Hotel resort Roy alton Punta Cana Resort & Casino (Dominican Republic, La Altagracia): description of rooms, service, reviews

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Hotel resort Roy alton Punta Cana Resort & Casino (Dominican Republic, La Altagracia): description of rooms, service, reviews
Hotel resort Roy alton Punta Cana Resort & Casino (Dominican Republic, La Altagracia): description of rooms, service, reviews

On the territory of the Dominican Republic, La Altagracia, there is a famous five-star hotel where vacationers often stay. It is built in a modern style, and the service is at a high level.

Time zone Moscow - Dominican Republic

As a rule, many guests do not know what time it is in the Dominican Republic. And therefore, when they call the reception, they are surprised that no one answers. This is not surprising. Indeed, between the Dominican Republic and Moscow, the time difference is as much as 7 hours, and calls are accepted only during business hours.

Address and location

The Roy alton Punta Cana Resort is located at Playa Arena Gorda, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic. This is the east coast. The nearest airports are Punta Cana (21.5 km) and La Romana (56.1 km).

roy alton punta cana 5 hotel

There are several restaurants near Roy alton Punta Cana. They prepare dishes from different cuisines of the world - Caribbean, Mexican, international, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. So every tourist will find a dish to their liking.

In addition, there are many entertainments near the hotel. The main ones are Escapology, where there are quests for different ages, and a large golf course (800 m from the hotel). Tourists are not only interested, but also difficult.

The most incredible and famous entertainment is Bavaro Adventure Park, but it is located 16 km from the hotel. Tourists love this park. After all, here everyone will find entertainment for themselves. There are 11 attractions in the park. Among them are both active and passive. The ticket price depends on the complexity and number of activities.

Placement conditions

Rooms at the Roy alton Punta Cana 5hotel must be booked in advance, as the place is quite popular and there simply will not be free rooms at the right time.

Check in at the hotel is allowed from 15:00 to 23:30. And the check-out is strictly 12:00-12:30. You can live with children of any age. Moreover, if a child under 12 does not sleep in a separate bed, then only 50% of the room rate will be charged. Extra beds are not available. But pets are strictly prohibited, even a separate fee will not help.

For reservations of 6 rooms or more, certain conditions apply and additional charges may apply, which will be charged three business days after booking. Therefore, it is important that the payment card has the required amount.

Description of rooms in Roy alton Punta Cana

There are many rooms in the hotel. More simple, but luxurious - Diamond Club. As a rule, these rooms have one large double bed and one sofa bed, wherewill fit a child up to about 12 years old. The Diamond Club apartments are the cheapest in the hotel.

Ocean view rooms are available with two large double beds and two regular double beds. These apartments are slightly more expensive than Diamond Club only because of the beautiful view from the window.

Also, the hotel has several types of suites. The apartments can have two large double beds or one extra large double bed. The total area of ​​each room is about 27 square meters. m.

Roy alton punta cana hotel room

In addition, you can order a presidential number. It has 1 bedroom with two large double beds and a hot tub. Presidential rooms are the most expensive, as they are more comfortable than in previous apartments.

Each room has a TV with Russian channels, bathroom with all necessary accessories, ironing board, iron, safe, mini-bar, air conditioning.

As you can see, the number can be chosen according to your interests. The hotel provides everything for a good rest of the guests.


Prices range from 15 to 30 thousand rubles. Depending on the specific room and the number of people. Of course, depending on what time of the year tourists decide to come to rest in the Dominican Republic.

Weather in the Dominican Republic

In addition, the cost of rooms depends on the conditions of residence. If there are additional benefits in the form of a hot tub, the price will be much higher.


Tourists do not have to go to lunchor dinner somewhere outside the hotel. After all, there are 4 restaurants on the territory itself:

  1. Gourmet Marché. This restaurant serves international cuisine. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Mexicana Cantina. It prepares exclusively Mexican cuisine. Open only in the evening.
  3. Under the Sea International Cuisin. They cook only seafood. The restaurant is open in the evening.
  4. Zen. This is a Japanese restaurant where you can only have dinner. Opens after lunch.

As you noticed, only one restaurant is open from morning to evening. The rest work only in the evening.

Japanese restaurant at roy alton punta cana hotel

Of course, if you do not want to eat on site, you can always find restaurants and cafes nearby, where they cook no less delicious dishes. There is even an opportunity to eat on the beach itself, but you need to be prepared for inflated prices.

Service at Roy alton Punta Cana

The service at the hotel is excellent. The staff always makes concessions to the guests and tries to help in resolving any issue. As a rule, at the reception, guests are offered a wide variety of services. For example, guests can contact the tour desk, which will help you choose the right direction for your vacation. Moreover, the organization is taken over by the hotel staff. However, for a fee.

The rooms are wet cleaned daily. At the same time, towels and bed linen are changed. However, if the client does not want the room to be cleaned, this must be notified in advance.


Bhotel tourists rest comfortably. After all, in addition to restaurants on the territory there are many amenities. For example, free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, parking and a bar where you can pass the evening leisure. There is even a spa treatment room.

Territory in roy alton punta cana hotel

For those guests who cannot live without sports, there are gyms, a mini-golf course, a fitness center.

In addition, there is another exciting entertainment in the form of a casino. Everyone can try their luck.

There is a tourist office on the territory of the hotel, where guests will be offered a variety of excursions and entertainment. These are water sports, fishing tours, night boating and much more. For teenagers there is also entertainment - Hangout.

For the purchase of cash at the hotel there is an ATM and an exchange office. Therefore, the financial problem itself disappears.

Holidays with children

Many tourists come to rest with children of different ages. And not in vain. Indeed, next to the Roy alton Punta Cana 5hotel there are playgrounds. And the hotel has all the conditions for families with children. Toddlers are allowed to swim in the pool with adults. Yes, and the hotel has a mini-water park for older children.

Children's water park at the hotel

In addition, the Bavaro Adventure Park is a fun place for the whole family to enjoy. There is excellent staff service, a clean beach, a beautiful little water park, trains for kids, bungee rides for adult children, ATVs for teenagers.

So the children of anyAges will enjoy this cozy park. True, the weekends are very crowded and there are too long queues for all the rides.

The hotel has an additional service - a babysitter to take care of children. The cost of the tour is not included, but is paid separately.

For adults there is a business room and a banquet room. They are paid separately

Customer Reviews

Of course, there are many different reviews, both good and bad. However, there are many more positive ones. The main part of the guests claims that the hotel captivates with cleanliness, which is not inherent in every hotel. At the same time, many guests believe that in addition to cleanliness, excellent service. The staff is very polite and helpful. You can approach any employee of the hotel for any question. In addition, many customers like the value for money.

Still, there are dissatisfied guests who did not like the location of the room, as they would like the windows to face the ocean, and not the terrace. And in the pool, not everyone liked to swim with children. Guests ask the administration to think and make a separate children's pool. So far, the wish of the guests has not come true.

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