Tourist center "Sunflowers" (Nizhny Novgorod region, Vysokovka village): description, services

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Tourist center "Sunflowers" (Nizhny Novgorod region, Vysokovka village): description, services
Tourist center "Sunflowers" (Nizhny Novgorod region, Vysokovka village): description, services

On the high bank of the river. Vetluga, in the Voskresensky district of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the camp site "Sunflowers" is located. The nearby virgin forest gives its guests peace and quiet, but at the same time encourages them to spend their free time actively.

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Where is it located

A camp site "Sunflowers" is located 165 km from Nizhny Novgorod. It is safe to say that the air and nature here are environmentally friendly. Many places for fishing and hunting lovers, which are definitely worth a visit.

The hostel keeps its doors open 365 days a year and is ready to receive another guest at any time. The size of the hostel allows you to accommodate up to 110 people.

How to get there

To get to Podsolnukhov, it is best to use a car that needs to move along the N. Novgorod - Kirov highway. Route: Nizhny Novgorod - the village of Vysokovka, with the passage of three settlements (Bokovaya, Kalinikh, Bogorodskoe). The necessary camp site is located in Vysokovka.

Where to live

There are several accommodation options for guests at the base: log cabins of varying degrees of comfort, and rooms in the building (foravid urbanists).

Standard house

The house has one room, with a toilet and cold water. There is a veranda. The room has a sofa, 3 beds (1, 5 beds), an electric kettle. It is possible to equip an extra bed. There is no heating in the house, so in the cold season an electric fireplace is added to the list of things. There are 4 such houses.

The other 13 huts are similarly furnished but lack a sofa, an electric kettle and the option of an extra bed.

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Deluxe cabins

This category includes one-room houses with hot water and showers. There is also a veranda. The house consists of one room, which has 4 beds (1, 5-sleeping), electric fireplace, TV, electric kettle. A wood-burning stove is used as a heating system. Houses of this category 3.

In one of the three luxury houses, an extra bed can be allocated, so a sofa is added to the interior of the house.

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Luxury houses

They can boast of two rooms, a toilet, hot and cold water, a shower. Consist of two rooms, which accommodate 3 beds (1, 5-sleeping). There is a veranda. It is possible to install an extra bed. The house has a refrigerator, electric kettle, TV. In the cold season, you can heat yourself with a wood-burning stove and an electric fireplace. There are 6 such houses.

Also availableone-room luxury house in which the furnishings are identical. There are 2 such houses.

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Numbers in the case

1-2-room rooms are provided with a capacity of 2 to 4. The furnishings in the rooms vary from spartan (only a 2-bed) to a deluxe room with two rooms and the necessary amenities (toilet, shower, hot water, table, TV and electric kettle).

What and how to feed

The camp site "Sunflowers" has located in its main building a small cozy restaurant, the chef of which will always feed hungry guests. At will, guests can treat themselves to fish soup, shish kebabs cooked on a fire. For culinary and aesthetic pleasure, dine in the gazebo overlooking the Vetluga River.

Fed at the base with homemade dishes that are served to the table 3 times a day. In the restaurant you can hold a family holiday or celebrate a significant date. The cost of a festive meal per person will be about 1,500 rubles (alcoholic drinks are not included in the price).

Fishing and hunting

Next to the camp site there are many small lakes and oxbow lakes, which in the spring overflow into a single water system. In the nearby Vetluga, there is also the opportunity to fish well. Anglers can fish not only from the shore, but also on the water. There are boat rentals for this. Fishing at the base is offered according to its seasonality: from May to March.

Valuable asp is caught in May, medium-sized catfish can be caught.

In June - September, spinning fishing is carried out, but, if desired,guests, fishing on a float or bottom tackle can be organized. You can fish bersh, ide, perch, zander, pike.

In November - March, mainly mormyshka fishing is carried out. Pike are caught on flags. But the most popular fish in the dead of winter is the ruff.

Boat rental, cost:

A motor with a capacity of 2 horsepower with a rental time of no more than 4 hours will cost 800 rubles.

Take fishing equipment for temporary use (a net, spinning, landing net, spinners and wobblers) - 300 rubles per person.

Use gamekeeper services - 300 rubles per person.

With the opening of the summer hunting season, from August, morning dawns are hunted. Hunters are transported to places by huntsmen, and in the evening they are delivered to the base. At this time you can hunt:

- on a hare, with the involvement of hounds;

- for capercaillie, with a dog assistant;

- on black grouse, with the help of stuffed animals.

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As entertainment, the hostel "Sunflowers" offers its guests:

- Small trips on mountain bikes (bicycles can be rented at the base).

- Descent along the Vetluga River in kayaks or on rafs. If you are unable to handle a kayak, you can hire an instructor for training.

- Horseback riding.

- Roller skate rental.

- There is an opportunity to spend an exciting time in nature for both employees of small companies and large organizations. Thematic picnics have been developed at the camp site, where employeeswill be able to rally even more in team competitions. Competitive rivalry can be held from several hours (climbing wall) to several days (river rafting). The winners are waiting for a spectacular awards and a disco.

- In winter, horseback riding turns into sleigh rides.

In the evenings, all guests are invited to sing songs with a guitar by the fire, accompanied by fragrant barbecue and an atmosphere saturated with carelessness and tranquility.

Extreme Amusement Park

For those who want to test their nervous system and neighbor's strength, the hostel offers the following sports:

1. Climbing wall is an artificially created structure, the purpose of which is rock climbing. Based on the type of climbing wall and its structure, it can completely or partially imitate the relief of a rock.

2. Tarzanka is a handicraft sports and play facility. As a rule, it consists of a crossbar and a strong rope or rope, which is tied to a tree branch according to the principle of a swing. In most cases, they are placed above the water to swing and dive.

3. Team building programs are active events that are designed to unite the team and solve team problems.

4. Rope crossings are rope routes located on trees with obstacles of varying difficulty. Intermediate platforms are fixed on the trees, which must be reached by ropes stretched at a height. To do this, you need to rent sports equipment and two safety systems.

5. Cube hovering inair (with the help of ropes), inside which ropes and rings are stretched, along which you should move.

Vysokovka village

Nizhny Novgorod region, "Sunflowers": prices for services

Prices for accommodation at the base vary depending on the day of the week. On weekdays, the room rate is standard (from 1000 rubles per day), and on weekends the price increases by 20-30%, based on the category of the room. This applies to all numbers.

Weekdays at the hostel begin at two o'clock on Sunday afternoon and last until twelve o'clock on Friday afternoon. Weekends - from 14:01 Friday and, respectively, until 12:00 Sunday.

If guests live at the base for more than 5 days, then the cost of their room is calculated at prices on weekdays. When visiting the camp site by a company of more than 10 people, you can get a 5% discount.

sports equipment rental

Payment for additional seats is made at a rate of 200 rubles per day per adult, children's seats are provided free of charge.

For those living in summer houses, the opportunity to take a shower in the main building is free of charge.

Three meals a day will cost 800 rubles per adult, children aged 5-12 years have a 40% discount, food for them will cost 480 rubles.

Pets are allowed with a surcharge of 200 rubles. per day.

You can go to the wood-fired sauna for up to 10 people. It will cost 1600 rubles for 2 hours. This amount includes brooms, tea and sheets.

Guests can freeuse barbecues, firewood and gazebos. Guests also have free access to the game room and certain areas in the Amusement Park.

Come and enjoy a variety of exciting outdoor activities.

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