"Children's Republic" (Tyumen) - a camp you don't want to leave

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"Children's Republic" (Tyumen) - a camp you don't want to leave
"Children's Republic" (Tyumen) - a camp you don't want to leave

There is hardly a child or teenager who has not dreamed of becoming an adult at least for a while. Indeed, it's great to make decisions yourself, participate in serious events, use your potential in a leadership position or carry out a task responsibly. Such opportunities are provided to Tyumen schoolchildren every year. Children's he alth-improving and educational institution "Children's Republic" (Tyumen) operates 38 kilometers from the regional center.

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About the Center

Children of Tyumen and other regions have a rest in a picturesque forest on the shore of Lake Arsenievsky. Two-story buildings are equipped with showers and bathrooms. Cozy rooms are designed for four to six people. They have single beds, bedside tables, wardrobes. Bed linen is changed every week. Wet cleaning is carried out daily.

Food is taken in the dining room, which consists of two halls, a kitchen, storage rooms. Five balanced meals a day are offered. Prepared from products enriched with micronutrients.

For rest and development of abilities of schoolchildrena library, a disco hall, attractions, sports grounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, centers for applied, musical and sewing arts, as well as a beach, a tourist obstacle course, a climbing wall, a ski track and a shooting gallery are provided.

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Shift theme

Qualified teachers make sure that the rest is not only interesting, but also useful. So, in 2015, shifts at the Rebyachya Respublika he alth and education center (Tyumen) were adventurous through and through. In March, the adventures were polite. The guys helped the aliens to adapt on Earth and master the rules of human etiquette. One of the aliens was abducted, and the children actively participated in the search for an alien creature.

On the current shift, the children, together with Kira Bulychev's heroine Alisa Selezneva, are fighting space pirates. In August, acquaintance with the heroes of fantasy books is planned, and in October - with the work of Alexander Belyaev. "Children's Republic" (Tyumen, photo of the camp can be seen in the article) - a place not for boredom and despondency.

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Those who were lucky enough to have a rest in the “Olympic Baby” branch fought for the right to be called the king of the hill in winter, reincarnated as ancient Greek heroes in the spring, and traveled to the future on the next shift. This is where it was possible to feel like an adult! Teenagers cooked food, led detachments, guarded the camp, developed scenarios for events, defended architectural and pedagogical projects. Best Administratorwas awarded the honorary title of "Director of Good".

Students who come to the camp in the fall will learn to dream, act as miracle authors, magicians of color and compete at the sports festival.

Seminars for teachers are being held in the recreation and educational center "Children's Republic" (Tyumen). In the "Olympic Child" branch, competitions, training camps, and sports days are organized not only for children, but also for adults.

Teaching staff

At the center there is a school of counselors. Educators from France, Italy, Romania, Japan, Austria, the USA and other countries come to exchange experiences.

To get a job, you need to pass an exam test and get a certificate. Persons with serious he alth problems and a criminal record are not allowed to work. "Children's Republic" (Tyumen) - a place where a responsible approach to the selection of personnel.

He alth treatments

Pediatricians and psychologists work in the "Children's Republic", who strictly monitor the he alth of the wards. The medical center consists of a treatment room, a dressing room, an isolation room, and a shower room. There is equipment for hypoxic therapy. Children are invited to spa treatments, massage, hydrotherapy. There is also an unusual service for a he alth camp - therapeutic cosmetology.

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"Children's Republic" (Tyumen): ticket price

The cost of a child's stay in the center depends on the number of days in a shift. So, the seven-day participation of children in writing a book of polite adventures costparents at 15,288 thousand rubles. The “Book of Space Adventures” shift lasts 21 days, so the payment is higher - 45,864 rubles. The time devoted to fairy tale fiction is worth the same. The price of a two-week stay of a child in the camp is 30,576 rubles.

Slightly lower than the price at the Olympic Baby. For a shift lasting 7 days, they pay 15,078 rubles. A two-week stay of a child in a branch costs 30,156 rubles, and a three-week stay costs 45,243 rubles.

Vouchers are purchased at the address: Tyumen, st. Republic, 142, or booked by e-mail: [email protected]

"Children's Republic" (Tyumen): reviews

Everyone who has been to this camp wants to come back here again. Children are looking forward to the next shift, teachers tirelessly improve their professional skills. Some guys, having matured, become teachers themselves, come to the camp they have loved since childhood to educate a new generation. Many even find it difficult to explain what exactly they like in the center. Probably, the matter is in the special atmosphere created by enthusiastic teachers.

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Parents like the good material base of the center, the location of the "Children's Republic" and "Olympic Children", the presence of a security service and careful monitoring of children's he alth. At the checkpoint, they even check the products that moms and dads bring to their children.

The Children's Republic camp (Tyumen) is one of the best in the region and the country. Many children and teenagers aspire to get here. Impressions about the rest remains for at least six months.The he alth and education center was awarded the Friendship Award established by the International Camping Fellowship.

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