Universal Studio Park in Osaka: description, attractions, how to get there, reviews

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Universal Studio Park in Osaka: description, attractions, how to get there, reviews
Universal Studio Park in Osaka: description, attractions, how to get there, reviews

Japan has always been a mysterious country. It surprisingly combines respect for traditions, respect for nature and modern technology. One of the interesting sights is Universal Studios Park in Osaka. Not only children, but also adults dream of visiting it.

Short description

Universal Studio Park in Osaka is a place where visitors can feel like they are in Hollywood movies like "Jaws" or "Jurassic Park". There you can relax with the whole family by visiting the attractions in any of the themed areas, where entertainment is presented for every taste and for visitors of all ages:

  • "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter".
  • "Wonderland".
  • "Minion Park".
  • "New York".
  • "San Francisco".
  • "Hollywood".
  • "Jurassic Park".
  • Amity Village.
  • "Water World".

This is a fun placewill compete with the famous "Disneyland". The rides at the Universal Studios Park in Osaka are more modern. In addition to them, there are restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as interesting show programs with the participation of professional stuntmen. There you can meet your favorite characters and chat with them. The park was opened in 2001 and was the first Universal park in Asia. Opening hours and ticket prices vary, so this information should be checked on their official website.

Description of Universal Studios Osaka Park should start from the street leading to the entrance to this beautiful place. It has a large number of restaurants and shops, attracting attention with bright signs. This street immediately sets visitors up for adventure. Every visitor is a welcome guest who is greeted with smiles. There is also a shopping center nearby. Just keep in mind that leaving the park to the center, you will not be able to enter there with regular tickets.

roller coaster

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

One of the most popular spots in the Universal Studios park in Osaka. For some attractions, waiting in line can be up to five hours. Everything in this themed area is inspired by the Harry Potter books. There are attractions: "Flight of the Hippogriff" (classic roller coaster), extreme "Three brooms" and others.

In addition, at the entrance to this part of the park, visitors are met by a train that takes students to Hogwarts. Also therethere are shops familiar to all fans of "Potteriana", bars where you can drink the famous butter beer. Of course, what is "Harry Potter" without Hogwarts: you can get inside the castle without riding the rides - there is a separate line there. But still, it is worth fully immersing yourself in the "Magic World of Harry Potter" by riding the rides and visiting Hogwarts.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


This themed playground was built for the youngest guests of Universal Studios Japan. It is divided into three parts:

  • based on the children's TV show "Sesame Street";
  • "fashion boulevard Hello Kitty";
  • "Snoopy's Studio".

Children will be able to ride the slides, drive on the tracks in a racing car. Or sing karaoke and take a walk in the water garden. By visiting this themed playground, children will see their favorite cartoon characters, and will be able to participate in various games and theatrical performances.

Snoopy's Studio

Minion Park

One of the brightest themed areas of the Universal Studios Japan park is dedicated to minions. These small yellow creatures, chatting in a special language, are popular with children and adults. There is one attraction in Minion Park - Despicable Me.

This is a modern attraction that immerses the visitor in the world of virtual reality. Visiting it, everyone will feel like a minion. In addition, guestswill be able to see how cookies are made and taste them. The park itself turned out to be bright and very positive.

Minion Park

New York

In this part, the main entertainment is dedicated to one of the most famous paintings by Universal Pictures - "Spider-Man". It is a 5D immersion in the film, visitors will be able to feel the whole atmosphere and be a superhero. People line up in the backdrop of the newspaper office where Peter Parker worked. This attraction is considered one of the best.

Also on the site "New York" is an entertainment made based on one of the most famous films of Universal - "Terminator". It is an immersion in 4D reality, as a result of which visitors can become the heroes of the film. Entering this area of ​​the park, guests stroll along the famous New York streets and watch theatrical performances.

San Francisco and Hollywood

In Universal Studios Osaka Park, the roller coaster is located on the Hollywood site: it is called the "Hollywood Dream". They also show show programs based on the famous children's program "Sesame Street" and the cartoon "Shrek". At the site "San Francisco" tourists will be able to walk along the famous streets. It also has the largest number of restaurants and cafes.

Jurassic Park

The film of the same name is one of the most successful projects of Universal Pictures, so there is nothing surprising in the fact thatHe was given a separate area. She was placed in one of the most picturesque corners among a large amount of greenery. Thanks to this, visitors can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the famous park.

