The main airport of the Dominican Republic. What is he?

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The main airport of the Dominican Republic. What is he?
The main airport of the Dominican Republic. What is he?

It is rather difficult to single out any one airport in the Dominican Republic today. Why? Yes, because there are only six international airports throughout the republic, and besides them, regional air gates are also popular.

Section 1. General Information

The most popular airport in the Dominican Republic is located near the resort town of Punta Cana, located on the east coast of the country. Its building attracts the attention of foreigners, as it is characterized by pronounced features of the Dominican style - the airport is decorated with palm trees and decorative roofs. Its exotic view, which opens before the eyes of tourists after leaving the airliner, always evokes bright positive emotions. It is also worth mentioning that Punta Cana Dominican Airport is seriously loaded, and since 2009, work has been underway to expand and reconstruct it.

Dominican airport

El Catey Airport is located in the north of the Samana Peninsula. This terminal was specially built for transcontinental aircraft. It has been welcoming tourists since 2006. If orderedtickets to the Dominican Republic in the Delta company with a transfer in New York, the airliner will land at Santiago Airport, also located in the north of the country.

There are other international terminals on the map of the country: not far from the airport of Santiago - Puerto Plata, in the south of the island - La Isabella, in the east - Sabana di Maar. All of them have a number of distinctive features, interesting and unique in appearance. If you look at them, you will immediately understand why “Dominican Republic, airport” is a photo that is in the family archive of almost every traveler. It is simply impossible not to capture this structure.

Each transport hub is quite modern, and the online services of Internet sites allow you to quickly get acquainted with information about the flights provided. On the websites of airports, you can book tickets for planes, and save precious time thanks to this.

Section 2. Punta Cana

This Dominican international airport handles both scheduled and charter flights. It is a major transport hub of the country.

Dominican Republic airport photo

Today, Punta Cana ranks third in the Caribbean in terms of passenger traffic. It is this Dominican airport that currently maintains direct communication with Russia. There are direct flights from Moscow to Punta Cana. Travel time is about 12 hours (direct flight). You can also purchase tickets for flights via European and US airports.

Usually, the cost of the tour includes a transfer that allows you to get to the hotel, whererest is expected. However, a number of hotels provide free pickup from the airport. Buses tend to be overcrowded. By taxi, you can get in more comfortable conditions.

The airport in Punta Cana also has several conference rooms, wireless Internet, restaurants, bars and cafes, a mother and child room, and a large shopping center.

Section 3. El Catey Airport

El Catey Airport was designed to handle heavy aircraft. Currently, it can take about six hundred passengers per hour. In 2011, this port received more than 121 thousand people.

Dominican Republic Airport International

The passenger terminal of this building has two floors. Its area is 8 thousand square meters. It takes 1 hour to drive from El Catey to Las Galleras, 40 minutes to Santa Barbara de Samana and 20 minutes to Las Terrenas.

The official website of the airport allows you to search for the desired flight by departure date and number.

Among passengers, El Catey has the reputation of the most reliable of those that the Dominican Republic has. The airport is international, but also serves domestic flights, both passenger and cargo.

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