Nagorny Park, Baku: photo and description, how to get there, reviews

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Nagorny Park, Baku: photo and description, how to get there, reviews
Nagorny Park, Baku: photo and description, how to get there, reviews

Wonderful and amazing Baku has many places worth visiting for tourists. Even just wandering the streets of this beautiful city is incredibly exciting - there are so many interesting things around! But if you want to have fun and relax in one bottle, you should definitely visit the Upland Park of Baku - a landmark of the city, which is loved by both visitors and locals.

What is Upland Park

The park area, located in the heart of Baku above the bay, is a complex consisting of park areas proper, a memorial complex and viewing platforms. These are alleys and stairs connected to each other in a single ensemble, which harmoniously includes the bay. The park was built from limestone from Baku quarries.

A trip to history

The Upland Park of Baku (photo below), located above the Baku Bay, has existed since the very beginning of the twentieth century. Its project belongs to the architect Lev Ilyin. Previously, the park was called English - because on its territory there were burial places of the British, who appeared in Baku after the overthrow of the Russian Empire(now from them there was only a monument to those Englishmen). However, this name did not last long for the park - in the Soviet years, they liked to give different objects the names of revolutionary figures, and after the death of Sergei Kirov, the English Park in Baku was named after him (Sergey Kirov was the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan). Even a sculpture of this politician appeared on the territory of the park.

Upland park in Baku before

It was in Soviet times that Nagorny Park became the place where Baku residents could not only walk, but also relax, including with children. Numerous attractions were opened there, a dance floor began to operate - such open areas were common during the years of the Soviets in all cities of the Union. Several cafeterias and even restaurants were equipped, a theater appeared, moreover, the park had its own library! In general, the Upland Park (although it was not such then) in its updated form quickly won the favor and love of both residents and tourists.

In the nineties, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, changes also affected the park. A reconstruction was carried out, during which the monument to Kirov was dismantled, and the name of the park was changed to Nagorny Park - according to the location of the area.

Upland Park today

The last reconstruction of the park at the moment was carried out about six years ago. New paths and paths have appeared, large-scale landscaping work has been carried out, and a whole waterfall complex has started working at full capacity. In addition, in Nagorny Park nowa modern lighting system is in operation.

Alley of Martyrs

Today, in addition to the fact that the park provides an opportunity to walk in the silence of the trees and relax, it is also a memorable place for all residents of the city. It is here that the alley with the graves of soldiers who fought for the independence of Azerbaijan is located. In addition to the soldiers, there are also civilians who died as a result of the events of Black January. There is always silence on this alley, the Eternal Flame burns here, and on January 20 every year people flock here to honor the memory of the fallen. It was because of the burials in the park that all the attractions were removed from there in the nineties. Despite this, he is still very much loved by the people of Baku.

Baku observation deck

And the Highland Park of Baku is the highest point in the city, from where a panorama of amazing beauty opens up on the city itself and on the bay near it. Many tourists go up to the park (we will tell you how to do this a little later) only for the sake of this peculiar observation deck, not yet suspecting that the whole park is worthy of admiration.

What to see in Upland Park

Besides the fact that it's just nice to walk around the territory of Nagorny Park and look around, there are objects in it that I want to talk about separately. And first of all, this is one of the sights of Baku - the Shekhidlyar mosque. She appeared there in 1992 with the assistance of Turkish representatives. You can find it on the Alley of Martyrs - the very alley with the burial places of warriors. You can’t go inside, but admire the mosque from the outsideperfectly acceptable.

Shekhidlyar Mosque Baku

Interest is a huge two-meter block sticking out in the park and out of its general architecture. According to local beliefs, this block with a hole in the center has healing properties. It has been located on the territory of the park since the nineteenth century, and no one has touched it during all the alterations and reconstructions.

The Green Theater is also a park attraction. It began its work in the sixties of the last century, suspended its activities in the coming century, but resumed it after reconstruction. Both local and visiting artists perform on the stage of the theater - this is perhaps one of the most famous Baku concert venues.

Green theater Baku

Another attraction is the Gulistan Palace, built in the 1980s. Its purpose was to hold cultural events. The palace project received the State Prize, it is so beautiful and unusual.

Worth mentioning is the funicular, with which you can get to the park (we will talk about this in more detail below). It has been operating since 1960 and takes everyone to the park in just ten minutes. The funicular can be called both a landmark of the park and the whole city as a whole.

Also, on the territory of the Upland Park of Baku, there are many different monuments and sculptures, which are also worthy of being looked at. In addition, there grows a huge variety of both old, centuries-old, and younger trees, and,of course, chic flower beds are broken.

Baku Upland Park: how to get there

To get to the park area, you need to know where it is located, despite the fact that you can see the park towering above the city from almost everywhere. The address of the Nagorny Park of Baku is as follows: Sabail district, Lermontov street.

There are several ways to get there. The first one is from below (recall, the park is the highest point in the city), by funicular, straight from the Carpet Museum on Primorsky Boulevard. You need to sit at the stop "Lower Station" (monument Bahram Gur) and get to the "Upper Station" (Upland Park). The funicular operates from ten in the morning until ten in the evening, the cost of the trip is 1 Azerbaijani manat (approximately 38-39 rubles).

For those who do not want to ride the funicular, there is a second option - bus number 3 or 18. It goes immediately to the top point - to the stop "Flame Towers" (or Flame Towers). From there, the park is within easy reach.

Stairway to Upland Park

However, there is a third option - for the desperate: walking up the high stairs. It is quite difficult, but it gives you the opportunity not only to enjoy the beautiful views, but also to take plenty of pictures. By the way, the fourth way - for the most we althy and lazy - is a taxi. There are several of them in Baku, including the now widespread Uber.

The park is open 24/7 and admission is free.

Nagorny Park Baku: reviews

Tourists are unanimous in their opinion: Upland Park is really impressive. And even ifsome of the visitors are more or less indifferent to the numerous shady alleys and bright flower beds in the park, then no one can resist the picturesque panorama that opens from the park. Baku lies all at a glance - and these views are truly amazing.

View from the observation deck

And if you are there at night to admire Baku at night, then this spectacle will become completely unforgettable. The upland park of Baku is rightfully called the highlight of the city.

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