Sochi, sanatorium "Sochi", "Primorsky" building: photo with description, services, reviews of vacationers

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Sochi, sanatorium "Sochi", "Primorsky" building: photo with description, services, reviews of vacationers
Sochi, sanatorium "Sochi", "Primorsky" building: photo with description, services, reviews of vacationers

The resort of Sochi has been and remains the All-Russian he alth resort. Many visitors prefer to stay in mini-hotels. But if you want to not only relax near the sea, but also comprehensively improve your he alth, then you need to buy a ticket to one of the resort's sanatoriums. There you will get a bronze tan on the resort's own beach and undergo a course of treatments. In this article we will talk about a unique place. It is called the Federal State Budgetary Institution of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation "United Sanatorium "Sochi"".

Sounds long, ornate and confusing. Therefore, here we will shorten its name to the sanatorium "Sochi". Why "united"? Because this FGBU has several buildings with their own receptions and administration. Thus, you can buy a ticket to a certain part of the he alth resort. And in this article we will consider the living conditions inbuilding "Primorsky" of the sanatorium "Sochi". Photos, reviews about the rest, description of rooms, infrastructure and medical facilities you will find below.

Bar of the building "Primorsky" of the sanatorium "Sochi"

Where is the he alth resort

Greater Sochi stretches for a hundred kilometers along the Black Sea coast. The resort is divided into districts, and the most attractive for tourists is "Central". It contains most of the entertainment facilities. Also in the center of Sochi, beautiful buildings from the times of the Russian Empire have been preserved. There is a railway station and a market. Many Russians are familiar with the Riviera Park. So, this amazing place of rest is adjacent to the territory of the Sochi sanatorium. As for the sea, it is also located a few tens of meters away. We will tell you more about the beach later. In the meantime, let's talk about the namesake of our corps.

When taking a taxi from the airport or railway station, you must clearly indicate the address. It often happens that drivers deliver tourists to the Primorsky building of the Belarus sanatorium (Sochi). Photos of the beach and the high-rise building are really very similar. But the sanatorium of the Russian president is located on Vinogradnaya Street, 27, and the property of the head of Belarus is in the same Central District of Sochi, but on the street. Politekhnicheskaya, 62. It will be enough to tell the taxi driver that you need the Riviera park. The he alth resort, as mentioned above, adjoins it.


The Sochi United Sanatorium is located in the middle of its own park. Its territory is truly huge - as many as 30hectares! The park is carefully monitored by a whole detachment of gardeners. It is planted with Mediterranean evergreen trees and shrubs. In addition, landscape design specialists strive to ensure that the entire territory of the he alth resort becomes a wonderful backdrop for colorful photos. Sanatorium "Primorsky" (Sochi) is only one of the parts of the Federal State Budgetary Institution. The name of this building is not accidental. The building of 11 floors rises literally on the beach. It should be said that for a long time this building was closed for reconstruction. And just recently, he again received the first guests.

Besides "Primorsky", there is another building in the he alth resort - "Sochi". If the sign of the first building says "4 ", then the second one is decorated with five stars. This is a real four-story palace, with balustrades and winding staircases, built in the Stalinist Empire style. A fountain beats in front of this building - a wonderful backdrop for photographing. The so-called "Dachi" hide in the park. These are separate cottages for VIP guests. In addition to the housing stock, the territory of the united sanatorium has a medical building, a sports complex, a tennis court, volleyball and children's playgrounds, and even its own museum.

Sanatorium "Sochi" - territory

Sanatorium "Sochi", building "Primorsky": rooms

The four-star hotel can accommodate 600 people at the same time. And they have a wide range of rooms to suit every taste and budget. The cheapest premises in an 11-storey building are economy. They are designed to accommodate one or two guests. A slightly more expensive category of rooms - standards. They alsocan be 1- and 2-seater. The latter are called twin doubles.

For we althy guests, there are categories of rooms such as junior suites (simple and superior), suites, apartments and suites. The number of rooms in such premises is also increasing. The studio junior suite consists of a bedroom with a living area. In suites, these rooms are already separate rooms. The apartments consist of a bedroom, a living room and a kitchen. A suite is a suite of four rooms. All guest rooms have their own bathroom and balcony.

What's in the rooms?

To better imagine the luxury and comfort that guests of the Primorsky building of the Sochi sanatorium (Sochi) are surrounded by, let's figure out what is in the simplest category - economy. The area of ​​such a room is solid - 34 square meters. Of course, you will not get a sea view, but the room will have:

  • TV,
  • refrigerator,
  • air conditioner,
  • hair dryer,
  • safe
  • electric kettle with a set of dishes.

Of the furniture, it should be noted a bed, a wardrobe, bedside tables and a folding chair, which, if desired, can become an overnight stay for an additional guest. The private bathroom has a bathtub. Other amenities are added to the standard package of services in superior rooms: upholstered furniture in the living room, iron and ironing board, cupboard, desk, carpet on the floor, toiletries and tea accessories. In these rooms, the area is larger, and the view from the window opens to the sea.

