Beaches of Nusa Dua, Bali: reviews of tourists

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Beaches of Nusa Dua, Bali: reviews of tourists
Beaches of Nusa Dua, Bali: reviews of tourists

Bali resorts are very popular among beach lovers. Nusa Dua is considered the most elite place on the entire island. The resort is aimed at the most demanding tourists. The most luxurious hotels with good internal infrastructure are built here. The resort began to develop in the eighties. Only hotel residents and their employees can get to Nusa Dua beach, this creates a certain level of security. But resting here, you will not feel the true flavor of the island. If you want to see the region, you will have to travel outside of Nusa Dua.

Closed area

The resort area is located in the east of the Bukit peninsula. It is considered the best in Bali. The territory of Nusa Dua beach is closed, you can get to it, but you will have to go through security control. Inspect cars and buses, checking luggage. The resort has luxury hotels that have long been loved by Hollywood stars.

Coastal view
Coastal view

Many mistakenly believe that Bali is a heavenly place to relax. In fact, there are not so many places on the island where you can sunbathe and swim. The southern coast is washed by the restless waters of the Indian Ocean, which are unsuitable for swimming. Therefore, the beaches of Nusa Dua are among the best on the island. They are aimed at we althy people who prefer a relaxing family vacation.

Where is it

Nusa Dua is located 25 kilometers from Denpasar - the administrative center of Bali. The distance from the airport to the resort is only ten kilometers, to Kuta - 15, and to Seminyak - 20. A chain of elite hotels stretches along the coast of the region. The beach area of any of the hotels is open from the sea side, but from the land side the resort is completely closed.

Resort Features

Inside the elite area, more than ten hotel complexes of the highest category have been built. Establishments usually have well-groomed parks, extensive water complexes and private beaches, as well as tennis courts and restaurants. For lovers of shopping in the center of the resort, a shopping complex "Gallery Collection" was built. During the daytime, free shuttles run from each hotel to the shopping center.

Tourists come to the resort on all-inclusive tours. As a rule, on the territory of hotels there is everything you need for a holiday, so there is no need to leave its territory. Hotels present to tourists the artificial world of Bali, fenced off from the realities of island life. Local residents can be seen here only as staff of the establishments. The season on the beaches of Nusa Dua lasts forthroughout the year, which attracts tourists here. But surfers visit the resort from December to February, this period is the most suitable for this sport.

Beaches of the region

There are only a few beaches in Nusa Dua (Bali). Each of them is good for relaxing and swimming adults and children. The local coast boasts a calm sea, unlike the neighboring resorts of Seminyak and Kuta. Waves here sometimes happen too, but usually break somewhere far away on coral reefs.

Sand beach
Sand beach

The advantage of the beaches of Nusa Dua in Bali is the light yellow sandy shore. But once on the site of the resort there were mangrove forests and swamps. Therefore, the beaches in the region are artificial (imported sand). But the neighboring regions can only boast of a dark volcanic coast. Ocean water pleases tourists with its purity and emerald hue.

Coast Features

Ebb and flow are some inconveniences. Each hotel puts up a detailed chart of water level changes on the coast so that tourists can choose the best time for swimming. At low tide, the sea moves away from the coast for several hours (tens of meters), revealing a sandy bottom with algae, debris and corals.

On the beaches of Nusa Dua in Bali (their photos are given in the article) there are lagoons where you can comfortably swim all day long. At low tide, the depth in such places reaches the waist. Such lagoons are located near Novotel Bali Hotel and Ayodya Bali Resort.

The beaches of the resort are not crowded, many tourists spendpool time. There is a beautiful promenade, which is a paving stone path laid in the middle of the sand. It is convenient to ride a bike or go for a morning jog along the promenade. There is a 6 km long road along the coast.

Geger Beach

In addition to the coastal areas belonging to hotels, there are also public ones. Among them, it is worth highlighting Geger Beach (Nusa Dua). It takes an honorable tenth place in the ranking of the island of Bali. It is located near Sawanganu, in close proximity to the Nusa Dua Golf Club.

Geger beach
Geger beach

Geger can please holidaymakers with excellent weather throughout the year. Of course, there are rainy and dry periods, but in general, a comfortable stay is always available. The disadvantage of the rainy season is the garbage that the sea throws onto the coast. This problem is island-wide, not a specific beach.

Coastal Advantages

Geger covers the coral reef from the winds, so there is no wind and waves. The reefs act as a breakwater, so the sea surface in this region remains almost always calm. Sometimes there are very small waves that slightly roll onto the shore and do not cause inconvenience. The beach is very good to relax with children. The shallow coast seems to be made for kids.

The beach is covered with large light sand, which does not cause discomfort. Its density allows you to run or play basketball or volleyball. According to tourists, the sand cover is somewhat reminiscent of millet. Sunset inthe sea is sandy and without stones. And the transparency of sea water allows you to see the bottom at a great distance from the coast.

The local coast is very picturesque and not as crowded as other places on the beaches of Nusa Dua (Bali), the reviews confirm this. It is for this reason that Geger is visited for the sake of secluded relaxation.

Beach infrastructure

The coast is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. During the day, local merchants constantly scurry along it, offering all sorts of sweets and souvenirs. Since Geger is located next to the fishing village of the same name, fishing boats and ships complement the local landscapes.

