Punta Cana - where is it? Dominican Republic, province of La Altagracia, Punta Cana: beaches, holiday season, tourist reviews

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Punta Cana - where is it? Dominican Republic, province of La Altagracia, Punta Cana: beaches, holiday season, tourist reviews
Punta Cana - where is it? Dominican Republic, province of La Altagracia, Punta Cana: beaches, holiday season, tourist reviews

Anyone who knows Punta Cana firsthand will say that this resort is a real paradise, that it really exists and does not need any “photoshop” or travel agency tricks to attract tourists. Here, in fact, there are beaches of indescribable beauty, there are impeccably clean and delicate sand and the amazing color of the clear sea.

Magnificent and fabulously beautiful Punta Cana! Where is this place located? This piece of paradise is the subject of this article.

General information about the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a fabulously beautiful, warm and sunny tropical area located on about. Haiti. The territory of this paradise island is occupied by another republic of the same name (Haiti), which owns a smaller part of it.

Where is the Dominican Republic? On the world mapThe republic is visible on the eastern territory of the island of Haiti. To the west is the Republic of Haiti. From the north side, the Dominican Republic is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, from the south - by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Many people associate this country with beautiful exotic palm trees, snow-white sand and turquoise waters of the ocean and the sea. However, these places are more multifaceted. In addition to beaches, palm trees and the sea, there are wonderful national parks, where the most diverse vegetation grows in abundance, many historical and other attractions, as well as places for a variety of water activities.

Geographic location of the state

Where is the Dominican Republic? The world map shows that it is ideally located between the warm waters of the Caribbean and the slightly cool currents of the Atlantic.


With a cursory glance at the world map, it is not immediately clear which part of the territory of this corner of the earth is Dominican. Nearby are other islands that also belong to the Dominican Republic: Cayo Levantado, Saona and Beata. All of them are unique in their own way, and tourists also rest on them.

It should be noted that this small state of Latin America was originally a Spanish colony, and the discoverer of these places was Christopher Columbus.

La Altagracia

Next, we will talk about a paradise located in the province of La Altagracia, located in the extreme east of the Dominican Republic and until 1968 was part of the province of La Romana. The famous tourist area of Punta Cana is located exactlyon its territory.

The largest and most important cities in this province are Higuey (centre), La Otra Banda, Las Lagunas de Nisibon, Boca del Yuma and San Rafael del Yuma.

Punta Cana

Where is this place and what is it like? The charm of this region has long been appreciated by lovers of a luxurious beach holiday. There are luxurious hotels with excellent rooms, excellent service and polite staff. There are gorgeous beaches with white sand and beautiful palm trees. The crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea hide enchanting coral reefs, recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world.

Dominican beaches
Dominican beaches

The best beach season in Punta Cana is from November to April. During this period, there are more sunny days and the lowest probability of falling under a downpour. It is at the beginning of November that hurricanes stop and the water becomes clear. Although it is believed that in the Dominican Republic it is quite comfortable to relax at any time of the year.

A Brief History of the Resort

Until the 80s of the XX century, jungles and impassable mangroves stretched in this place. There were no houses, no roads, much less infrastructure. Only golden beaches and sea.

And then one day the American Theodore Hill and investor Frank Ranieri from the Dominican Republic decided to create a wonderful resort in this place, but few believed in the realization of such an idea. A lot of efforts were made, but in the end, the first Puntacana Resort and Club hotel was built on the lands bought out by investors, which laid the foundation for the development of tourism in this heavenly earthlycorner.

Beach areas of Punta Cana
Beach areas of Punta Cana


There are several hotels here surrounded by the most exotic landscapes of Punta Cana. Where has it been seen so that one could admire such marvelous landscapes so close and with one's own eyes and take wonderful pictures that do not require any additional adjustment? But this is quite feasible if you stay in one of the following hotels:

  • Zoetry Aqua.
  • Sirenis.
  • Excellence Punta Cana.
  • Dreams Punta Cana.
  • Sivory.
Zoetry Aqua Hotel
Zoetry Aqua Hotel

Their peculiarity lies in the fact that you can choose the accommodation option - "breakfast only". This is very convenient for many tourists who return to the hotel only to change, shower and sleep.

Lovers of loneliness and peace can settle down on the beaches of Punta Cana and Cabo Engano, which have only two hotels:

  • Punta Cana Resort and Club.
  • Club Med.

The peculiarity of these otleys is that they are located away from the rest and are additionally isolated by groves. Surprisingly bright water has an emerald color, and the beach sand is white and fine.

It should be noted that it is very difficult to single out any beach in Punta Cana. Each of them is designed for a wonderful and unforgettable holiday. Below is an overview of some of the most popular beach areas.

Uvero Alto Beach

Volleyball and beach soccer are very enjoyable on this golden sandy beach. It's a sparse placeso finding a secluded corner is not difficult.

The sea can please windsurfers with big waves. You can also enjoy catamaran and canoeing.


In Punta Cana, near the hotels, this magnificent beach with white sand and clear turquoise water is located. Well-developed infrastructure, diving and many other water activities attract the attention of many tourists. At night, life is in full swing here: noisy nightclubs, bars and discos are truly a paradise for young people.

Bavaro beach
Bavaro beach

Among other beaches of Punta Cana, Bavaro stands out. There are never waves here, and at the bottom you can see starfish. Groves of coconut palms have been preserved on the shore, in the shade of which you can hide from the scorching sun.

Thirsty for a quiet relaxation, it is best to choose hotels united by the common name Barcelo Bavaro Resort, which owns a 4-kilometer coastline, which is the Bavaro beach. By the way, here you can admire graceful pink flamingos.

