"Silver Keys", sanatorium (Svetlogorsk, Belarus): rest, official website, photos and reviews

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"Silver Keys", sanatorium (Svetlogorsk, Belarus): rest, official website, photos and reviews
"Silver Keys", sanatorium (Svetlogorsk, Belarus): rest, official website, photos and reviews

Still not sure where to spend your last summer month? Then take a look at the Silver Keys sanatorium, which is famous for its incredible landscapes and crystal clear air. It opened its doors for the first time in 1969. In March 2011, the sanatorium received the first category and successfully passed the state certification.

"Silver Keys" (sanatorium) are located on the right side of the Berezina River, near the state reserve "Vydritsa". The occupied area is 31, 813 hectares. 12 kilometers away is the majestic city of Svetlogorsk, which is the nearest settlement.

sanatorium silver keys Belarus
sanatorium silver keys Belarus

Rest for body and soul

The Silver Keys sanatorium (Belarus) is an ideal place for recovery and a pleasant stay. This is facilitated by the healing air, saturated with needles and herbs, magnificent forests, meadows and sandy beaches. Every day you will be filled with new discoveries, thanks to the structural andspecies diversity of landscape landscapes.


It should be noted that highly qualified professionals work in the sanatorium, whose specializations are diseases of the musculoskeletal system, female genital organs, peripheral and central nervous systems, as well as the circulatory system, digestive and respiratory systems. "Silver Keys" (sanatorium) offers comprehensive rehabilitation for children of preschool and school age. There are mineral springs on the territory of the resort. This water is used as a dining room for colic, chronic gastritis and balneotherapy.

Residence conditions

The sanatorium has all the conditions for a good rest. It includes three bedroom blocks (three- and four-story), an administrative building, a dining room and a medical building. All buildings are connected by warm transitions. Nearby is a sports center, which has two water pools, a gym, tennis tables, billiards and even saunas.

In the "Silver Keys" vacationers feel as comfortable as possible. An enchanting cultural and entertainment program is organized annually for all guests.

Silver keys sanatorium
Silver keys sanatorium

There are all conditions for a good rest: a dance floor for evening discos, gazebos for tea parties and heartfelt conversations, a library and a cinema room with cable TV. Vacationers can visit it at any time and enjoy watching their favorite TV shows.

Silver Keys is a very beautiful and amazing place. Itheals the soul and body. People go there for new energy, vivid impressions and pleasant acquaintances.

A wide variety of treatments and spas will provide an unforgettable experience for the whole year. There are more than forty treatment rooms in the resort area. What can you visit?

  • Massage.
  • Physiotherapy treatments.
  • Ozone therapy.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Speleotherapy.
  • Hypoxytherapy, which is called "Mountain Air".
  • Dental and gynecological rooms.
  • Functional diagnostics.
  • Heat therapy.
  • Manual therapy.
  • Therapeutic exercise.
  • Mud bath.

It is necessary to elaborate on the last point. Water and mud therapies are very effective, give relaxation and complete recovery to the whole body. It should be noted that medicinal sapropels are extracted from Lake Sudobl and brought to the Silver Keys sanatorium. Photos of mud springs are posted below.

silver keys sanatorium
silver keys sanatorium

Healing mineral water is used to treat the digestive tract. Also used in balneotherapy. Procedures are performed as prescribed by a physiotherapist.

Sanatorium Silver Keys Svetlogorsk
Sanatorium Silver Keys Svetlogorsk


In addition to the diverse treatment, each guest is invited to undergo a highly effective express diagnostics, which includes a breath test. You can also get a CT scan. It uses the latest Toschiba equipmentAquilion 64.

"Silver Keys" (sanatorium) reviews collect the most positive. They talk about the exclusivity of this place, the high quality of service and the services offered. Tourists from Belarus and abroad come there every year to hear the noise of pine forests, feel the aroma of greenery, admire the sunset by the river and, of course, improve their he alth.

Children's sanatorium "Silver Keys"

All conditions are also provided for small tourists. Cozy warm rooms, three meals a day, a sports ground for games and various procedures aimed at improving your he alth. There are all conditions for active recreation. Children can swim in the pool, play tennis, basketball, volleyball, and work out on the sports ground.

While the children are having fun, parents can visit the massage and beauty parlors, where they will be offered a full range of services. The rooms have cable TV. On the territory of the resort there is a restaurant with a very diverse menu. It includes both dietary dishes and traditional ones. Entertainment includes billiards, a swimming pool and a gym. In the evenings, discos are held on the summer dance floor. Come here and be sure that there will be enough fun for everyone: both adults and children!

children's sanatorium silver keys
children's sanatorium silver keys

What else do Silver Keys include?

The sanatorium can offer its guests:

  1. Cozy internet cafe.
  2. Fast Wi-Fi on the second floor of the cultural and sports center.
  3. Vintage payphone.
  4. Post Office.
  5. Minibars and grocery store.
  6. Men's and women's hairdressers and nail salon.
  7. Aquarium Fish Showroom.
  8. Exhibition hall with works of arts and crafts.
  9. Toy stores.
  10. Creative workshops.
  11. Places with barbecues.
  12. Sandy beaches.
  13. Playgrounds with swings, rides, slides and sandboxes.
  14. Sports grounds for basketball and volleyball.
  15. Football field.
silver keys sanatorium reviews
silver keys sanatorium reviews

Your best choice

"Silver Keys" (sanatorium) is a whole town where its own little scenario of life unfolds. It is good to come here with the whole family in order to improve your he alth and have a good rest. Just imagine what awaits you: pine groves, crystal clear air and deserted sandy beaches. Everyone dreams of such a vacation! A high level of service and a variety of medical services will help you improve your he alth for the whole year. It is especially good to go on vacation at the end of summer. You will not only get new emotions, but also recharge your batteries. To book a hotel room, use the official website of the sanatorium: silversprings.by.

sanatorium silver keys photo
sanatorium silver keys photo

Serebryany Klyuchi Sanatorium (Svetlogorsk) opens for guests a total of 726 beds, two dining rooms, administrative, sports and medical buildings. All rooms comply with European standards. The staff is friendly and welcoming.

"SilverKeys” (sanatorium) is an amazing place. Having visited it once, you will want to return there again and again.

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