Woxxie Hotel 4(Turkey / Bodrum / Turgutreis) - review, description and reviews of tourists

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Woxxie Hotel 4(Turkey / Bodrum / Turgutreis) - review, description and reviews of tourists
Woxxie Hotel 4(Turkey / Bodrum / Turgutreis) - review, description and reviews of tourists

Permanent work or study, everyday problems, hectic, fast life - all this can get very boring at one moment and then it's time to rest. Without a period when you can forget about all the difficulties and just relax, it is impossible to survive in the modern world. But even rest can sometimes become another headache. This is due to the fact that the variety of places is too great for this and it is very difficult to stop at one thing. In addition, it is even more difficult to choose a hotel at a distance when the vacation is planned in another country. Turkey has been one of the most popular resorts for many years. Many see only advantages in it: good climatic conditions, relatively inexpensive prices and a high level of service.

More and more vacationers make their choice in favor of Woxxie Hotel 4. This hotel pleases with a special attitude to each guest, accessibility and a welcoming atmosphere. It will be discussed in the article.


Comfortable beds, delicious food, nice staff isgood, but even better when in addition you can get a breathtaking view. The first thing to note when describing the Voxy Hotel is the picturesqueness of the place where it is located. From this point, all the beauties of nature open up, which allows you to feel like a part of it. On the practical side, the location of the hotel is also very advantageous. Woxxie Hotel 4is located near the village of Turgutreis (about 5 kilometers), which allows you to escape from the bustling world and enjoy peace without losing touch with civilization.

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From the center of Bodrum to the hotel - 25 kilometers, from the airport of Bodrum - 60. This place has attracted people for many years. Its doors first opened in 1990 and even now some givers remember it before renovations and innovations. The territory of Woxxie Hotel 4is approximately 25 thousand square meters. This made it possible to create a developed infrastructure and provide vacationers with everything necessary for a quality pastime.


Woxxie Hotel 4 tried to do everything to make everyone feel the best. In order to take advantage of all the possibilities of this place, each vacationer is put on a special bracelet in front of the settlement. This will not cause any discomfort, and the hotel will be able to protect itself from cases where the services are used by those who have not paid for them. The hotel itself is a large, beautiful building, which is ideal for families and friends alike. Everything is done in Mediterranean style.

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The building is divided intotiers, move between which you can use the stairs or the elevator. On the territory of Woxxie Hotel 4there are shops with food, souvenirs, household items. A place was also found for a beautiful garden, in which you just want to spend warm evenings with your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about the safety of things in the hotel, as they are left in the storage room. Also, if vacationers rent a car or other transport, they can leave it in a guarded parking lot.

Business Services

Woxxie Hotel 4 is a place for all kinds of people. Large families with children can live in one room, couples in love in the next, best friends in another, and elderly ladies at the end of the corridor. The hotel takes into account the interests of all vacationers and therefore the list of opportunities has been replenished with business services. Rest is rest, and sometimes it is simply impossible to escape from work. Woxxie Hotel 4does not provide any super-services, because if guests have already arrived at the seaside, conferences, meetings and other matters should be left at home. But if an important issue is urgently needed, the hotel staff will always help with this. Guests of this place are provided with good internet, so there will always be a connection with the right people. You can use a photocopier or fax, which also helps many on such trips.


Because the contingent is different, the Woxxie Hotel ("Woxy Hotel") tries to please everyone. In rest, it is important not only what kind of nature, climate and entertainment are around, but also what kind of beds you have to sleep on. The hotel rooms are large enough. Guests of Woxxie Hotel 4 can be accommodatedin one of 149 rooms of different price categories and comfort levels. Depending on the view that opens from the windows or the terrace, as well as the content of the room itself, you can choose the Club Land View, Club Sea View, Superior Land View and Superior Sea View rooms. Each option is provided with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The interior of the rooms is very simple but cozy.

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The hotel decided not to indulge in frills, a huge number of small details and decorative elements. The rooms turned out to be very attractive due to the large space, lack of clutter and windows that let in a sufficient amount of sunlight. It is worth noting the competent color scheme. Rooms are decorated in light colors with bright accents. The rooms of the Woxxie Hotel 4have a bathroom, shower, toilet, a small safe, air conditioning, a direct telephone line, the necessary furnished suite, a kettle, satellite TV, a private balcony and a hair dryer. There is also a minibar, but you will need to pay for drinks.

Hotel services

Decent relaxation and rest can be obtained only when the head is not full of minor problems, and all worries can be shifted to true professionals in their field. It's good that this is possible in Woxxie Hotel 4. Woxxie Hotel (Akyarlar) is a place where every whim of a guest finds its embodiment. The reception at the hotel is open around the clock, so you will be hospitably greeted and accommodated even in the dead of night. On the territory of Woxxie Hotel 4there is free Internet available to everyonevacationers.

