The B altic States - a characteristic of the region

The B altic States - a characteristic of the region
The B altic States - a characteristic of the region

The B altic region includes countries that are located on the coast of the B altic Sea. They are interconnected by common cultural, historical and economic development, transport system, identity of natural and resource potential. All B altic countries have access to the World Ocean through the B altic Sea, the Kattegat and Skagerrak straits.

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B altic countries (list):

  • Republic of Lithuania.
  • Republic of Latvia.
  • Republic of Finland.
  • Republic of Estonia.
  • Republic of Poland.
  • Russian Federation.
  • Kingdom of Sweden.
  • Kingdom of Denmark.
  • Federal Republic of Germany.

The B altic countries occupy 14% of the world's territory and 5% of the population of all mankind. In world trade, these countries account for 15% of exported and 12% of imported goods. The most powerful states inEconomically - Germany and Russia. The economic potential and population of these countries are in many ways superior to those of other powers. The next state in the ranking of economic development is Poland. The state policy related to the transition to a market economy has brought the volume of GDP to the third step in the rating of the B altic region. Sweden, Denmark and Finland are among the small highly developed countries of Western Europe. Currently, the strategy of these countries is aimed at initiating B altic cooperation. The post-Soviet B altic countries - Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia - are among the states with a low indicator of economic potential. But their favorable geographical position is of great importance in the development and maintenance of Russia's transport networks with Western countries.

b altic countries list

The natural and ecological situation of the B altic countries on the sea coast is quite favorable. The most favorable indicators of the environmental situation were noted in Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. A relatively unstable coefficient is observed in Sweden and in the region of St. Petersburg. An unstable situation in terms of storm and seismic hazard is typical for the coasts of Finland and Sweden. A low coastal resiliency indicator is observed off the coast of Poland.

All the B altic countries are interested in strengthening interstate ties to solve problems of mutual interest. There are many such problems. These are issues related to economic, demographic, environmental, political development, as well assolution of military security problems. Mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and the post-Soviet republics in establishing border ties contributes to solving the problems of economic restructuring and building a new economic mechanism.

B altic tours

The tourism sector is developing especially actively in this direction. In connection with the accession of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to the European Union and the Schengen zone, the possibility of organizing combined tours, providing a varied and richer program, and using favorable tariffs is increasing. Buying tours in the B altics, you can take a one-day excursion to Sweden by ferry or speedboat (departure from Tallinn), or fly to Europe.

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