Sayansk, sanatorium "Kedr". Sanatoriums of the Irkutsk region: reviews, prices

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Sayansk, sanatorium "Kedr". Sanatoriums of the Irkutsk region: reviews, prices
Sayansk, sanatorium "Kedr". Sanatoriums of the Irkutsk region: reviews, prices

Spring is the time when you want to flutter like a butterfly. However, not everyone succeeds: someone has not departed from hibernation, someone gets tired at work, someone lacks vitamins, someone is dissatisfied with their body. And someone just can not boast of he alth. That is why in spring we are drawn to nature, closer to the sun and greenery. One Sunday family walk in the park - and a boost of energy for the whole week is provided. Of course, this is not enough for some. Then vouchers to sanatoriums are purchased, referrals are sought from the doctor, and those in need of recovery look forward to finding out where fate will throw them.

Bright leaflets often promise us cozy houses in the middle of the forest, the latest equipment, clean environment, attentive staff. And we, looking at happy people from advertising booklets, believe that this will be the case. Unfortunately, it happens that after arriving at a place of rest, we are disappointed in the environment, althoughwellness procedures are pleasant for everyone. Fortunately, there are also such sanatoriums that are good for everyone, not only on brochures. You will not be mistaken by choosing sanatoriums of the Irkutsk region. Today we will talk about their features, as well as about one of the best vacation spots in Sayansk (“Kedr”).

Treatment and rest in the Irkutsk region

If you want real Siberian he alth, be sure to pay attention to this region. So, what sanatoriums of the Irkutsk region really deserve attention? There are wellness facilities for every taste. So, for example, luck - to get a ticket to the FSB sanatorium "Baikal", located one and a half hundred meters from the lake of the same name. Those who need treatment of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, nervous, circulatory, genitourinary systems, as well as patients with metabolic and nutritional disorders come here. Of the procedures, there are all kinds of physical procedures, among which are treatment with local medium-mineralized waters and sapropelic mud. The abundance of practices aimed at peace of mind and energy improvement is striking.

Sayansk sanatorium cedar

Among other sanatoriums, Angara stands out, in the list of specialized areas of which there is gerontology. This means that special attention will be paid to the elderly. However, the sanatorium is a family one, families with children from four years old are accepted. In addition to the standard set of procedures, they also offer apitherapy - treatment with bee stings.

The wellness center with the unusual name "Nukutskaya Matsesta" definitely deserves attention. He specializes in skin diseases,gynecology and urology. Mineral waters are offered, both drinking low-mineralized and sulphide waters for baths and massages.

Sayansk. Sanatorium "Kedr" and others

This locality does not have beautiful views or an interesting history: it is relatively young - 45 years old in 2015! City life is just beginning. Nevertheless, the city of Sayansk has already managed to gain considerable popularity among tourists. It's all about he alth camps located in coniferous forests near the city. Sanatoriums in Sayansk, and there are only two of them, use air saturated with needles as the main treatment tool. The first one is "Kedr", the most popular and already beloved place by many visitors. It should be told in more detail, which we will do in the next chapter.

The second sanatorium - "Vostok-Ulan", designed for one and a half hundred guests. The specialization is quite narrow: the musculoskeletal system, the genitourinary system and the central nervous system. This institution is located near Lake Ulan, uses mineral water "Orday". It is also the main factor in the treatment and the reason why the creation of sanatoriums in the city of Sayansk (Irkutsk region) was expedient and justified. Mostly families with sick children come here. For younger vacationers, they organize events, conduct a cultural program.

sayansk irkutsk region

Of the minuses, it should be noted the unpretentious interior and a small dining room. However, this sanatorium in the city of Sayansk (Irkutsk region) every year receives hundreds of adults and children for up to 21 days.