Sanatorium "Sochi", building"Primorskiy", room description

Treatment profile of the sanatorium "Sochi"

Primorsky (Sochi) accepts people with various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and peripheral nervous system. In addition, a urologist, gynecologist, dermatologist, therapist, nutritionist work in the sanatorium. There is even a dental office. Treatment begins with diagnosis. Therefore, the sanatorium has a laboratory where you can take a blood and urine test, undergo ultrasound, gastroscopy and other body tests.

The therapist will prescribe the necessary procedures for the guest, and the dietitian will develop the right nutrition system. In the medical building of the united sanatorium "Sochi" there is a complete medical base. Guests can take courses of various baths, including from Matsesta springs, inhalations, irrigation, showers, mud therapy based on minerals from Pyatigorsk lake Tambukan. The potential of the he alth resort is not exhausted by balneological treatment. Experienced massage therapists work here, and apparatus physiotherapy is also used. There is also a gym for physiotherapy exercises.


The Primorsky sanatorium (Sochi) has its own restaurant. If a guest arrives for treatment or rehabilitation after a serious illness, then the minimum duration of the stay should be 11 days. Then the dietitian after the examination will prescribe a course of nutrition. They eat at the restaurant three times a day. Most guests eat buffet style. People with various food allergies dine at the Greek Hall, where they are served à la carte.

You can eat for a fee atthe territory of the sanatorium in the restaurant "Gallery" or in the cafe "Laguna" on the beach (works only in summer). The Billiard Bar serves coffee and alcoholic drinks. If you want to arrange a luxurious dinner for yourself, then visit a truly luxurious restaurant in the main building of the sanatorium.

Restaurant of the sanatorium "Sochi", building "Primorsky"

Food reviews

Those who come to Sochi for the sake of a beach holiday and general he alth improvement have the opportunity to buy a ticket with payment only for breakfast. And many tourists recommend doing just that. Unfortunately, nutritionists of the Primorsky sanatorium (Sochi) share the concept that he althy food should be tasteless. Not everyone likes steam cutlets without s alt, liquid soups and slurred cereals. In the reviews, tourists are calling on the administration to fire the chefs and improve the quality of food. But the breakfasts at the resort are good. There are boiled eggs and sausages, oatmeal, yoghurts.


According to tourists in the reviews, the Primorsky building of the Sochi sanatorium is closest to the sea, on the first line. Just a couple of meters - and you are on a pebble-sand beach. This section of the coast is fenced, belongs to the sanatorium and unauthorized persons are not allowed there. The beach has a length of 500 meters, which allows all the guests of the he alth resort to find a place under the sun or, if desired, in the shade.

Since people come to the sanatorium for treatment, they sunbathe under the supervision of a nurse. In addition to the first-aid post, there is also a lifeguard service. The beach is well equipped, it is possible to have a therapeutic sleep under the sound of the waves. However, it won't be boring here.and ordinary guests. Numerous water activities are at their service.

Sanatorium "Sochi", building "Primorsky", beach


"Primorsky" in the sanatorium "Sochi" (Sochi) welcomes guests all year round. When the Black Sea is stormy or its temperature does not allow swimming, the guests of the complex have an indoor heated freshwater pool. In addition to swimming in it, guests can diversify their vacation with a variety of spa treatments.

Finnish sauna, Russian steam bath, oriental hammam, individual capsule, relaxation room are at their service. For a fee, guests can indulge in pearl, hydrogen sulfide baths, try the effectiveness of healing mud, relax under the skillful hands of masseurs.

Sanatorium "Sochi", building "Primorsky", Spa center


Now let's consider what services are available in Primorsky (Sochi). Sanatorium "Sochi", of which the building is an integral part, has a spacious conference hall and several rooms for business negotiations, fully equipped with the necessary audio and video equipment. There is a library for guests. And those who like simpler entertainment can play billiards, bowling, table and tennis, volleyball. For those who want to keep themselves in good shape, there is a fitness room equipped with modern exercise equipment. There is also a cinema on the territory of the he alth resort, where films are shown in the evenings.

Paid services

In the "Primorsky" sanatorium "Sochi" (Sochi) withbooking a room, you can order a transfer from the airport or back. The reception is open around the clock. Its staff will competently answer all your questions regarding your stay in the sanatorium and cultural events in Sochi. The complex has secure parking.

Conference rooms and banquet areas are often booked for business meetings or special occasions. Tourists in the reviews of the "Primorsky" sanatorium "Sochi" claim that the prices on the beach for water activities are lower than elsewhere in the resort.

Sanatorium "Sochi", building "Primorsky" - water activities


If you want to undergo a course of treatment in a sanatorium, and not just relax by the sea, then, in addition to your passport, you need to take other important papers with you. First of all, it should be a medical policy. It is also important to have a referral for spa treatment from your doctor. Upon check-in, you must present a ticket (voucher for settlement). If a child is traveling with you, then you need to capture a birth certificate, vaccination certificate, a certificate of the sanitary and epidemiological environment and a medical policy.

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