How to get from Moscow to Simferopol? Traveling around Russia

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How to get from Moscow to Simferopol? Traveling around Russia
How to get from Moscow to Simferopol? Traveling around Russia

May holidays - it's time to think about how to spend a long-awaited vacation. Summer is just around the corner: only a month is left before the hot swimming season. But where can you go with your family or alone if finances sing romances? And what about the Crimea, in particular, Simferopol? It is one of the largest cities on the peninsula.

A little about Simferopol

This is the administrative and cultural center of Crimea. Founded 235 years ago. About 340 thousand people live in the city. He survived the civil war and the Great Patriotic War. The city was occupied by the Germans. Since 1954, Simferopol (Crimea) was part of the Ukrainian SSR. Became Russian again in 2014.

Black Sea
Black Sea

How to get from Moscow to Simferopol?

The most important question that worries any traveler. There are several ways to get to Simferopol: by bus, train, plane and by car. Consider all ways to travel.

To Crimea by car

Let's analyze one of the most common typestransport - car. Often it is on it that people from nearby cities come or those who wish to travel in a large company.

How many kilometers from Moscow to Simferopol? About 1600 km. You can drive to Simferopol by your own car in just a day. You will need approximately 20 hours to get from the capital to Simferopol. In order to get to the peninsula, you will have to drive along the 19-kilometer Crimean bridge, which is about to turn a year old.

Travel by car
Travel by car

To Crimea by bus

The next travel option is by bus. Let's find out how to get from Moscow to Simferopol by an equally popular mode of transport. It is good that you do not take responsibility for other passengers. You can relax, sleep, draw, listen to music - do whatever you want. After all, you are not the driver. You can safely communicate with your wife and children on the road.

All you need is to arrive at the desired station, check in your luggage and get on the transport. Direct buses Moscow - Simferopol depart from the following metro stations:

  • "Krasnogvardeyskaya";
  • "Alma-Ata";
  • "Novoyasenevskaya";
  • "Schelkovskaya".

Ticket prices are different, ranging from 2500 to 3500 per person. Travel time - from 27 to 33 hours.

Bus from Moscow to Simferopol
Bus from Moscow to Simferopol

Let's go to Simferopol by train

How to get from Moscow to Simferopol by train if there is no railway between Russia and Crimea yetmessage? Russian Railways sells single tickets to Crimea, which provide travel to the peninsula. By train you reach any point convenient for you (Anapa or Krasnodar), and then the bus takes you to Simferopol. You will not be late for transport, as the flights are docked with the train. Russian Railways vouches for this.

Tip: it is best to take tickets from Moscow to Krasnodar, as buses from this city go to Crimea much more often.

So, how long does it take to travel by train from Moscow to Simferopol? Let's explain step by step.

For example, you took a ticket for May 16th. You leave Moscow from the Kazansky railway station at 10:52 by train 104B. In 18 hours 46 minutes you will arrive in Krasnodar. After 32 minutes (6:10) the bus leaves for Simferopol. At 15:40 you are at your destination. The journey will take you 1 day and 4 hours (bus takes 9 and a half hours).

Simferopol railway station
Simferopol railway station

To Simferopol by plane

The most comfortable mode of transport. The advantage of the aircraft is that you yourself can choose the time of arrival and arrival, the Moscow airport, the availability of luggage, and so on. Planes Moscow - Simferopol fly daily.

You can fly to the Crimean city from Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports. Airlines flying to Simferopol:

  • Red Wings (Domodedovo);
  • S7 ("Globe", Domodedovo);
  • Nordwind (Sheremetyevo);
  • Nordavia (Domodedovo);
  • Ural Airlines (Domodedovo).

Travel time is between 2 hours 25 minutes and 3 hours (depending on board and weather).

The cheapest ticket for June is the 5th. You can buy a ticket for flight 5N-6309, which is operated by Red Wings, for 6190 rubles (with luggage - for 7190 rubles). On board the Airbus A321 you can fly to Simferopol in just 2 and a half hours. Departure from Domodedovo - at 1:55, arrival at Simferopol airport - at 4:20.

Flight from Moscow to Simferopol
Flight from Moscow to Simferopol

Why Simferopol?

Many may wonder: "Why exactly Simferopol?" If you still have doubts about Crimea, here are 3 reasons why you should still visit this peninsula:

  1. Culture: if you love to explore new cities and like to enrich yourself spiritually, you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and nature of Simferopol. You can visit extraordinary places in the city like Salgirka Park, Gagarinsky and Children's Park, Vorontsov House, Simferopol Kenassa, Kebir-Jami Mosque, Taurida Museum, Art Museum, M. Gorky Academic Theater and so on. Immerse yourself in the cultural center of Crimea with your head!
  2. Food: fast food restaurants like McDonald's or KFS have not taken root in Crimea. Aren't you interested to see how the Crimeans do without junk food and how they managed to get out? Taste the local cuisine, buy soft ice cream in a glass or shawarma. Taste pizza or special yantyki pasties. How about a gastronomic journey with more or less homemade food?
  3. Sea, sun, beach: you can relax on a budget without crossing the borders of yourcountries. And the rest is no worse than the foreign one: the scorching sun, the warm sea, good service in hotels, sweet fruits and delicious berries. What else is needed for happiness? The weather in Crimea is always beautiful: the temperature reaches +35 degrees in summer. Be careful, don't forget your hats.
Infrastructure of Simferopol
Infrastructure of Simferopol


Now you know how to get from Moscow to Simferopol and you can get there by car, bus and train or fly by plane. The choice of transport is up to you and your preferences. Choose the most convenient and comfortable way to travel so that nothing can spoil your travel experience.