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Regular room service is also provided. Guests without their own car are invited to rent a transport or use the shuttle service. Often people come to Woxxie Hotel 4for a long time and, in order not to create unnecessary worries for them, a laundry and dry cleaning was placed on the territory of the hotel. Those wishing to get acquainted with the beauties of the environment and the most interesting places can order an excursion. Such a decision will not hit the pocket and make the rest rich and bright. By the pool of Woxxie Hotel 4(Turkey) you can see sun loungers and umbrellas.


Equipped rooms, great service, plenty of entertainment, having a swimming pool on site is one thing, but when you go to the sea, you want to feel the sea breeze, hear the sound of the waves and make sure that the beach is in good condition. Woxxie Hotel 4 has a private sand and pebble beach.

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It is constantly monitored for cleanliness, so cigarette butts, papers and candy wrappers cannot be seen there. Also on the beach there are sun loungers so that you do not have to lie on a towel covered with sand and umbrellas under which you can hide from the sun. At Woxxie Hotel 4, they think about all the little things, so vacationers only need to worry about how to manage to use all the services.


Many put the issue of food above the number of rooms, service and prices. When you have to pay a certain amount to forget about all the hardships of everyday life, I want to believethat the food in such a place would be of the highest quality. At the Woxxie Hotel in Bodrum, that's how it is. This hotel operates on the popular All Inclusive concept. It assumes that the cost of the tour includes three meals a day. This means that from 10 am to midnight, guests of this place can try all kinds of goodies absolutely free.

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Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch and dinner are buffet style. Also from 5 to 6 pm you can taste aromatic coffee with cakes, and from 11 to 12 pm - night snacks. Drinks have a different story. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of local production are included in the ticket, but you will have to pay for imported alcohol. Also on the territory of Woxxie Hotel 4in Bodrum there are disco and lobby bars, a restaurant, a bar on the beach, where you can also taste the best cuisines of different nations.


People relax in different ways: some devote themselves completely to such a pastime, forgetting about all duties and household chores, while others try to combine business with pleasure. Sports enthusiasts often come to Woxxie Hotel All inclusive (Turkey), for whom a week without physical activity causes a bad mood. The hotel encourages he alth care and offers access to the gym.

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It's open 24/7, so there won't be any problems with access. Also on the territory there was a place for a tennis court, basketball and volleyball courts. Guests of Woxxie Hotel 4try themselves in water sports, for whichyou can rent special equipment. You can explore the mountainous area on bicycles, which are available for a fee.

Services for children

Many people say that Woxxie Hotel All inclusive is a quiet, peaceful hotel that is ideal for families. Indeed, this place is often chosen by people with children of different ages, for whom special services are provided. Such care on the part of the hotel captivates many parents, because not all such places offer such wide opportunities. Upon check-in, you can additionally ask for a baby cot (free of charge). Babysitting and childcare services will also be provided for a fee. On the territory of Woxxie Hotel 4there is an equipped playground and a special pool, so that even the smallest guests can relax on a par with adults. The building has a games room.

Beauty and he alth

Rest is always good for the body, but if you add more different wellness treatments, there will be no price for such a pastime. At Woxxie Hotel 4in Turkey in Bodrum (Turgutreis), the list of services is supplemented by spa treatments for every taste and budget. After a workout at a local gym, a bike ride in the mountains, a day trip or swimming, you especially want to be on a massage table. In Woxxie Hotel 4it is possible. The golden hands of qualified massage therapists will help to relax every muscle, so manipulation will be a prevention of many problems. For a fee, hotel guests can visit the sauna, Turkish bath, hammam. Vacationers only talk abouthow detailed everything is thought out in this hotel. Every wish can be fulfilled within its walls, and this is what attracts those who want to get a quality, decent vacation.

Plenty of fun

During the day you can swim, walk around, sunbathe, try all kinds of delicacies, and in the evening, of course, the soul wants entertainment. Woxxie Hotel 4is a place where every minute can be filled with bright, unforgettable emotions. For everyone, fun looks different. For those who want to have fun on the dance floor with explosive music, a nightclub is suitable, lovers of sociable, soulful evenings can enjoy a game of darts, lovers of peace and tranquility will prefer chess. There is also billiards on site, however, you will need to pay a small amount for it. Show programs and interesting entertainment evenings are often held in the central restaurant.

Reviews from vacationers

The most important thing is not the standard information, but real visitors. Reviews of the Woxxie Hotel 4in Bodrum confirm all of the above. People are ready to go to this corner again and again, because everyone who crossed the threshold of the hotel was imbued with its atmosphere, appreciated the care and attention from the staff. Many people say that everything is perfect in Woxxie Hotel 4. Delicious food, comfortable rooms, well-established infrastructure, friendly people, excellent service - all this is a guarantee of a wonderful holiday. Some note the features of the hotel, something that is not often found in other places. For example, the ability to book a room for people with disabilities was highly appreciated.physical abilities or choose a smoking or non-smoking room. Vacationers are left with good impressions from the staff. The people working in the hotel are full of kindness and hospitality, which is felt from the first words they say. The undoubted pole for many vacationers is the location of this place. Walking distance to the beach, a fast road to the city center and the airport eliminate many difficulties. Every guest leaves Woxxie Hotel 4 with a smile on their face, which is what people in this place work for.

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