East Bosphorus Strait in the Sea of ​​Japan

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East Bosphorus Strait in the Sea of ​​Japan
East Bosphorus Strait in the Sea of ​​Japan

The Eastern Bosporus Strait plays a significant role in the life of the inhabitants of the Far East. Important sea routes are concentrated here. In addition, a bridge was built over the strait connecting Vladivostok with Russky Island. The strait was opened in 1958. It got its name due to its similarity with the strait, which serves as a connection for the Marmara and Black Seas.

Location of the Eastern Bosporus

The strait is located in the Sea of ​​Japan in the Primorsky Territory. The Bosphorus connects the Ussuri and Amur bays, and separates the Russian and Elena islands from the Muravyov-Amur Peninsula.

Bosphorus East on the map

On the western side of the strait are the Tokarevsky Spit and Larionov Cape. There is a famous lighthouse on the Tokarevsky Spit, built in 1910. It is believed that this is the place where the Pacific Ocean begins. In the east, the strait washes the shores of the Basargin Peninsula and Skryplev Island, whose lighthouses serve as a gateway to the port of Vladivostok. Cape Karazin is located on the same side of the strait, located in the northeast of Russky Island.

Characteristics of the Strait

The length of the Eastern Bosporus is 9 km, the smallest width is 0.8 km. Maximum depth - 50 m.

Currents in the surface layer of the sea pass from the Amur Bay to the Ussuri Bay along the southern side of the strait. In the opposite direction, the waters go along the northern side of the Bosphorus. The average speed of these currents is 0.2 - 1.2 knots. The tides are small. In the strait there are raid barrels on which ships stand. The bottom is mostly covered with silt and sand, stones are rare. Thanks to icebreaking operations and the constant navigation of ships, the eastern part of the Bosphorus is open all year round.


In 2012, a bridge was built across the strait, which connects Vladivostok with Russky Island. It starts from the Nazimov Peninsula and ends at Cape Novosilsky. This viaduct holds the world championship in length among suspension bridges - 1104 m, and second place in height - 324 m. The Russian bridge is one of the ten most interesting sights in Russia, among which it is the only modern structure.

Most Russian

On the viaduct you can only travel by road. Passing along it, a view of the Eastern Bosporus, Amur and Ussuri bays, the main sea routes of Vladivostok, as well as the Golden Horn, Patrokl, Ajax, Patrice bays opens up. The steel cables of the Russian Bridge are painted in the colors of the Russian flag. In the dark, the backlight works. You can cross the bridge not only by private transport, but also by city buses.

In 20172000, Russia issued a banknote worth 2,000 rubles depicting the symbols of the Far East: the Russian Bridge in Vladivostok and the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Amur Region.

Due to the comfortable temperature in the summer, and the diversity of the fauna of the Eastern Bosphorus in the Sea of ​​Japan, this place attracts the attention of both beginners and experienced divers. In addition to the animal world, the remains of sunken ships can be found in the strait. There are dive centers in Vladivostok that organize sightseeing tours.

Far Eastern Federal University

On Russky Island it is interesting to visit the Far Eastern Federal University, the oceanarium, the Voroshilov battery. You can see a natural attraction - Cape Tobizin. Or just take a walk along the beautiful Embankment, see the views from the observation decks.

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