Guesthouses and hotels are located near the village in the beach area. The disadvantages of the coast, tourists include a large amount of algae off the coast during the rainy season.

Resort Cafe
Resort Cafe

The beach is lined with restaurants and cafes offering local food and drinks. Tourists note that Geger is one of those places where topless sunbathing is allowed. This point should be considered if you are planning a family vacation.

Like any beach, there are many water activities: sailing, kayaking, ATV or motorboat. Snorkeling is incredibly popular off the coast due to the amazingly clear water. Surfers only need to swim to the reef, and there waves await them. True, only experienced athletes can cope with such a task.

Surfer resort

According to tourists, the beaches of Nusa Dua (Bali) are very popular among surfers. Surfboards operate on the coast from November to Marchspots that are known to the whole world. Very often they become the venue for international competitions.

Sights of the resort

The main attraction of the beaches of Nusa Dua (photo is given in the article) is Turtle Island. Turtles come here to lay their eggs. This stunning sight is worth seeing.

And art lovers can go to the Pacific Museum. In its exposition there are paintings by European artists who painted their paintings in Bali. The museum is considered the best on the island.

turtle island
turtle island

If you are an active tourist, then you will get bored of being on the beach and want to see something new. But for this you need to go outside the resort, since all the most interesting things in Bali are outside the territory of Nusa Dua. Oddly enough, but tourists love the island of Bali, which is part of Indonesia. A fabulous corner with a wonderful climate is interesting not only for its natural beauties. Four types of forests grow on its territory. Volcanoes make the resort even more exotic.

Unfortunately, Nusa Dua is a cultivated region that does little to convey the spirit and traditions of the island. To fully experience the local flavor, you need to see the sights and temple complexes. Tourists note that in every Nusa Dua hotel you can book a tour of the most interesting places on the island. The range of trips is quite wide.

Temples and places of interest

Tourists recommend visiting the temples of Ulun Danu, Tanah Lot,Uluwatu, Goa Gadja, each of which is interesting in its own way. Many vacationers want to see the Gunung Batur volcano, located in the north of the island. It still remains active, periodically reminding of itself by tremors. Lake Batur was formed in the crater of the volcano a long time ago.

And in another crater of an extinct volcano in the mountainous region of Bedugul, there is a botanical garden covering about 150 hectares. Its vast collection of plants is amazing. Here you can admire the rare representatives of the tropical world.

Nusa Dua Hotels

Nusa Dua beach hotels (Bali) are top category establishments that offer a wide range of facilities and good service.

One of the most popular hotels is Inaya Putri Bali. The hotel is located next to the best Nusa Dua beach. A fifteen minute walk from the hotel is a shopping center "Bali Collection". The hotel provides its guests with comfortable rooms and villas.

Hotel in the resort area
Hotel in the resort area

No less interesting for tourists are the hotel complexes "Nusa Dua Beach Resort and Spa", "Western Resort Nusa Dua Bali". They have a high level of service. Resort hotels are the best five-star establishments. There are also good four-star hotels. Each institution has a developed infrastructure, thanks to which it can provide the best conditions for the rest of we althy guests.

Reviews of tourists

Continuing the review of the popular resort, I would like to pay attention to the reviews about the beaches of Nusa Dua. Are they really as good as thempresent brochures? According to experienced travelers, a respectable resort is beautiful at any time, whenever you decide to visit it. The weather in the region is consistently pleasing throughout the year. But some tourists believe that the ideal time for a vacation is April. At this time there are very few holidaymakers, and there is no rain. But that's just a matter of your personal preference. The main thing is that you can go on vacation at any time, regardless of what month your vacation fell on.

The main advantage of the beaches is the gentle entry into the sea and the absence of waves. The coast is incredibly convenient for families with kids. Whichever hotel you go to, it is guaranteed to have its own beach, equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds. Public beaches are also available at the resort, but they require you to pay for the use of accessories.

Tourists note that Nusa Dua can conditionally be divided into two parts: before and after the shopping center. In the south, the coast does not suffer from ebb and flow, there are no algae here. But in the northern part, during the period of water level changes, algae and sea urchins appear. When choosing the right hotel, pay attention to which part of Nusa Dua it is located in.

Sea coast of Nusa Dua
Sea coast of Nusa Dua

According to tourists, the resort is an ideal place for a lazy holiday. Respectable people who appreciate increased comfort and tranquility strive here. There is simply no better place for a family vacation. During the whole vacation you will enjoy not only the sea and the beach, but also the green areas of the hotelcomplexes. The beaches of all hotels are clean, as the staff regularly cleans them.

Perhaps young people will be bored here, but this problem is fixable, since other resorts of the island are located nearby. With all the advantages of Nusa Dua, it also has some disadvantages. Very often, sea tides throw garbage on the coast. Of course, hotel staff quickly cleans up sewage, but this situation is typical for the entire coast of the island.

If you are planning a vacation in Nusa Dua, you should know that the cost of services here is higher than in other areas of Bali. The rest of the resort is very attractive in all respects. No wonder it is deservedly popular among tourists.

Instead of afterword

The amazing resort of Nusa Dua is the perfect place for a beach holiday. Transparent sea and sandy beaches combined with exotic nature and luxury hotels create the best conditions for an unforgettable vacation.