Venetian Riviera - a world for two

Venetian Riviera - a world for two
Venetian Riviera - a world for two

Warm rays of the sun pleasantly tickling the face… The purest velvety sand, deftly seeping between the fingers… The blue Mediterranean Sea, caressing the skin with its waves… Are these moments, like a bright flash, before the eyes of travelers in memories of holidays in Italy ?

Numerous beach resorts here coexist perfectly with historical, cultural and religious monuments, which cannot but please tourists who are thirsty for knowledge.

Venice… Holidays in this magnificent city have long become very popular and have been holding top positions in the ratings for many years. It is difficult to say what exactly attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers every year: a warm climate, incredibly beautiful nature, a romantic atmosphere that permeates every, even the smallest, street of Venice, the originality of Italian culture, or extraordinarily delicious traditional cuisine. However, we can safely say that it is the Venetian Riviera that is one of the “magnets” that attracts tourists from all over the world to the country everywhere. And this is not surprising.

Venetian Riviera

The Venetian Riviera includes several resorts, the most famous of which are Lido de Jesolo and Bibione. The favorable climate in the north-east of Italy contributes not only to a pleasant stay, but also minimizes the risk of getting burns and sunstroke. The advantages of these resorts can also be called wide, clean beaches and the calm Adriatic Sea.

It is important to say that absolutely every tourist point located on the territory of the riviera will serve as an excellent vacation spot for couples with children or newlyweds due to the huge variety of entertainment and educational centers, including bars, restaurants, playgrounds, nightclubs, museums, water parks and souvenir shops. The Venetian Riviera is famous for its noisy parties, which are sure to please young, energetic people.

Venice vacation

Almost all resort hotels are located on the first coastal strips, which is not only convenient, but also gives some aesthetic satisfaction. In addition, establishments can offer a wide range of services, from hospitable service to additional entertainment programs.

For lovers of attractions, the Venetian Riviera will give a truly unforgettable experience, because it is on the territory of the Lido de Jesolo resort that the world-famous Gardaland park is located, which is in no way inferior to Disneyland in its scale.

It's impossible to argue with the fact that the beauty of the city changes at different times of the year. Venice in winter turns into real snowa kingdom, a journey through which can rightly be called a walk through the fabulous streets.

With the advent of winter, the city becomes amazingly beautiful. And now tourists do not run to the beach. They rush to museums, cathedrals and galleries to fully enjoy the beauty of Italian culture.

Venice in winter

The Venetian Carnival, which takes place in February, will not leave anyone indifferent. Folk festivals, dances, fireworks and fairs are firmly entrenched in the life of Italians, and their innate hospitality allows everyone to join the heritage of the country.

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