Cabeza de Toro Beach

There are places for families with children in Punta Cana. Where? This place is Cabeza de Toro Beach.

Very gentle, smooth entry into the water is the best fit for kids. Children here can frolic and splash in shallow water. From a secluded calm beach to the nearest hotel, the distance is more than a kilometer. The water has a slightly greenish tint due to the presence of underwater vegetation in this place.

Macau Beach

On this sitethere are the best schools teaching surfing. In addition, it is here that the most favorable environment for beginner surfers.

The beach is very attractive for those who like to relax alone - it is not crowded here. The sand is not as white as on other beaches, but the water is turquoise and there is quite a lot of free space. The place is very convenient for romantic photo shoots.

Surfing on Macau Beach
Surfing on Macau Beach

El Cortecito Beach

This beach area has become famous for its restaurants offering a menu of fresh seafood. The site is located near the village of fishermen. There are many palm trees in the shade of which you can hide from the bright rays of the sun. The beach, covered with white sand, is protected from the waves by a coral reef. It is convenient for windsurfing and kiting.

According to tourists, this Punta Cana beach area is quite comfortable for relaxing. It is located near a small fishing village of the same name, which is part of the capital of the Dominican Republic. This corner is loved by both tourists and locals, so it is always crowded here, but there are no crowds. Very clean beach awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag.

There are a large number of cafeterias, restaurants and bars here. DJs work at night. There are training centers for diving and other outdoor activities.

Coral reefs of Punta Cana

The Punta Cana resort is recognized as an excellent place for diving, as a coral reef stretches along the entire coastline, which is not only picturesque, but also rich in underwater fauna andflora. Thanks to this huge wall, all the beaches of Punta Cana and Bavaro are quite well protected from the surf.

This unique ecosystem attracts a large number of diving enthusiasts from all over the world to Punta Cana. The length of the coral reef is about 40 kilometers. It has picturesque crevices and unique underwater caves located near the Macau beach, created by nature itself for divers, both beginners and professionals. Diving depth - no more than 18 meters, underwater visibility in summer reaches 30 meters.

Underwater world in Punta Cana
Underwater world in Punta Cana

Diving in Punta Cana in the most picturesque part of the Marinarium reef is quite popular among divers. This place gives vacationers an unforgettable encounter with fish of various colors. Here you can swim alongside stingrays, nurse sharks and eagle rays.

It should be noted that the beaches of Punta Cana and Catalinita Island are excellent for sea diving. Here is the most beautiful marine life in the entire Dominican Republic, recommended for fans of diving and snorkeling.

Sights and excursions

And what to see in Punta Cana, except for the wonderful beaches? Holidays under the sun near the sea can be perfectly combined with interesting excursions.

Manati Bavaro Park
Manati Bavaro Park
  1. Manati Bavaro Park. Here you can admire beautiful natural landscapes with wonderful vegetation and exotic animals (including reptiles). There is an opportunity to swim with dolphins and get to know each other better.local painting, as well as to see unusual dance rituals in the small village of Tanino. You can become a participant in the show of real talking parrots.
  2. Choco Museo is a very attractive place for kids and adults who love sweets. At the end of the tour, you will be offered to buy something tasty as a keepsake. Be sure to agree as this handmade chocolate is nowhere to be found.
  3. The uninhabited island of Saona is a fairly frequented place by vacationers. This is a real paradise with white sand, smoothly turning into the mirror surface of the sea, sparkling with turquoise. You can sunbathe and snorkel if you wish. This is a unique reserve, almost untouched by civilization.

The best time to visit Punta Cana, as noted above, is from November to April. Although here at any time of the year you can have a great and useful time thanks to the many excursions to such exotic places.


Those who are tired of lazy pastime on the beach can be recommended to look into one of the establishments listed below - a sea of emotions and impressions is guaranteed!

  1. Sirenis Aquagames is a bright and cheerful water park offering a lot of entertainment for both children and adults. Here you can ride dizzying slides and swim in the pools. Children here can feel like real brave corsairs.
  2. Luna Del Caribe is an amazing theater where you can see a colorful show with dances and songs in traditional nationalrobes.
  3. Manati Park is an entertainment complex. There is also a zoo in the park with a variety of exotic birds and animals (crocodiles, iguanas, sea lions, colorful parrots, etc.). You can watch colorful shows with the participation of birds, horses and dolphins. Manati Park also has an aquarium where you can see a once sunken submarine and more. others
  4. Surf Adventure is a surf school where professional instructors can theoretically and practically teach anyone (from 4 years old) the basics of this sport.
Republic of Dominican Republic
Republic of Dominican Republic

How to get from Moscow?

There is no direct flight from Moscow to Punta Cana today. The flight time depends on the chosen route and on the waiting period at the transfer point. The time can be between 16 and 34 hours. The optimal route is the path with one change through Paris. In this case, the travel time is 15 hours 50 minutes. Waiting time for boarding in Paris is 3 hours.

If the choice falls on the cheapest tickets, then the flight time from Moscow to Punta Cana will take about 26 hours.

In conclusion about the reviews of tourists

Many tourists point out one of the attractive features of holidays in the Dominican Republic - hotels have a low number of floors. Almost all of them are either low-rise buildings or bungalows nestled among beautiful palm trees, creating an amazingly idyllic atmosphere.

Tourists definitely like their holidays in Punta Cana, and the reviews about all the beaches are the most enthusiastic. In terms of shopping, everything is also good -sales are constantly held in shopping centers. And the infrastructure is all right. There is only one not very positive thing - the high price for the flight. A place to stay is a real paradise, but air travel turns vacation into an expensive pleasure. Although, of course, many do not regret the money spent.

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