Tunisia, hotel "Welcome Meridiana Djerba": reviews with photos, services, infrastructure, tourist tips

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Tunisia, hotel "Welcome Meridiana Djerba": reviews with photos, services, infrastructure, tourist tips
Tunisia, hotel "Welcome Meridiana Djerba": reviews with photos, services, infrastructure, tourist tips

Tourists leave a lot of feedback about the hotel "Welcome Meridiana Djerba", which provides service according to the all-inclusive system beloved by our compatriots. And groups from different cities of Russia go on tour.

Hotel area
Hotel area


There is a popular hotel on the island of Djerba in the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the coast of Tunisia. The island's snow-white beaches, warm climate, and a huge number of attractions have made it popular among curious tourists.


The area of the island is 515 km2. The population is almost 140 thousand people. This is a great place to spend a good holiday on the south coast of Tunisia.

Hotel description and room stock

Hotel in Tunisia
Hotel in Tunisia

The luxurious hotel complex includes more than three hundred rooms designed for family holidays in comfortable conditions. These are Standard room (24 m2) and Family room (31 m2).

The interior of the rooms is made in oriental style, taking into account all needspotential tourists. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, TV and household appliances necessary for living. Gorgeous views allow you to enjoy the local beauties of nature from a comfortable and cozy terrace. But in the reviews there are also impressions of those whose windows overlooked the construction site. Therefore, be careful when checking in - the hotel is sometimes engaged in decoration and repair.

In addition to the standard set of services and necessary items for each room, there is a list of bonuses provided for a fee. These include the use of safes and enhanced comfort conditions, which are provided at the request of customers.

Hotel rooms
Hotel rooms

Each room includes the mandatory availability of two beds or one king size bed. An extra bed can be provided by the staff for which no extra charge is required. In addition, all guests of the establishment can use the mini-bar, which they will have to fill on their own at their own discretion or order drinks according to a separate price list. There are TVs in every room, programs are broadcast via satellite.

The institution has three special rooms for people with disabilities. But they need to be booked in advance so as not to be in an awkward situation during your holiday.

According to reviews of "Welcome Meridian Djerba", employees are always ready to make contact with customers, requiring simple rules of conduct and compliance with a certain regime.

Hotel reception
Hotel reception

For example, releasethe room is required before 12-00 on the day of departure, otherwise the payment for the next day is charged. All existing norms and features of service can always be clarified with the administrator.

All rooms in the hotel are furnished in the same style and provided with similar conditions. A chic view of the local park will give a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions, allowing you to enjoy the beauties of the outlandish nature.

According to reviews of "Welcome Meridian Djerba", employees carefully monitor the cleanliness of the rooms, daily cleaning is a must. It includes a change of bed linen and bath accessories. Cleaning takes place at a convenient time for guests, so there will be absolutely no discomfort.

Restaurants and bars

Vacationers have a lot of opportunities, given that the institution operates on an all-inclusive basis. Chic local cuisine allows you to enjoy the culinary delights of welcoming chefs.

Restaurant in the hotel
Restaurant in the hotel

The main restaurant introduces tourists to Tunisian cuisine, only fresh products are used for cooking. If you want to experiment, you can use the services of numerous restaurants located on the territory of the hotel complex. Each tourist will be able to make a choice based on their preferences. The hotel has a main restaurant, a Tunisian restaurant, a Moorish cafe and 3 bars. So, there is plenty to choose from.

According to reviews of the hotel "Welcome Meridiana Djerba", the choice of seafood delivered to the table directly fromsea subsoil. Only highly professional masters are involved in the preparation of dishes, so you can safely count on not only taste pleasure, but also visual pleasure, because serving and presentation can pleasantly surprise gourmets from different countries every time. Although you can find in the reviews in 2018 about the "Welcome Meridian Djerba" in Tunisia the opinion of those who were not very satisfied with the food, they also admit that it is impossible to stay hungry here.

Meals at the hotel
Meals at the hotel

A separate art form of hotel cuisine is original and exquisite desserts made by a local confectioner from fresh ingredients. All offers are designed in such a way as to satisfy the needs and wishes of the most sophisticated and demanding client, giving him the opportunity to choose the best menu option for himself.

Hotel facilities

Resting at the hotel, guests can take advantage of the developed infrastructure. There are equipped banquet and conference halls, you can rent a car to travel around the island and leave it in the parking lot here. There is free Wi-Fi on site, which, according to reviews of "Welcome Meridiana Djerba 4", is especially well caught at the lobby. Here you can use the services of an ATM if you need to exchange currencies.

During the rest, there will be time to get a new hairstyle or styling at the hairdresser, to hand over things to the laundry. A doctor is on duty on the territory, the visit to which you need to pay.

You can pay at the reception with bank cards.

