Rio Bamboo Hotel, Dominican Republic: description photo, service, tourist reviews

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Rio Bamboo Hotel, Dominican Republic: description photo, service, tourist reviews
Rio Bamboo Hotel, Dominican Republic: description photo, service, tourist reviews

The Dominican Republic is a country with coconut palms, the cleanest Caribbean Sea, pristine beaches. It is here that the resort of Punta Cana is located, where vacationers from all over the world often come to enjoy peace, quiet and nature.

Punta Cana Map

There are many different hotels here. One of them is Rio Bamboo. In the Dominican Republic, this hotel is famous for its good service, comfort and convenience.

Address and location

The five-star hotel "Rio Bamboo" is located among a palm grove on the first coastline of the Arena Gorda in one of the most beautiful places in the city of Punta Cana. The hotel is located at: Playa Arena Gorda, Dominican Republic, Punta Cana 23 000. The nearest airport is 19 km away. from the hotel. And the second La Romana airport is located much further, almost 60 km from the hotel.

Not far from the hotel are the famous beaches of Bavaro Beach, where the coral sand is completelyheats up in the sun, so you can lie on it without worrying about the lack of sunbeds.

Bovaro beach

Just 600 meters from the hotel there are activities in the form of boat tours and water sports. There is a water park nearby, where not only adults, but also children of any age can come.

In addition, you can drive just 3 km to the Escape Room Punta Cana (Quest room), where guests and their children will have a great time. The establishment is open from 10:00 am to 00:00 am. As a rule, visitors stay here for no more than two hours.

Placement conditions

Guests of the Rio Bamboo Hotel in the Dominican Republic must book rooms in advance, as there are no free apartments at the right time. Guests can check in from 14:00 to 00:00. And it is necessary to leave the hotel before lunch, as the maids must prepare the room for the next guests. Unfortunately, pets are strictly not allowed at the hotel.

Two types of cards are accepted for payment:

  1. VISA.
  2. MasterCard.

At the time of booking, the required amount must be on the card. After the guest has booked a room, the amount is blocked on the client's card for three days before arrival at the hotel.

On the day of arrival, guests are required to present their passport to verify their identity and the card used at the time of booking.

Description of rooms

The hotel staff offers modern rooms with all necessary amenities. The most budget option is a double room with an area of ​​25 sq.m. with two regulardouble beds.

More expensive - Deluxe Room with an area of ​​30 square meters. m, which has an extra large double bed and two regular single beds.

Deluxe Room at Rio Bamboo Hotel

And the most expensive suites at the Rio Bamboo Hotel in the Dominican Republic are family rooms (33 sqm) that have one extra-large double bed and one sofa bed.

Each room has a bathroom with shower, toiletries, air conditioning, minibar, coffee or tea maker, wardrobe, satellite TV, drink dispenser, balcony or terrace, free Wi-Fi. Rates are subject to room amenities, conditions, weather, location and room size.


On the territory of the hotel "Rio Bamboo" in the Dominican Republic there is a restaurant serving national dishes.

Restaurant at the Rio Bamboo Hotel

However, if there is no desire to eat on the territory of the hotel, you can always go to the nearest cafe, where they will feed not only adults, but also children.

The nearest restaurants and cafes serve dishes from different cuisines of the world:

  • Spanish;
  • Latin American;
  • seafood;
  • Caribbean;
  • Mediterranean;
  • international;
  • Japanese;
  • Asian;
  • Peruvian;
  • Italian;
  • Indian;
  • fusion;
  • Malaysian.

In addition, cafes and restaurants prepare delicious coffee from roasted and ground coffee beans.


The hotel has a lobby bar where guests can relax and unwind after a busy day. For sports lovers, the hotel provides a gym, a fitness center, a tennis court and a large swimming pool. In addition, guests are offered a banquet hall to celebrate any occasion.

There is free Wi-Fi on site, but guests are not very happy with its speed. Therefore, you can buy internet for the duration of your stay. Its cost is quite acceptable.

If vacationers come with a child, you can visit the water park, where there are many entertainments for all ages. It has slides not only for kids, but also for older children. And adults will find entertainment for themselves. In addition, there is a playground for children right on site.

Playground at the Rio Bamba Hotel

During the child's entertainment, parents can relax on the terrace and watch their baby.


As far as the staff service is concerned, it is top notch. Cleaning of the rooms is daily and of high quality. The maids change bed linen and towels upon request.

Concierge helps in solving any issue. The staff speaks several languages, including Russian, which is important for Russian-speaking customers.

Dry cleaning and laundry services are available on site. However, these services are not included in the cost of the tour and are paid separately. There are parking spaces for guests. One of them is paid - protected, and the second - free.

If parents have nowhere to put the baby, you can alwaysorder a separate service - babysitting. Only qualified workers are hired, so parents can be calm about their child. The babysitter will look after the children for as long as needed.

Hotel "Riou Bambu" in the Dominican Republic: reviews of 2019

As a rule, there is a positive opinion about this institution. Well-groomed green area impresses every guest.

Hotel area

However, there are guests who were dissatisfied with the rest. So, first, let's look at the positive feedback from guests:

  • beautiful well-groomed territory;
  • great and beautiful beach;
  • algae are cleaned daily;
  • the restaurant serves delicious food;
  • good he althy kids menu;
  • friendly staff;
  • well maintained rooms;
  • quick check-in;
  • there are many restaurants and cafes on the beach;
  • great room rates;
  • beautiful nature;
  • the hotel has a lot of greenery;
  • every day the room is cleaned;
  • free bar;
  • the rooms have many amenities;
  • afternoon by the pool is fun and interesting;
  • best waiter service;
  • soundproof rooms.

In fact, there are much more positive reviews. However, with all the advantages of the hotel, there are also disadvantages:

  • change bed sheets every two days;
  • few vegetables on the menu;
  • few maids who clean rooms to the conscience;
  • not all employees speak Russianlanguage.

As you can see, there are far fewer negative reviews than positive ones. Many guests say the hotel boldly deserves five stars.

Tips for choosing a room

Guests who temporarily lived in the hotel already understand which room is better. Therefore, on the official website of the hotel they write tips for those people who are just going on vacation. So, some guests don't like the speed of Wi-Fi, so they strongly recommend buying internet access for $35 for 7 days.

When booking, check if the hotel is undergoing renovations, as it greatly interferes with rest. It is better to ask for a room that is located as far as possible from noisy works. The reception and the beach are close anyway.

Standard rooms with two separate beds. Therefore, if you want one large bed, it's easier to pay a little more for a deluxe and get an apartment with one double bed.

For the sake of a relaxing holiday, it is advisable to book a room away from the pool and the theater, as the fun starts at lunchtime and ends late in the evening. Especially inconvenient for those guests who have a rest with children.


So, the article describes the main points about the hotel "Rio Bamboo" in the Dominican Republic. The photos above clearly demonstrate the beauty and well-groomedness of the hotel and rooms.

Judging by the reviews of the guests, the five-star "paradise" is an ideal solution not only for passive recreation, but also active. The service in the hotel and restaurant is top notch. Territory well-groomed, roomscomfortable, the beach is clean. Children will also find entertainment, which is important for parents. Therefore, the hotel deserves only the highest score.

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