One of the main and most extreme attractions of the park - "Dinosaur Flight". Guests will fly upside down, overcoming several "dead loops". This entertainment is suitable for those who do not have problems with the vestibular apparatus. If this is too extreme entertainment, then you can go down the boat from the cliff. Just be prepared to be wet from head to toe.

The roller coaster is also worth a visit. At first, passengers will slowly float along the river and admire the scenery and watch the dinosaurs. And then they fall into a dark cave, and already at the exit, extreme descents and ascents await them.

Jurassic Park

Amity Village and Water World

The main attraction of this site is dedicated to the movie "Jaws". Visitors are placed in a boat driven by a captain who is also the leader. The boat can accommodate up to 20 people, and people go for a walk on the lake. Thanks to the scenery, it was possible to recreate the atmosphere of the film.

Of course, all the passengers are waiting for the shark to appear. But she appears so unexpectedly and looks so realistic that people still get scared. The captain maneuvers, gunpowder barrels explode - all this immerses passengers in the atmosphere of the Jaws.

At the "Water World" site, visitors will be able to watch a chic show,arranged by stuntmen. The action takes place on the "drift city Atoll".

attractions in the park of the studio "Universal"

How to get there and buy tickets

Universal Park is one of the top attractions in Japan. Having been there, you can become the hero of famous Hollywood blockbusters. How do I get to Universal Studios Osaka Park? This can be done by using the subway and train.

The closest train station is called "Universal City". If you need to get from Osaka International Airport, you need to take a train and go to Hotaruike Station. Then change to Hankyu Railway's Takarazuka Line and go to Umeda Osaka Station.

Next, you need to make another change at the JR Circle Line and get to the Nishikujo Station. Then you need to change to the Yumesaki JR line and get off at Universal City.

You can also get from Kansai Airport. Take the JR Hanwa Line to Nishikuze Station. There you need to change to the Yumesaki line and get to Universal City. There are also buses from the amusement park to Kansai and Osaka International Airports.

There are several categories of entrance tickets to the Universal Studios park:

  • standard;
  • annual pass - with it you can visit the park without restrictions;
  • express pass- allows you to reduce the waiting time in queues for popular attractions;
  • ticket for park tour - guided visit;
  • premier show tickets.

Tickets can be bought at the entrance on the day of the visit or ordered online. The cost of a simple ticket is about 7,200 yen.


Universal Studios Osaka Park is always crowded because it is one of the most famous in the world. Therefore, the queue for some rides can take several hours. It is worth coming to the opening and immediately take a queue for the most popular attractions - "Harry Potter" and "Minions".

Also, fewer lines get closer to 7 pm, then you can go ride the rides again. Therefore, if the purpose of your trip is to visit this park, you should rent a hotel near it. Also, for convenience, there are maps in foreign languages ​​and currency exchange offices.

In addition to all of the above, the park has a first aid station and a dog shelter. Visitors can leave their belongings in special storage rooms. Strollers, wheelchairs and electric cars can be rented at an additional cost.

alley in the park


The popularity of the park is not decreasing, but only increasing, and its creators are constantly improving and expanding it. Visitors are delighted with his visit. In reviews of the park of the Universal studio in Osaka, its main drawback is called long queues for rides. Therefore, on hisa visit is advised to set aside a few days.

Visitors also note the high level of service and safety when riding extreme rides. Children are delighted with theatrical performances. Adrenaline lovers - from thrilling rollercoaster rides. The creators of the parks managed to recreate the atmosphere of famous Hollywood films.

On average, a visit to the park will cost 8,000 rubles. This is without taking into account the purchases of souvenirs corresponding to each site. Some visitors to the park note that this place is no worse than Disneyland. And some rides are even more modern and exciting. In addition, the tourist infrastructure is well developed there and there is everything for a comfortable stay.

Universal Studio Park is a very interesting and financially successful project, that's why they are opened all over the world. To create attractions, interactive technologies are used, which makes them so realistic and allows visitors to feel like movie characters. In addition, the creators managed to reconstruct and transfer the atmosphere of cities (New York, San Francisco).

But in addition to modern technology, there are also stuntmen recreating famous scenes from films. This show is no less exciting than the rides. The entertainment program is so intense that it is worth buying tickets for several days of visiting. Universal Park is one of the main and must-see attractions not only in Osaka, but also in Japan.

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