Polovtsev's mansion in St. Petersburg: description, history, interesting facts and reviews

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Polovtsev's mansion in St. Petersburg: description, history, interesting facts and reviews
Polovtsev's mansion in St. Petersburg: description, history, interesting facts and reviews

St. Petersburg is a wonderful city with a lot of interesting sights. One of them is the Polovtsev mansion.

It was built in the 18th century, before that there were no buildings here. It is not known exactly who first owned the house on the street. Big Marine.

Change of ownership

The second person in charge of the Polovtsev mansion was a merchant from France, Egan Winter. He purchased the building in December 1762. The seller was artillery lieutenant M. Vasiliev.

Polovtsev's mansion

In 1777, ownership passes to I. Golovkin, Privy Councilor, whose grandfather was the Chancellor. In 1779, N. Pokhodyashin became the owner, in 1785 - V. Levashov, who at that time held the position of major general. By the end of the 18th century, this building towered one floor above all other buildings. Polovtsev's mansion in St. Petersburg was supposed to play the role of a manor. Several buildings located on Bolshaya Morskaya Street, as well as Moika, were very wide and occupied the entire site. To get into the house, you had to pass the garden area. The owner was often not at home, so the empress watched over the improvement of the house.

Interesting facts aboutaway

For three months in 1787, the Venezuelan F. Miranda, a member of the revolutionary movement in Latin America, lived here. He led the struggle in which the people living on Spanish colonial soil tried to win back their right to freedom. To escape from the authorities of his country, he ends up in Russia, namely in the Polovtsev mansion, where he stays for a while.

In 1793, the fugitive French Comte d'Artois was here, who was the blood brother of Louis XVI, who was later called Charles X. Also in the spring of 1794, E.R. Dashkova.

Levashov passed away in 1804, although for another two years, according to all documents, the house belonged to him. Then the land was sold anyway. Since the general had six children born out of wedlock, the money received from the auction was divided between them.

From 1809, the Polovtsev mansion was the property of the wife of the Jägermeister at the court of Emperor E.A. Pashkova, whose brother was the Governor-General of St. Petersburg N. Tolstoy. Since 1816, the right of ownership was attributed to P.A. Shuvalov, the adjutant general, whose grandfather was Field Marshal P.I. Shuvalov. In 1820, a man sold the building to M. Donaurova, whose husband was a state councilor. Since 1829, the owner was N.S. Tolstaya. Her brother lived on the same street at number 32.

Polovtsian mansion


In 1835, Polovtsev bought the mansion S.S. Gagarin, who hired the architect Pelem to build an outbuilding on the front side facing the street. Big Sea. This building has survived to this day.

SonIn 1864, this prince put the house up for auction, as a result of which Nadezhda Mikhailovna, wife of A.A. Polovtsov. The woman's adoptive parents helped with the money for the purchase. Her father was Stieglitz, a successful banker. There were speculations that this lady was born from the extramarital affair of Prince Mikhail Pavlovich.

It was at this moment that Polovtsev's mansion was significantly transformed due to the fact that chic front-type interiors appeared within its walls. Most of them have survived to this day. The design was done by Bosse, Brullo and Messmacher, talented artists of the time.

Polovtsev's mansion architect's house

Interior decoration

Their creations called White, Oak and Bronze Halls deserve the most admiring attention. Previously, tapestries hung here, which Napoleon himself presented to Alexander I.

Also interesting places are the local dining room, a magnificent living room, a rich library, as well as a boudoir with a bay window. These premises have retained their former appearance, so many people want to look at this miracle when they get to St. Petersburg. Polovtsev's mansion is still magnificent.

Public importance

After the Polovtsevs passed away, in 1910, the heiress of the spouses A.A. Obolenskaya began to own this building. However, five years later, a decision was made to sell, as a result of which L. Moshkevich became the new owner, who paid 500 thousand rubles for this purchase. A year later, a new owner appears - K. Yaroshinsky, who was a member of the society supporting the artists of Russia.

In October 1916, a gala evening was celebrated, to which S. Yesenin and N. Klyuyev came to read their poems. Since 1930, a school functioned here, whose tasks were related to the trade union movement. Subsequently, the Higher School of Professional Culture began to work here.

In 1934, there was a branch here that belonged to the association of architects of the state. Since then, the Polovtsev mansion has received its second name - the House of the Architect. Often here you can get to a creative competition, an interesting concert or exhibition.

Petersburg Polovtsev's mansion

Visitor reviews

People who come here get an amazing experience, inspired by the chic interior and grandeur of the environment. There is a wonderful restaurant that attracts gourmet cuisine lovers to the Polovtsev mansion. The reviews are the most positive, because people really like to feel like aristocrats eating food within the walls of such an estate. The design is called a masterpiece, decorated with royal taste. The same goes for table decorations.

Here there are beautiful tablecloths and sophisticated candlesticks. The food is extremely high quality and tasty, the prices do not bite. So for moderate money you can eat like a nobleman. The staff is very efficient and attentive. You can bring your soulmate here, dine with colleagues or friends, in a word, amuse yourself with luxury. Everywhere comfort and beauty. You can choose from two beautiful rooms with wonderful decorations, themed serving to match the style of the walls. There are elements of leather of different colors, as well aswood, amazing chandeliers. The list of dishes is small, the quality is excellent.

Polovtsev's mansion in st. petersburg

Local food

You can try venison and fish. It is as if you are going to dinner with the king. There are also not very numerous varieties of wine, although each type deserves separate praise.

Local fish soup and fragrant pike perch can surprise even the most demanding lover of culinary delights. There are also desserts. Local drinks are remarkable in that they cannot be found in ordinary supermarkets in the city. The waiters are true professionals who know the menu inside and out. Each client can be given advice if he needs it and cannot decide on a choice.

It is advisable to make a table reservation in advance. Sometimes corporate parties are held here, so the restaurant may be closed at the most inconvenient time for you. A little extra forethought won't hurt. It will also be useful to know that by buying a Biglion coupon, you can save half the cost.

Comprehensive pleasure

This place is a pleasant surprise for city guests. They take part in excursions with pleasure and curiosity, the cost of which is an average of 300 rubles. Wonderful halls and chambers open to the eye. Once upon a time, Catherine II visited these walls at balls. After a fascinating walk, many go down to the restaurant complex, which is considered very cozy, because there are only eight tables.

Polovtsev's mansion reviews

People who get here note that they manage to get enough both aesthetically andphysically, and intellectually. There is a special color here. It is a great pleasure to touch this marvelous atmosphere. The administration does not impose strict requirements on appearance, which helps many to relax and just enjoy interesting leisure time.

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