The most popular restaurants in Ryazan: reviews

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The most popular restaurants in Ryazan: reviews
The most popular restaurants in Ryazan: reviews

Ryazan is one of the oldest Russian cities. Former Pereyaslavl knew the reigns of Vladimir-Suzdal and Moscow, was almost completely destroyed by the Mongol-Tatars. Centuries-old history has made its own adjustments to the traditions and cuisine of the city. Ryazan restaurants are presented here in large numbers and absolutely for any, even the most demanding, taste. European, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese cuisines will win you over with their simplicity and sophistication.

Such a different Ryazan

Ryazan Restaurants

Russia is a huge territory, including a variety of cultures and nationalities. Here it is easy to find everything that any modern person can wish for and come up with. Ryazan is one of the pearls in the most beautiful and valuable necklace in Russia. Thanks to the location, nature and historical heritage, you can relax here both in body and soul.

Ryazan even has its own Kremlin. itas many as eighteen priceless historical buildings, connected in one ensemble, which is already more than 10 centuries old. It will be interesting and useful for any believer to visit a huge number of ancient temples and monasteries. Some of them are over 800 years old. Numerous monuments, theaters and cultural centers will not let tourists get bored during the day. And in the evening the city turns into a real European capital with burning signs and lanterns, inviting smells and names. And the restaurants of Ryazan occupy a place of honor among countless cultural entertainments. Here you can have a great rest, chat and expand your taste knowledge.

What a good restaurant should look like

Now, in order to determine the level of any institution, it is not necessary to invent any special criteria or completely rely on your own opinion. As a rule, specialized companies and people do this. They have certain methods and evaluation criteria.

However, each person must know what the best restaurant should be. The overall impression of the city sometimes depends on this. And the restaurants of Ryazan, like any other town, can nicely complement or spoil it.

It is worth noting that there are only a few areas that you need to pay special attention to for an objective and high-quality assessment of the institution. This is the general atmosphere and interior, the quality and variety of cuisine, as well as the level and professionalism of the service.

At the same time, almost all ratings, except for cleanliness and hygiene, are considered deeply subjective. However, experience shows that it is betterchoose a new or network institution.

Best restaurants in Ryazan

Restaurants in Ryazan, reviews

To have a great evening with your loved one and loved one, as well as with friends and relatives, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. Therefore, you should think about a restaurant or cafe in advance in order to avoid unpleasant discoveries and nuances.

As for Ryazan, there are countless variety of places where you can eat delicious food and listen to good, unobtrusive music. At the same time, many establishments provide a wide range of services and more than one type of cuisine.

In the city you can meet both network representatives of American and European cultures, such as McDonalds, SubWay, Sbarro, etc., as well as representatives of oriental traditions, such as Vostochny Bazaar and other Ryazan restaurants. Reviews about each of them can be found both on official websites and on thematic sites.

As a rule, guests of the city are invited to visit famous and revered establishments such as Atlantic, Ash, Sky, Roman Holidays, Yaroslavna, etc. All of them have received well-deserved recognition from the townspeople and numerous tourists.

Sky Restaurant

sky ryazan restaurant

One of the brightest representatives of modern culture is a restaurant in the center of Ryazan. To get to it, you need to overcome seven floors of the Atron City shopping and entertainment center. On the last floor, almost under the sky, you can find the restaurant "Nebo". Ryazan is considered a full-fledged European city thanks tothis place.

Almost all visitors note the light and bright interior of this establishment, which gives a complete feeling of flying in the sky. Large space allows each table to delineate its own territory. And the view from the huge windows is amazing both during the day and especially at night.

The service here is also top notch. Everyone who has ever visited the Nebo restaurant comes back here again. Visitors also note the exclusivity of the cuisine. Here you can choose a traditional and familiar dish or order an oriental or European curiosity.

Of the shortcomings of this restaurant, only completely undemocratic prices can be distinguished. Although everyone who was there notes their proportionality to the quality of the institution.