Beach andswimming pools

Rest in the hotel "Meridian"
Rest in the hotel "Meridian"

In reviews of the "Welcome Meridian Djerba" in Tunisia, many write that they return to this place again and again because of the beach. An exit leads to it through the territory of the institution, which is located on the first line.

The hotel also has beautiful pools: indoor and outdoor.

Sports & Entertainment

Spa in the hotel
Spa in the hotel

There are many sports facilities in the hotel. There is a fitness room, a tennis court, golf courses, billiards. You can sign up for diving, windsurfing. During the day, guests are entertained by animation, and in the evening there is a disco club. There is a sauna, hammam, bath, spa.

Excursions from the hotel on the island of Djerba

If some tourists dream of stretching out on sunbeds as soon as possible, others love to go on excursions. At the Wellcome Meridiana Djerba hotel, you can buy excursions from a guide or from local reliable sellers. This will help make your vacation more varied and memorable.

Gelala Museum

This is a large and interesting museum that tells the life story of the locals. In each separate room, there are figurines of people who are engaged in daily activities.

There is a pottery workshop not far from the museum. The locals of Gelala are the founders of pottery on the island. Here they will tell you from what and how dishes and other items are made. And for a fee, they will give you the opportunity to try to mold the figures yourself.

Sahara Desert

One of the most exciting and interesting excursionson Djerba is a journey through the Sahara desert. A trip through the desert will not seem easy, and a two-day walk is possible. But it's worth it, along the way you can meet places where Star Wars episodes were filmed. Horse and camel rides, the opportunity to see Berber houses, and capture the sunrise in the Sahara will fill life with new sensations.

Crocodile Farm

This is a whole complex that accommodates about 4,000 thousand crocodiles of various species. Here you can see both huge individuals and very small ones, with which there will be an opportunity to take a picture.

Special attention deserves the moment when the crocodiles are fed. You can see a huge number of individuals, and feel the power of reptiles.

The village is small enough to contain several Berber houses. Mostly farm workers.

Cities of Hum Suk and Medun

Mostly these towns are visited to buy souvenirs and various spices. Here you can taste the real food of the inhabitants of the island. Prices will also pleasantly surprise you, for a relatively small cost, you can buy souvenirs and food.

Quad bike rides

Here, lovers of drive are waiting for a whole unknown road. For the entire route, you can go around the entire island. Visit villages, bodies of water, and steep closed roads. During the trip, you can take pictures in the most unusual places.

Sidi Mehrez Beach

The most beautiful and cleanest beach in Djerba. This is a good place to stay. Here you can try various fruit cocktails, enjoy warm sea water. itone of the oldest beaches on the island. Along it are places where you can quench your thirst and have a bite to eat.

The beach itself stretches for almost 13 km. It has a developed infrastructure, so hotel guests can sunbathe in different places during their vacation.

El Ghriba Synagogue

According to legend, a sacred stone fell into this place, and this marked the significance of the place. The building will not cause strong emotions, but inside it is amazing. The walls inside are made of decorated panels. The sacred chronicles are also kept in the temple.

Water entertainment

Riding various water cushions, tablets and jet skis is worth the money spent. During the walk you can meet dolphins, visit a desert island and try yourself as a fisherman.

Camel and horseback riding

This is perhaps the most common excursion. Available in almost every town or village. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle, you should take a ride on calm animals in the quiet corners of the island.

The island is really impressive with its sights. And every year the number of tourists increases several times.

If you have planned a trip to Tunisia in the "Welcome Meridian Djerba", then it is better to think over the route of visiting sightseeing places in advance in order to have time to sunbathe and visit excursions.

Despite the large number of rooms in the hotel, it is worth taking care of booking as early as possible, because during the peak holidays and the holiday season, you may encounter a lack of free apartments.

If the firststop in a wonderful complex, you can evaluate the quality of services based on informative and honest reviews about the hotel "Welcome Meridiana Djerba" in Tunisia in the worldwide network. Most vacationers are pleased with the attention given to them and the level of service, although some are jealous of the hospitality with which they greet French tourists.

Disadvantages are being eliminated, new services are constantly appearing, and an individual approach to each guest creates a special atmosphere in the establishment. Having made a choice in favor of this resort, you can fully focus only on a wonderful vacation. All domestic issues will be taken over by the hotel staff, who can anticipate the possible wishes of their customers.

Holidays with children

According to reviews, "Velkom Meridiana Djerba" is great for families with children. During the day, they can be left to play in the mini-club, a shallow pool is provided for them, and there is a playground. The restaurant will give you a high chair and you can ask to bring a crib to your room. If you want to go on a tour without a child, you can order babysitting services.

Most vacationers stay at the hotel not the first time. Because they consider it the most convenient and profitable vacation option for themselves, leaving reviews of the "Welcome Meridian Djerba" with a photo.

Bar in the hotel
Bar in the hotel

It meets all European standards, is located in close proximity to the sea and aims to create the most comfortable conditions for guests to enjoy their time.

You can stay with your pets in this hotel.