized water jets in a pool, tub or shower.
  • Balneotherapy - treatment with mineral water in the form of a shower, drinking, bowel lavage and inhalation.
  • Mud therapy - application in a heated state of eruptions of mud volcanoes and peat deposits in the form of local applications and baths.
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  • Thermotherapy - moist heat of warming compresses, therapeutic mud, baths and baths, as well as dry heat of paraffin, heating pads, electric lightbath.
  • Inhalation - the introduction of drugs through the respiratory system.
  • Electrophototherapy - a dosed effect on the patient's body of visible infrared or ultraviolet radiation.
  • SPA-procedures - a wellness complex of procedures using mineral and fresh water, sea s alt and algae, medicinal plants and therapeutic mud.
  • Mineral water is used as a medicinal drink inside, in the form of baths or microclysters.

Children are admitted for treatment when they reach the age of 4.


What else is said about a place like the sanatorium "Ryabinushka" (Anapa)? Accommodation prices pleasantly surprise vacationers. The most democratic room is a standard single room in a 6-storey building. Its price is 2320 rubles per day in the summer. This amount includes 3 meals a day, treatment prescribed by a doctor, swimming in an outdoor pool, access to an equipped beach.

he alth resort Ryabinushka Grachevka prices

Reading about such a rest home as the Ryabinushka sanatorium, reviews, you understand that this is really the place where you can relax and get medical treatment inexpensively. This is evidenced by the favorable responses of the guests who lived in it.

Ryabinushka in Anapa and the Urals

More than 2000 km separates the Anapa "Ryabinushka" from the village of Grachevka. Sanatorium "Ryabinushka" is also located in the Orenburg region. Both he alth resorts are very similar to each other: they use programs aimed at treating diseases of the musculoskeletal and endocrine diseases, the circulatory system,gynecological and general therapeutic pathologies, nervous disorders. Carry out the restoration of impaired metabolism and nutrition.

Grachevsky sanatorium "Ryabinushka" treats its patients with:

  • hardware physiotherapy;
  • balneotherapy;
  • physiotherapy and massage;
  • mud and ozone therapy;
  • speleotherapy and thalassotherapy;
  • psychotherapy and reflexology;
  • various kinds of inhalations;
  • phytotherapy.
Grachevsky sanatorium Ryabinushka

The sanatorium is located on the Tok River with a dedicated private beach. Works all year round. In addition, on the basis of the sanatorium for more than 12 years there has been a year-round he alth camp for children, which can accommodate up to 50 small guests.


What do people say about a place like the sanatorium "Ryabinushka" (Grachevka)? Prices for rest and treatment surprise many with their democratic nature. Vacationers note that the cheapest room with 4 meals a day and animation is a 2-bed standard. Its cost is 1500 rubles per day. The most expensive apartment is considered to be a suite, the cost of which is 3,700 rubles. The resort is ready to accept up to 100 guests, who are accommodated in 47 rooms of different categories of comfort.

The minimum period for which "Ryabinushka" accepts its patients is 10 days. The maximum is 24. Over the 25 years of its operation, the Ryabinushka sanatorium has provided assistance in improving the he alth of more than 35,000 patients. And many of them still speak warmly about thishe alth resort.

Choose for yourself which "Ryabinushka" to go for treatment and rest.

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