Ivan Vasilyevich Restaurant

Ivan Vasilievich restaurant Ryazan

Fans of the imperishable masterpiece of the Soviet director Gaidai will definitely like the institution, made in the style of the film.

It opened quite a long time ago, so it has its own rules and traditions. All visitors note the original interior of the restaurant. The main room is made in the style of the royal refectory, where there are wooden tables and benches, as well as a throne. For individual events, there are 3 more rooms: in the form of "Shpak's room", "black room" and "red room".

Customers are satisfied with good service, attentive, polite and unobtrusive staff.

If we talk about the restaurant's menu, then "Ivan Vasilievich" (restaurant, Ryazan) boasts not only Russian, but also European and Japanese cuisine. Howeversome male patrons sometimes don't like the portion size per person.

Many visitors agree that this is a good restaurant for any mass event: anniversary, wedding, graduation, etc. It will delight guests with an atypical interior, delicious cuisine and decent service.

Ajax Restaurant

ajax restaurant

For those who are passing through Ryazan, there are also quite decent establishments that are located right on the federal highway. This is the hotel complex "Ajax" - a restaurant, a hotel and entertainment centers. Prices here are quite democratic and commensurate with similar establishments in the city itself.

If we talk about the restaurant, here you can relax and taste Russian, European, Oriental or even mixed cuisine. In addition, you can order various menus: exotic, seasonal, hookah, grill menu.

Very often popular Russian pop stars perform in this restaurant. This is Alexander Dyumin, and Igor Levin, and Gennady List and many others.

Wooden furniture and the predominance of green color in the large banquet hall make the hall more noble and solemn. Just drinking coffee in this place will be somehow uncomfortable. However, there is also a second, more democratic and bright room. It feels lighter and more enjoyable.

Balcony Restaurant

balcony restaurant ryazan

Those who like to walk around modern shopping and entertainment centers will like the Premier shopping center in Ryazan. There are a huge number of differentcafes, bars and restaurants for children and adults.

It is worth noting that mainly fast food chains such as "Baby Potato", McDonalds, etc. are located in such places. Here you can also go to Balcony (restaurant, Ryazan).

He works from 11 o'clock until late at night. The design is made in the standard European style. There is nothing pretentious and superfluous.

The main feature of the establishment is Mediterranean cuisine. At the same time, most visitors note the excellent quality of sushi. Here you can order both standard dishes and fruit rolls. Another highlight is the excellent hookah.

The disadvantage of this restaurant is slow and poor quality service. The order, as well as the waiter himself, have to wait a very long time. Therefore, the whole impression is spoiled.

Premier Restaurant

premier restaurant ryazan

This is another establishment located in the Ryazan shopping and entertainment complex. It's quite easy to find it - "Premier" (restaurant, Ryazan) is located on Moscow highway, 21.

The peculiarity of this place can be called its democratic character. Interesting urban design, bright room and nothing more. The menu is simple and designed for a large flow of people.

They cook here quite tasty. Quesadillas, rolls and meat are especially successful. One drawback - the side dish in the plate is much larger than the main dish. It also has excellent cold beer and drinks.

However, there is one, but a significant drawback - poor service. Even with a small load, the waiters do notin a hurry to take an order and provide a menu. You have to wait quite a long time even for drinks. Therefore, it cannot be called a fast food restaurant for what it is.

Where else to relax in Ryazan?

This ordinary Russian city has a huge number of historical, natural and modern places of leisure. Especially good here you can relax with children. A huge number of family parks, entertainment centers, skating rinks and aqua clubs will not let any child get bored. Ryazan restaurants are also trying to provide family customers with maximum comfort by equipping special children's rooms and playgrounds.

At the same time, the price segment of these establishments is quite differentiated. Therefore, entertainment can be chosen for every taste. The main thing is to prepare in advance and study the necessary information and reviews on the Internet.

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