"Bugorok" - a camp that has everything

"Bugorok" - a camp that has everything
"Bugorok" - a camp that has everything

One of the most pressing questions that worries parents: "What to do with the child when he is on vacation, and mom and dad are not allowed to leave?" The answer, it would seem, is simple: you need to send your child to a summer camp for teenagers. However, not all parents trust the camps, and they do it right. Often there are unprofessional caregivers who are not able to provide normal care for children.

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Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region are lucky. In the Domodedovo district there is a wonderful summer camp for children, which has repeatedly become the winner of various reviews and competitions. More than 800 children can live in it at the same time, and each of them is provided with excellent care, safety, and interesting pastime by educators, counselors, cooks, doctors and other employees. "Bugorok" - a camp that is under close attention of the Moscow Federation of Trade Unions(MFP). Representatives of the IFP guarantee that nothing bad will happen to a toddler or teenager in this camp.

Residence conditions

Children are very fond of "Bugorok". The camp is located in a picturesque place, and its visitors live in comfortable two-story buildings. No more than four people can live in each room. Facilities are located on the floor, there are TVs in the halls. The shift lasts 24 days, and "Bugorok" is a camp that also works during the winter holidays.


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Meals in the camp five times a day. There is always he althy “right” food on the table, a lot of fruits and vegetables. Nutrition is carefully monitored by nutritionists assigned to the camp during its operation.


"Bugorok" is a camp that has everything: a sports complex, several stadiums and sports grounds, gyms, its own cinema, a press center and even its own newspaper "City". Experienced educators plan children's holidays in such a way that something happens every day in "Bugorka": a relay race or a festival, a competition or a concert, a KVN or a theatrical performance, a camp day or a themed evening. The interests of each child and teenager are taken into account. Constantly busy with interesting work, the guys do not have time to think about offenses, so they were not in the camp for a very long time. At the onset of the first frosts, children, under the guidance of educators, flood the skating rink and the ice slide, and in summer the children can sunbathe to their hearts' content.

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It is interesting that the camp staff communicate withparents not only by phone. They post announcements about parental days on Odnoklassniki and other social networks.

To go or not to go?

Does everyone like "Bump"? Of course not. After all, all children have their own tastes, their habits. Some make too high demands on the camp, believing that living in rooms without a bathroom is below their dignity. The latter do not like he althy food, preferring chips and carbonated drinks to it. Still others are too lazy to participate in events and take offense at educators who involve them in public life. However, most of the guys who have been to the camp strive to go there again and again, because they understand that this camp is interesting and safe.

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