Virginia - sea, nature and funny laws

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Virginia - sea, nature and funny laws
Virginia - sea, nature and funny laws

The state of Virginia is located in the eastern part of the United States and is the tenth in a row in the state. This is a rather picturesque part of America - here are the Appalachian mountains, and numerous rivers, and tall trees. And in general, I must say, there is something to see here.


General information

The state capital is Richmond. Its population is only 200 thousand people. But the largest city is Virginia Beach, where about half a million people live. By the way, this is a resort town where thousands of tourists come every year to enjoy the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the bright sun. There are a huge number of hotels and beaches, so there is where to relax. Interestingly, in the eastern part of the state, the area is very swampy. From the western side, this is not observed, since it is on that side that the Appalachian Mountains are located - they stretch for two thousand kilometers! By the way, the state of Virginia in terms of population density is in 12th place (out of all 51). In total, more than eight million people live there. An interesting fact is that quite a lot of people live in this state.Germans - more than 12%. About 20% are African Americans, about 11% are British, 10% Irish and only 11.5% Americans. The percentage of living Native Americans is less than one! Although, if we turn to history, we can find out that originally Indian tribes lived on the territory of the state.

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Interesting facts

It's always interesting to learn different facts about this or that place. So, for example, the state of Virginia was nicknamed the “mother of presidents”, and all because it was here that eight US presidents were born. Among them, by the way, is the world-famous George Washington. Another fun fact about the Pentagon (it is known to be located in Virginia) is that it has too many toilets, twice as many as it needs. And all because the building was built in 1940 - then the toilets for dark-skinned and light-skinned people had to be separate. And more recently, in 2011, in the summer, the state of Virginia suffered an earthquake. Such a strong cataclysm first occurred on the east coast of America. And in general, I must say, earthquakes are rare here. However, on that August day, people watched the walls of houses loosen. Fortunately, there were no victims. And another interesting fact: Virginia is a state whose flag depicts a half-naked girl.

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Not without oddities

Each country or city has its own laws, its own characteristics, which may be incomprehensible to visitors. Sometimes something even seems ridiculous, strange andcompletely unusual. The state of Virginia is no exception. Quite strange laws apply on its territory. So, for example, they recently canceled the provision, the essence of which was that on Sundays they did not sell salad, but you could easily buy beer or wine. By the way, on this day of the week it is strictly forbidden to work. Radar detectors are also prohibited in the state, and when overtaking cars, it is necessary to give a signal. One of the most ridiculous laws is that it is forbidden to tickle girls and push your wife out of bed. You can’t spit on sea gulls or on the sidewalk either (quite an interesting combination). And a man can be imprisoned for two months if he slapped a girl on the back. And finally, one more ridiculous provision - a woman has the right to drive a car along the main street only when her husband is walking in front of the car, regulating her movement with a red flag. As you can see, the state of Virginia (USA) is not far behind other cities where rather strange regulations apply - for example, in India, a person who weighs less than 110 kg cannot lose weight.

Resting places

Virginia is a place where you can really relax nicely. And there is something for everyone to do. For example, Virginia Beach (a city included in the Guinness Book of Records as a resort with the longest beach in the world) is a place for outdoor enthusiasts. The sea, the sun, parties, clubs, shopping centers - it's all here. Or you can go to Norfolk - the port city. And lovers of a quiet pastime will like Hampton. In general, holidays in Virginia are designed for thosepeople who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the tranquility.

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Main attraction

As mentioned before, these places have something to see. There really are a lot of interesting sights here, but the main one is the great gloomy swamp (Virginia, USA). This is a wetland located in the southeastern part of the state on a plain. It is safe to say that this small corner is one of the last in all of America that has not been touched by man. It is a national park that covers almost 500 km of dense forests and water. The Great Dark Swamp (Virginia, USA) has a completely unique ecosystem. Unlimited water resources, rich flora and fauna, diverse nature, mysterious atmosphere - all this attracts the attention of tourists and local residents. By the way, the Great Swamp is included in the list of the most unique places in the United States. Scientists have a version that it was formed due to the last shift of the continental plume. But this is only one of the opinions, since there are a huge number of them.

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