Galichskoye Lake (Galichsky district, Kostroma region): description, recreation, fishing

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Galichskoye Lake (Galichsky district, Kostroma region): description, recreation, fishing
Galichskoye Lake (Galichsky district, Kostroma region): description, recreation, fishing

Kostroma region is one of the most beautiful in our country. More than 2 thousand monuments of architecture, history and religion await you here. Miraculous springs and holy cloisters, all this attracts thousands of tourists every year. Even if we consider Kostroma as part of the cities of the Golden Ring, it occupies a leading position. A beautiful, ancient city, the cradle of Russian history and traditions. But today we will talk about outdoor recreation, namely, about Lake Galich.

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Best area for tourists

The area here is rich in ancient monuments. But most often tourists visit Galich in the Kostroma region. In fact, he himself is an architectural and historical monument due to the high density of attractions on its streets. Monasteries and temples, a trading square and a settlement, create an unusual image of the city. Are you fed upwalk around the city and look at the buildings? Galich (Kostroma region) is a city with fantastically beautiful surroundings. Local forests and rivers will not leave anyone indifferent. What is only Galich Lake.

Nearest body of water

Indeed, it is located very close to the city. You can even get there on foot or by bus. Lake Galich is often called the pearl of the Kostroma region for the purity of its waters and the picturesque surroundings. But that's not all. The pond is ideal for fishing. Moreover, even beginners, not to mention professionals in this business, will not be left without a catch.

Due to these factors, Lake Galich has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Kostroma region. As a result, numerous tourist bases began to grow along its banks. They are distinguished by special hospitality, which is typical for the Russian people.

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History of the lake

The area, in principle, is unique. It is located in an ancient lake basin, which is twice the area of ​​the modern lake. Along the edges of the basin there are hills and ridges that were formed more than 125 thousand years ago when glacial waters melted.

At that time, this basin was the largest in the western part of the region. It accumulated in itself huge masses of water that fed the rivers of the Kostroma lowland. Later, the meltwater flows began to decrease and the basin turned into a gradually shallowing lake. Today, processes are already being launched that lead to the transformation of the lake into a swamp. So soonthe landscape may change significantly.

General Description

The territory of the Galichsky district of the Kostroma region is distinguished by a large number of lakes. This attracts lovers of outdoor recreation. But most of them are small or very small. The exception is the grandiose mirror called Galichskoe.

It is the first choice for a weekend getaway for locals. Still, its beauty can be described for a very long time. The city is located on the southeastern shore and the lake is a waterway that connects it with the settlements on the northern shore.

The reservoir is rich in fish. This is its main advantage, for which hundreds of tourists come here. But, as already mentioned, in recent years there has been a trend towards shallowing, which puts the entire ecosystem of the lake at risk.

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Sizes of Lake Galich

The height of the described reservoir is 101 meters above sea level. Its area is 76.6 sq. km. The length is about 17 km, the average width is 4.5 km. The average depth of the lake is 1.7 m, so it is quite suitable for families with children. The bottom is flat, and the greatest depth is 5 meters. This creates optimal conditions for fishing.

Pros and cons

Fishing on Lake Galich is just magical. Here you can make your dream come true by catching your first record trophy.

But on its banks you can successfully hunt. In addition, excursions on pleasure boats are constantly conducted on the lake. There is also a small yachtclub. Here you can go yachting, but only dinghies go on the lake, since keel yachts cannot be used because of the shallow bottom. At the bottom of the lake is sapropel silt, which can be used to fertilize the soil.

Unfortunately, the lake is beginning to change, which in the future may affect its attendance. It in itself is not too deep, and now it continues to shallow. The approach to the water is not always convenient, and there are few sandy beaches. The bottom is muddy and muddy in places, which does not please vacationers at all. True, there are also sandy places, which allows you to swim in comfort. The popularity of this lake is added by a special legend about the underground passage, which is known to all local residents.

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Myths and legends

They are so good to tell in the evening, when the flames of the fire cast magical highlights. The legend is associated with treasures that were allegedly buried in underground passages under the lake. She has a lot of variations, but let's focus on the classic one.

The legend tells about the greedy prince who found out about the buried treasure. It was believed that if you bury your firstborn in the ground, then ships loaded with gold would rise to the surface. The prince did just that. According to legend, he even managed to see the tops of 12 ships that appeared on the surface. But the mother of the child saved her son, and the prince was left without a treasure. Surprisingly, a treasure was indeed found in the lake. It is believed that it once belonged to a priest who lived on the shore of the lake.

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Featuresbody of water

This is a vast body of water that stretches across the lowlands. This affects the bottom relief - it is very simple. Here you can fish with a bait, put some snacks, in any case, you will get rich booty. The depth in the flood here reaches 5 meters, so you can periodically fish for spinning. Despite the fact that the scale of the lake is quite impressive, many locals complain about its gradual silting and shallowing. But the lake, nevertheless, continues to be an object of increased attention for tourists.

Recreation on Lake Galich can be varied, but the most popular destination, as already mentioned, is fishing. Perch and roach, ruff, bream and pike are found in these places. Quite often comes across pike perch and silver carp. Previously, the variety of species was more impressive. Bleak, ide, burbot, bream and tench were also caught here. But the catch of this fish at one time acquired such proportions that today they almost do not come across. It will take several years for the population to recover.

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How to get there

Galichskoye Lake is located in the eponymous district of the Kostroma region. Only 130 km from the regional center. You will have to get to Kostroma by any available route. You can use the services of the train. There is a railway station of the same name in Galich itself.

To get from Kostroma in your car, you need to move along the R-243 highway, up to Sudislavl. On the ring road, you need to go towards the sign for the village of Druzhba. After that you passYasnevo, Mitino and drive into Galich. The path is almost over, you can prepare for the rest. By the way, the choice is yours. You can stay in the city and see the monuments and sights, or go straight to the beach and look for a place for a picnic.

Where else can you go

By the way, the outskirts of the city here are very interesting. There are places to walk and things to see. But since we are talking about the lakes of the Kostroma region, let's devote a little time to other large reservoirs:

  • Lake Pakhievo. It is located 10 km from the village of Shartanovo, Kostroma region. Its depth reaches 22 meters, and in summer only a few upper meters warm up. The reservoir is inhabited by different types of fish and muskrats. The lake itself seems to be written off the pages of a fairy tale. Impenetrable thickets, clearings and birch groves surround it with a dense wall. Here, as if in a fairy tale, a brilliant mirror of water is spread out, surrounded by a mixed forest and inviting with transparent and fresh air. Everything here is designed to have a great time. Fishing here is excellent, carp and bream, burbot and perch, roach and pike perch, pike are caught.
  • Lake Chukhloma. This is another remarkable reservoir, the area of ​​​​which is 48 square meters. km. It is almost round, and its depth is 4.5 meters. The shores are flat and swampy, the bottom is muddy. That is, the lake is not of great interest to vacationers, but here you can sit in silence with a fishing rod. For the most part, one perch is caught here. You can fish with a lure, a balancer and a bloodworm. There is also a pike here, but it comes acrossrare.
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Instead of a conclusion

The nature of the Kostroma region is amazing and diverse. If you are going to spend your holidays here, then it's time to start planning an itinerary. Interested in architectural monuments? So you can enjoy your time in the city. And if you are tired of the bustle, then it's time to get out to the lake and sit with a fishing rod.

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