Whyit is worth choosing "Cedar"

Sayansk, sanatorium "Kedr" - among the people these concepts are identified, because the bulk of holidaymakers go to this he alth institution. There are several reasons for this popularity. First, it is nature, nature and again nature. The place is quite picturesque, quiet and peaceful. No noise, except for the whisper of a coniferous forest.

sanatoriums of the Irkutsk region

Second, it's a service. As the owners promise, he is above all here. This is in first-class medical care, and in a comfortable environment, and in an organized program for vacationers. You can judge how good it is there from the reviews on the website of the sanatorium: they write that it is even better than at sea! And finally, the prices, which are also (according to the administration) pleasantly surprising.

Real family vacation resort

There are sanatoriums that are only called family. In fact, there are neither proper conditions nor specially selected nutrition, and the parents have to take care of the child. This situation is definitely not about the city of Sayansk. Sanatorium "Kedr" welcomes guests from the age of four, accompanied by parents, as well as young tourists from seven years old. There is a benefit system for children. They will not be bored in the sanatorium, because there is a sports ground, a games room, and animators.

sanatorium Kedr Sayansk prices

Besides, a ticket to the Kedr sanatorium is a great gift for your grandparents. For a minimal price, they will be able to improve their he alth, calm their nerves, and gain energy. BUTthe picturesque views will evoke fond memories in them.

Who is in the sanatorium?

First of all, we note that before you go to the bosom of nature in a sanatorium, you need to have a sanatorium card. Please contact your doctor for it. So, he alth improvement in the city of Sayansk (sanatorium "Kedr") is offered for adults, families with children 4-15 years old, and for the summer period - from 7 years old unaccompanied. You can't just get into the sanatorium either.

He alth establishment specializes in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, upper respiratory tract, problems of blood supply, bones and muscles, endocrine system, central nervous system, as well as urological and skin diseases. In the sanatorium they are engaged in weight correction. Importantly, they help with occupational diseases associated with chemical production. This can be explained by the fact that Sayansk is a chemical industry city, so skin injuries resulting from work with heavy metal s alts are common. In total, the Kedr sanatorium can accommodate up to 270 people. Settlement is on schedule.


The basis of the resources used by the sanatorium is the microclimate, healing air. In addition, balneological resources are used, in other words, mineral waters. Sayan water "Ordaiskaya" is the basis of the procedures. There are two types of it. The first one has a rather broad specialization: it treats both blood, skin, and the musculoskeletal system, as well as problems of gynecology and urology. The second is aimed at combating diseases of the digestive system.

sanatoriums in Sayansk

The set of physiotherapy procedures is prettywide However, pay much more attention to the baths. They come here not only with mineral water, but also with turpentine and selenium. Pay attention to your own sanatorium speleoclimatic chamber with potassium-magnesium s alts. Do not pass by applications and wraps from peat mud. As in all sanatoriums, there are many mental therapies, procedures for influencing the psyche (color, aroma, and so on).

Residence conditions

Comfortable conditions will definitely not leave you dissatisfied. Each of the three buildings has a convenient elevator. Rooms come in different types: simple, junior suite, suite and apartments. The deluxe room, among other things, has a bath (the rest have showers). Naturally, they differ in price. Nevertheless, tourists from simple rooms do not complain at all: all rooms have the necessary furniture. Halls are equipped with upholstered furniture. Four meals a day, and a different menu is offered: vitamin, dietary, etc.

Sayansk city

Entertainment and infrastructure

Even relaxing sometimes gets boring. Therefore, between procedures, distract yourself with concerts, events and programs for adults and children, excursions, discos, film screenings, walks. Did you get acquainted in a sanatorium? You can continue the conversation in the cafeteria. If you get bored, you can go to the library. There are many sports activities: swimming pool, skating rink, gym.

Sanatorium "Kedr" (Sayansk). Pricing: Overview

So, you decided to get medical treatment in the sanatorium "Kedr". Ticket prices vary depending on the season. On average, accommodation2 people in a simple room for a whole shift of 21 days will cost about 45 thousand, and for pensioners, the disabled and veterans - 36 thousand.

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