Cape Taran, Kaliningrad region: the most beautiful place in the B altic

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Cape Taran, Kaliningrad region: the most beautiful place in the B altic
Cape Taran, Kaliningrad region: the most beautiful place in the B altic

Have you been to the Kaliningrad region? If not, by all means visit this region, and think over your route in such a way as to turn to Cape Taran. This is a unique place where you can truly feel the unity with nature and relax your soul…

Svetlogorsk in brief

Cape Taran is located in close proximity to Svetlogorsk - only twelve kilometers away, and therefore it is advisable to talk about this beautiful city on the coast of the B altic Sea. It is in Svetlogorsk that you can stop for the night and leave your things before embarking on an amazing journey to the cape and the lighthouse of the same name on it. But first things first…

The city of Svetlogorsk is located thirty kilometers west of Kaliningrad. This is not just a city, but a resort city, because, as already mentioned, it lies on the sea coast. There is not much local permanent population in the town - about thirteen (plus or minus) thousand people, but this is a fairly large tourist center in the region.

Svetlogorsk Kaliningrad region

Before Svetlogorsk was calledRauschen, it received its current name in 1947. The climate in the city is very dependent on the sea - the influence of the latter is strongly felt. The average January temperature (the coldest month of the year) is minus 2, the average July temperature (the warmest) is plus 16. The water is warmest in August, this period is the peak of tourists.

Svetlogorsk he alth resorts are very popular, in addition to local beaches. The city has a cable car (renovated five years ago). The air in Svetlogorsk is fresh and clean due to being in a forest park zone - here you can see a huge number of a wide variety of trees that grow only in this strip.

Cape Taran

As already mentioned, the aforementioned cape is located twelve kilometers from Svetlogorsk, at the tip of the Kaliningrad Peninsula. This is its northwestern ledge, which is known to all sailors who have ever crossed the B altic Sea. Very close to Cape Taran lies a small village called Donskoye (the Germans called it Gross Dirshkaim).

Most of the cape, which, by the way, is very steep (it reaches a height of up to sixty meters, which makes it one of the highest capes), is known for the lighthouse of the same name, but we will talk about it a little later. For now, let's talk about something else: what else of interest, besides the lighthouse, can be found on the cape?

Features of the Cape

First of all, of course, these are impressive views of incredible beauty. Such panoramas unfold before your eyes, if you stand on a cape facing the sea - this calmness and grandeur capturesspirit. Also, it's amazing nature. It is not typical for the Kaliningrad region: here, at the tip of the Kaliningrad Peninsula, there are a lot of steep cliffs, descents, ascents and other bends. Do not forget that before - in the "old times" - Germans lived on this land, and you can still find many objects reminiscent of the German past of the Kaliningrad land. In addition, various Soviet artifacts have been preserved, which will be interesting to see not only for a person born in the Soviet Union, but also for those who were born after its collapse.

Cape Taran with a lighthouse

One more thing is fishing. There are a huge number of varieties of fish that can be caught right in the sea. For tourists on the coast, guest houses are offered - live for your own pleasure. And if you're lucky and amber is washed ashore, you can also collect it. By the way, to go down to the beach, you need to sweat: as already mentioned, the slopes here are very steep. And despite the fact that ladders are installed in places suitable for descent, climbing down can be quite scary. Especially "reckless" tourists often try to go down in the wrong places, despite the warning signs specially installed on the cape. You should not do this - you risk breaking your neck and not getting any pleasure from the rest.

Lighthouse Taran

The lighthouse of the same name, thanks to which the cape has gained fame in many respects, is the westernmost in Russia. Until 1963, it was called Brewsterort (from the German words Brust -"chest" and Ort - "place"). The lighthouse, whose “birthday” is celebrated on September 24, stands on the cape for a reason, but is a signal warning to ships that there is a rocky reef nearby. Thus, a lighthouse 95 meters high ensures safety on the way to two ports at once - B altiysk and Kaliningrad. Like most lighthouses in Russia, Taran is lit at night. During the day, this is done only if the visibility on the water does not exceed four miles.

Lighthouse Taran Kaliningrad region

For the first time, the lighthouse at Cape Taran was lit at the end of the seventeenth century. Today, the lighthouse itself and all its outbuildings belong to the B altic Fleet, while the territory around it is occupied by a military unit, and therefore it is impossible for a “mere mortal” to get inside - entry is only possible with passes. But it is legal to take a walk nearby and take a picture against the backdrop of a beautiful landmark.

How to get to the cape

To get to Cape Taran, you need to take a regular bus to the village of Donskoy. From there you have to walk two kilometers - and now you have arrived at your destination.

Lighthouse Taran

Of course, if you have your own car, it will be easiest to use it - you can get from Kaliningrad in less than an hour.

Reviews of tourists

Everyone who has visited Cape Taran in the Kaliningrad region agrees that everyone should see this place. It is simply impossible to remain indifferent or disappointed!

B altic Sea

People note that this is the most beautiful place on the entire B altic coast. Silence, tranquility, peace, harmony with nature and the almost complete absence of people - this is what awaits everyone who comes to Cape Taran.

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