Poles of weathering: where is the Russian wonder of the world, how to get there

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Poles of weathering: where is the Russian wonder of the world, how to get there
Poles of weathering: where is the Russian wonder of the world, how to get there

Poles of weathering, or, as they are also called, "Mansi blockheads" - these are huge stone statues that are located on Mount Man-Pupu-Ner (Komi Republic, Troitsko-Pechersky district). These giant idols were created by nature 200 million years ago and are a geological monument.

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The Riddle of Origin

Previously, there were high mountains in this territory, but under the influence of wind and snow for several thousand years, they slowly collapsed. Soft rocks were washed out first, then hard ones. Part of the hard rock of the former mountains has survived to this day. Now here you can see 7 large pillars that amaze with their severe grandeur.

Legends of idols

Despite the existing scientific explanation of the origin of stone statues, there are various legends about this place.

One of the myths says that the pillars of weathering are the seven giant brothers who turned into stone. They came to these parts to take away the most beautiful girl from the Mansi tribe.The beauty refused to become the wife of her older brother, and therefore they decided to kidnap her. Between the men of the tribe and the brothers, a bloody massacre unfolded, which lasted all day. First, the elder brother broke the wall of the stone city of Mansi, then he decided to destroy the crystal castle, the fragments of which were scattered throughout the Urals. The girl rushed to run from the unloved to the mountains. To stop the giants, the beauty's brother went to a sacred place to ask the spirits of Mansi to get rid of her sister's very annoying gentleman. The next day, the giants found the girl and were about to take her with them, but at that moment her brother appeared and, using the spells received from the spirits, managed to turn the giants into stone statues.

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Poles of weathering (Man-Pupu-Ner), according to another legend, appeared somewhat differently. There were six mighty giants. They began to pursue one of the Mansi tribes that lived high in the Ural Mountains. The giants almost came close to the tribe near the source of the Pechera, but here they were overtaken by the shaman. The scary and white, like lime, face of the sorcerer greatly frightened the giants, and they themselves turned into huge stone statues. Since that time, many shamans from the Mansi tribe have come to the idols to draw their magical power here.

The third legend tells that weathering pillars are petrified giants, frozen in eternal horror thanks to the most powerful energy of the main mountain on this plateau - Yalping-ner, which is very close to an unusual place.

Seven Pillar Plateau

PlateauManpupuner is one of the most picturesque in the Urals. To visit this amazing place is the dream of hundreds of travelers. This mysterious plateau is located in the northern part of the Ural Range. The territory belongs to the Pechero-Ilychsky Reserve. It is visited every day by thousands of tourists, and all because this is the place where the weathering pillars are located. Seven idols have a height of 29 to 42 meters. To say that they look rather unusual is to say nothing. The most powerful energy is concentrated in this place: being near the stone giants, you even feel special.

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Man tribes call this ridge Manpupuner (which means "small mountain of idols"). Hunters call him Bolvano-iz (that is, "stone blockheads"). It's just that nature lovers called this place the Ural Stonehenge, and among tourists the nickname Pupy, or "mountain of stone idols", has stuck to the statues.

Birth of Kerkur

Poles of weathering (Komi Republic) are Kerkurs. This is the scientific name for columnar rocks that stand apart from each other. They have been created for quite a long time. First, magma is introduced into the lower rocks and solidifies inside in the form of oblong figures. Then such natural “helpers” as wind, heat, frost, water and wind wear down the stone for hundreds of years, gradually turning the mountains into plains. And so it happened with these pillars, their hard rocks continue to thin even now.

The Seventh Wonder of the World

"Stone chumps" are included in the list of seven wondersRussia. Six pillars, created by nature itself, stand on the edge of a cliff. A little further is the seventh idol. Forms of formations are bizarre and varied. Depending on the angle from which you approach them, they visually change their outlines. It may seem to people that they see images of animals, people, various objects. For example, many tourists dismiss that the seventh "doodle" resembles a bottle that has been turned upside down. The sixth pillar looks like the head of either a bull or a ram. The fifth statue is associated by many visitors with the human figure.

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Mystical Stones

When you see all this with your own eyes, it's hard to even imagine that the stone giants are a geological monument or the result of the painstaking work of nature. In addition to the will, you begin to believe in legends. Firstly, it's hard to realize that wind, rain and snow can be such ingenious creators, and secondly, it's just like a child I want to believe in a miracle.

The plateau is located in such a way that everything blooms on the south side at the beginning of summer, and on the north there is still snow, and it begins to melt only in August. Many of those who have been there note that an inexplicable feeling of fear begins to overcome near the stone pillars. Local residents are sure that various shamanistic rituals were performed there in ancient times.

The closer you get to them, the more unusual the view becomes. All formations have a different shape, and around them lie stone boulders and ridges, which form a solid wall, as if enclosing the Kerkurs. They look very nice inwinter period, when the pillars are completely white, as if crystal. Fogs often occur here in autumn, and the giants seem to be drawn through the haze.

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Poles of weathering: how to get there?

It is worth noting that getting here is not very easy. Not all travelers have enough willpower to reach the intended goal of the route. But still there is a way out. The first way is to get there on foot, for this you will have to overcome an impressive distance from the Perm Territory or the Sverdlovsk Region. True, it will take a very long time to go - about 10-11 days. For the lazy, another option is suitable - a helicopter flight from Ukhta with a gas station in Troitsko-Pechorsk. You can get there by helicopter in 4 hours. But the cost of such a pleasure, as you know, will be very decent money. If you drive from Syktyvkar, you will first have to get to Troitsko-Pechorsk, and then by car to the village of Yaksha. From there, you will have to overcome 200 km along the river in a motor boat. At the final stage of the journey, you need to walk about 40 km.

After you arrive at the Pechoro-Ilychsky Reserve, you will be met by an employee of the protected area and offered to stay in a special house for rest. Such a room is built of wood and heated with an economical stove. In winter, the lodge can be reached by snowmobile, and in summer only by off-road vehicles.

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Charming mystery of nature

Manskie boobs is an amazing and majestic place. grandiose, likefrozen idols, they amaze the imagination and create a feeling of a powerful burst of energy. If you still decide to overcome the difficult path and see Manpupuner with your own eyes, Weathering Pillars (Russia) are happy to welcome everyone at any time of the year.

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